Coronavirus: Is This How We Die? | The Daily Show

Coronavirus: Is This How We Die? | The Daily Show

The coronavirus. It’s the worst global pandemic
since “Baby Shark.” There are now
over 80,000 confirmed cases in 40 countries, including 57 confirmed cases right here in the United States. (coughs)
58. And so, today, the president
of the United States held an emergency
press conference to address people’s concerns. I have just received
another briefing from a great group
of talented people. We’re ready to adapt, and we’re ready
to do whatever we have to as the disease spreads,
if it spreads. The level that we’ve had
in our country is very low, and those people are…
getting better. We’re very, very ready for this. I’m gonna be putting
our vice president, Mike Pence, in charge. I’m gonna ask Mike Pence
to say a few words. Please. Thank you, Mike. Thank you, Mr. President. Yes, this is major news. Vice President Mike Pence
will be in charge of America’s effort
to contain the coronavirus. And I think this is great, yeah, ’cause Mike Pence has a lot
of experience in this area. He’s been quarantining himself
from women his whole life. This is great.
And some might be worried, some might be worried because,
when Mike Pence was governor of Indiana,
he enabled an HIV outbreak when he didn’t follow the advice
of public health officials. But, I’ll be honest,
I still feel safer with him than with Trump, all right? Because Trump, first of all,
if you saw the briefing, didn’t seem to know anything
that we didn’t. It’s like he just gets his news
online with us. Just like, “I-I saw a thing.
It looks bad. “It’s rea– pretty bad. “It’s like some people have it.
A lot of people have it. “You might have it.
(stammers) I don’t even know if I have it.” And earlier, earlier this week,
earlier this week, when Trump was briefed
on the virus, he seemed less concerned
about a pandemic hurting people than he was
about it hurting the economy. ‘Cause that’s
Trump’s real nightmare, right, if his stock market gets sick. Yeah. He would be like,
“No, not my poor stock market. “Not Wall Street.
I’ll nurse you back to health “with my special chicken soup. It’s a KFC bucket poured
with Diet Coke.” (groaning) It’s delicious. Don’t judge. -(laughter)
-Don’t judge. The Diet Coke undoes the KFC. (chuckles) And, also, also,
when Trump first talked about the coronavirus
earlier this week– I’m not gonna lie–
it wasn’t exactly reassuring. The, uh, coronavirus,
which is, um… you know, very well
under control in our country. We, uh, have very few people
with it. The people are getting better.
They’re all getting better. I think that whole situation
will start working out. A lot of talent, a lot of brainpower’s
being put behind it. $2.5 billion we’re putting in. There’s a very good chance
you’re not gonna die. (laughter, gasping) Okay, we’re-we’re
definitely all gonna die. You know,
Trump-Trump is great for jokes, but, in times of crisis,
Trump is the worst person to reassure the nation. Because a president
is like a parent. They’re supposed
to make people feel like they have things
under control. Trump is like,
“Yeah, maybe. You never…” Like, he’s the kind of parent
who would freak their kid out even more. Be like, “Daddy,
there are monsters under my bed. Are-are they there?”
Be like, “I don’t know, kid.
Probably not. “But, uh, nobody knows for sure. “Nobody knows. I mean, you could
have swallowed a tiny monster, “and it’s growing in your tummy
right now. (chuckles) Nobody knows.
All right, good night, buddy.” So, the question is, what is the
latest news from the coronavirus and how is it affecting
the world? Well, let’s find out
in our brand-new segment Is This How We Die? -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Today’s catastrophic threat
to humanity is the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, or covfefe. Trump tried to warn us,
but we laughed. Now, scientists
are still learning about this virus,
because it’s so new. What we do know though is
that it’s extremely contagious and that it looks different depending on which news channel
you’re watching. Yeah. On NBC,
it looks like fish eggs. On ABC, it looks
like Nickelodeon slime. Uh, on CBS, it looks
like radioactive cauliflower. And on Fox News, they just made
it look like Hillary Clinton. “Lock it up! Lock it up!” (chuckles) And, now,
while America is bracing for the worst,
other countries around the world are in the thick of it. So let’s go over to Japan, where the coronavirus
isn’t just getting people sick– it’s also going for the gold. REPORTER: The 2020
Olympic Games in Tokyo might be canceled
because of the outbreak. REPORTER 2: A senior member
