Coronavirus Outbreak in America Prank!

Coronavirus Outbreak in America Prank!

Hello!? Who’s this? Hold on let me put you on speaker. I’m outside I can’t hear Hello Hi, this is Dr. Wasner from UAB department medicine Unfortunately, your PCR test came back positive for the Wuhan coronavirus, Positive? positive for what!? The coronavirus Coronavirus? Which one? like the one that’s on the news right now? Yes, that’s the one, we need you to come in How is it possible? I wan’t even there You don’t need to be there. This virus is an air-based So if you’re within 15 feet of somebody else you can get 15 feet of somebody. Oh my god I’m like literally like in the middle of everyone right now. Hey, what the hell bro, but how is this possible? You tell me what’s gonna happen. We need you to stay away from people as much as possible We need you to find a respirator can’t be possible. No. No, there’s no way this is no way this is not real. I need some gas masks Anyone has a gas mask Oh what we doing there you guys doing? You are being quarantined. let’s go! what did i do? behind you back! What’s going on here? what? Hey, man, you got a lighter? can I borrow real quick? yeah man You are being detained. You have coronavirus What? did he say coronavirus? Hello All right. Mr. Li. This is dr. Wasner from the UAB Department of Medicine Unfortunately, your PCR test came back positive for the Wuhan coronavirus What? Positive for what? Yes, you’re positive for the Wuhan coronavirus. So we’re gonna need you to come Wait, the one that’s like happening right now? the coronavirus? Yes Now this virus is transmitted through the air so we’re gonna have to request that you find a respirator as soon as possible are you serious!? How is it possible I have that? because I wasn’t even there. I didn’t even go there How can I get the coronavirus if I didn’t go there? You must’ve coming into contact with someone with the coronavirus This virus is airborne. So you can get when you’re five to ten feet from somebody Oh my god I don’t believe. You’re gonna have to show me the results because I there’s no way I have it Like there’s no freaking way. This must be tainted. It’s tainted! We need you to come in as soon as possible. you need to be quarantined. we have a liaison from the CDC on the way right now You have nothing to worry about as long as you keep your distance from other people oh my god Oh, no, this is not good. guys you know, where I can get like get like a face mask No, like a like a like a like, you know where the hospital is. I need a ride I need a face mask. I can’t help you with that I need it, I need it right now man, I need it like do you know where I can get it? Hey man. excuse me you know where the hospital is around here? It should be up that way to the left walk just a little bit further, take another right and you should be alright you know where I can get some face mask? It should be still at the hospital all the way down there you ok? hold on someone help! this is quarantine victime! get’em! Yeah? wait can you repeat that? What did you say? What? I have the coronavirus? what? How is that possible? I wasn’t even there I didn’t travel there like how I can’t be near people No way I’m in the middle hey, you know where the closest hospital is? You know where i can get like some face mask or something You know? can you help me?


  1. I’m sorry but I don’t find this funny at all. I couldn’t help but cringe all the way through. If it’s “purely educational”, why are you spreading misconceptions then? As of this date, the virus is not even though to be airborne. It spreads predominate by close contact thought large droplets. 10 to 15 feet is completely off, it’s thought to be around 3 feet. Also, those “CDC guys” are not even wearing two literary most important PPE pieces beside respirator – gloves and goggles, but yea, at least they have hazmat suits… And the handcuffs, really? Isolation/quarantine is not a prison, it’s a public health measure. I would really like to know how is this supposed to educate people. If you wanna educate, at least learn about proper PPE first..

  2. So, what was educational in this vide? people reacted how they should do and would be expected to do so. someone who clearly might have asisan ties getting a phone call that seems legit – people are going to act that way.
    i dont know what you are trying to do in this video, educational/social experiment? nothing was proved people did what was expected. but then calling this video a prank that means – a practical joke or mischievous act. then claimed you wasnt making light of the virus. 😂😂 whats the demographic age for your channel?


  4. He should be arrested for merely posting a video about pranking people with covid19…something that has killed over 2,500 people in only 3 months and is spreading international


  6. I really really hope all these fucking shitheads catch the actual virus and dies shortly after…. they deserve it. How the fuck can you even joke about this shit?? Fuck you all

  7. Imagine where the cameraman was standing. It looks like its really close so how could the people getting pranked not see the cameraman???

  8. You think this shits a joke? Thousands of people are dead and your makeing jokes about it smh. Yeah your channel suck and your doing shitty but come up with something better then this dude..

  9. The video started horrible at 0:08 where you can clearly see in the windows behind the dude the guys in the suits standing right there….

  10. this is not funny when North west of China and North East using APC( armor personal carrier ) with fifty special force to transport the mask (not gold bar or Prime minister ) still get stolen by nearby state (canton) ,

    just likes California state of dept of police steal by the NYC mask !!!

    P.S. that is 100% ture !!!

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