of the International Olympics Committee
told the Associated Press, “You’re probably looking
at a cancellation if the coronavirus outbreak
isn’t curtailed by May.” REPORTER 3: You’re talking about
hundreds of thousands of people coming from 200-plus countries, all staying in close quarters
here in Tokyo for a few weeks and then going back out
to their home countries. If they don’t get this thing
under control, the potential for
a major public health crisis and outbreak is huge. Yes, the Olympics
might be canceled because of the coronavirus. And, personally, I’m devastated, because I was gonna compete
in the shot put. Yeah, no, for real. One of those big guys
was gonna throw me. Now, cancelling the Olympics
is a pretty big deal. In fact, the event has only ever
been canceled for world wars and its old tweets.
But it makes sense. Hosting a worldwide competition
during a pandemic is a recipe for disaster, right? And it’s bound to affect
the quality of the sports. I mean, you can’t have that
when this disease is going on. I mean,
can you imagine the relays? They’re gonna have
the slowest times ever. No one’s gonna want to touch
the same baton. Just be like,
“Ew, ew, ew! Ew! Ew, ew.” And good luck breaking records
in the pool when you’re dressed like this. So, the virus is potentially
a world war-level threat, and you might be thinking,
with this level of danger, we should be turning to God. But as we’re learning
from the Philippines, God may not be able to help. Millions of Christians
around the world are observing Ash Wednesday
today. It marks the start of Lent, a season of fasting and prayer,
all leading up to Easter. This year, out of precaution
for the coronavirus, some churches
are sprinkling ashes on the heads of churchgoers instead of smudging it
on their foreheads. Yes, as unbelievable
as it sounds, because of the coronavirus, many Catholic priests are just
sprinkling ashes on their parishioners,
like a religious salt bae. (laughter) And that’s how you know
the coronavirus is serious, because even the church
is afraid. Like, if coronavirus was around
in the bible, Jesus would have been like,
“I will lay hands on this leper, “and I will raise the dead,
and for the… “Oh, coronavirus.
No, no, no, no. “Let me turn this water
into Purell. I ain’t touching that shit.” (laughter) So Japan and the Philippines
are taking major precautions. But all the way over in Iran, things are already
getting out of control. MAN: Iran has suffered
the highest number of coronavirus deaths
outside of China, with 15 dead
and 95 cases reported. On Monday, the country’s deputy
health minister went on TV, insisting
the Iranian government had the coronavirus
under control. (speaking foreign language) MAN: But the very next day,
it was announced that he himself
had contracted the virus. -(audience groaning)
-Are you shitting me? (laughter) The health minister came out
saying everything is fine, but then he’s got the disease? So not only is this virus
super contagious. It also has a sick sense
of humor. (laughter) And it’s bad enough,
it’s bad enough that the health minister, the
deputy health minister is sick, but it’s even worse that in the
days before he was diagnosed, he was going on TV
and spreading it around. -(speaking foreign language)
-(woman laughs) (coughing) (speaking foreign language) (audience groaning, chuckling) I think it’s safe to say
that that guy’s career is over because, let’s be honest, a health minister that gets sick
will never be trusted again. Yeah. It’s just like, “Everybody
needs to wash their hands.” People are like, “Man,
why would we listen to you, you sick-ass bitch.” (laughter) So that’s where we are now. The coronavirus,
which started in Asia, has now spread from Europe
to the U.S., the Middle East, and all the way, as of today,
to South America. So remember, people,
wash your hands, try not to touch your face,
cover your cough, and stay away from
that Iranian health official. (laughter) And if you do all of those
things, there’s a good chance (as Trump):
you’re probably not gonna die.


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  5. Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

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  10. Covid19! Covid19 Covid19 Covid19 Covid19 Covid19! Calling it Coronavirus is like calling a serial killer "white man".

  11. Covid19! Covid19 Covid19 Covid19 Covid19 Covid19! Calling it Coronavirus is like calling a serial killer "white man".

  12. Covid19! Covid19 Covid19 Covid19 Covid19 Covid19! Calling it Coronavirus is like calling a serial killer "white man".

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