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Contract | Full Hindi Movie | Adhvik Mahajan | Sakshi Gulati | Hindi Movies | Action Movies

Only Allah is the one that kills. Now not even Allah can save you. What have I done? After killing so
many innocent people… …you ask what you have done. Everyone is a prey in this world. And everyone is a hunter. No one is innocent. Those, who vote for
the coward leaders… …my fight is against them. Those who pay taxes,
with that money… …the government setup military… …and send people like
you to kill people like me! And people like you, wag
their tails on their orders… …and come to kill us! I do as I please. I decide my own task! Every breath of air
I breathe is free! I can give you the
reason of my every action. Can you tell me? If you are fighting
for your country… …then tell me,
what is your country? Your senior officers! Your coward government,
that pays you. Or the innocent public…
whom you don’t even know. Who don’t know you! Whom you haven’t met till today. To whom your life and death
doest make any difference! What do you love? I know, that you don’t know! Because until now… …you have never asked
this question to yourself. I am not saying Divya,
that whatever Sultan said… …that day was right! I am not saying even saying,
that Sultan was right… …or I am wrong! We say that Sultan is bad. But who decides what’s
good and what’s bad. And then, what’s the
difference between us and him? He kills people and
I kill people too. There is one difference! Feelings! Which I experienced in his eyes! There was a
commitment in his every word… …in everything! A feeling! I receive my senior
officer’s orders, shoot. And I push the trigger! I am just a gun. Who has no sense, no reasoning… …and someone else is using him. I don’t have anything. I don’t have any motive, Divya. Sultan has a motive, and you don’t. Divya, I want to live
for those whom I love. If everyone starts
thinking for themselves like you. Then what will be the meaning
of this society, this world? It’s better that we don’t
talk about these things. I know about these
things much better than you. Nothing is more valuable
for me than you and Binty! In Delhi at Sarojini Nagar after 3
powerful explosions, with 100 dead… Amaan, he is that same Sultan,
isn’t it? – Yes. This Jihad is the
consequence of our emotions… …and our strong commitments. This massacre and
explosions will not stop now. Now, I will keep killing
the Indian government… …and the officers of
the Indian government. I don’t understand,
what is all this going on? That’s the thing! If you can’t
understand anything, then… …why think about it
and spoil your mood! Change the channel and watch MTV! Hero, switch to cartoons. Hero, switch to cartoons. Hero, switch to cartoons. ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star.’ ‘How I wonder what you are.’ ‘Up above the sky so high.’ ‘Like a diamond in the sky.’ Yes! Ahmad Hussain. Mumbai Police, Special Cell. I was drinking coffee in the car. Actually, I don’t mind one more. Thank you. I found out about you from
the military intelligence wing. You know, what happened in Delhi! About 100 people died in the blast. How does that link up to me? Sultan! Ms. Divya, I would like
to talk to him in private. During the blast,
Sultan was in Delhi. He likes to
supervise his operations. We have found only one link. In the last 2 years the
people we have arrested… …they work for the RD gang. Most of the terrorists are
from out of the country… …that’s why the ground
support that they need… I mean, smuggling in the explosives. Making arrangements for
their stay, RD does all that. We thought, if the
terrorists can use the underworld… …to reach us, then why
don’t we use the same medium… …to reach to them. That’s we used our best
officer Sudhakar Rowde… …as an informer in RD’s gang. And he sent back! Rowde’s head. RD found out about Rowde
because there are many… …people in our beloved
department that work for RD! That’s why my new
idea is that we send… …such a person in RD’s gang
that’s not a police official. And you want me to
give him training. – No! I want you to go. Me! Why me? Because you have
received commando training. So you want that on your orders… …I leave me life, my family
and live a life of criminals. In a way, you are giving me
a contract to kill Sultan. Yes!
– You are wasting your time. You have won so many
medals in the army for bravery… …so I can’t call you a coward. Even if you do, it won’t
make a difference to me. So… you won’t do the job! Are you threatening me? What’s the use of
threatening useless people like you? Look, I have left the army. And I want to live a normal life. The people that died in Delhi,
they were ordinary people. Yes, your colonel told
me that your family… …is more important for
you than your country. Amaan, there is a
difference in your thinking. But many times, situations
change the way we think. And maybe this is the chance. This is the chance. Yes, if you want time to think.
Then you can. – No! You want to fight against terrorism. Good luck to you. I am not interested in it. This is for you. Amaan… it’s beautiful. You brought such an
expensive bangle for mummy… …and for me, a doll
worth 100 rupees, not fair. Why? You wanted it! I want a bangle like mummy. Let’s do one thing, we will
share your doll and my bangle. Give me five! Hero, I am giving
you the last warning. I don’t want any
politics between me and mummy. As I stepped on the
clouds and flew away. I found the sky! As I stepped on the
clouds and flew away. I found the sky! I lived this live like a saga. Who are you? How did you come here?
– Sir. Sir. I am Amaan Malik! You had come to my home. I don’t have any sympathy with you. That your daughter and
wife were killed in the blast. Amongst the ordinary
people that died… …those two were among them too! Just one chance, sir! One chance! Please! To reach Sultan, you need
brains and not emotions! Today, the underworld is
divided into two parts. First, RD. You have to enter
his gang and reach Sultan! And the second, Goonga! He was RD’s most trusted man once. After today, whatever happens… …it will be between the two of us. I won’t tell anyone. Not even to the commissioner. Got it. I know your parents are
no more in this world. But today onward,
your parents will be… …Taslima Banu and Mohammad Yusuf. And they stay in Nasik. I didn’t understand. I have prepared a
false background for you… …so that no one suspects you. That’s why today onward, you
will be Amaan and not Aman! Your driving licence! Passport! Ration Card! Amaan Ali Yusuf! Do you believe in God? Never thought about it. Like any other company,
the underworld… …also searches for new recruits. If someone carves a
niche for himself… …then it’s not
difficult to enter the gang. I have made a plan so that
you can enter the RD gang. But how do gangsters behave?! How do they work?! I don’t know. You will be trained. And there is no one
better than the police… …to train you for the underworld. That was supposed to be a joke. Sir, I am not in the mood to laugh. Twinkle, twinkle little star! How I wonder what you are. Twinkle, twinkle little star! How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high! We should plant a bomb. Colourful Holi has come, it
brought the spots of blood. Then came the effervescent Diwali. But still it couldn’t
get rid of the darkness. All the
celebrations with holidays. The bombs of Mumbai,
the crackers of Kashmir. All the burnt bodies… called out. How did the small boy die? There was poison in
the mother’s milk. It was just last night. My father didn’t return home. We received the
post-mortem report. We should plant a bomb. Staying alive is a big problem. Everything is an illusion. The bird died after
crashing into the building. They will kill me by
barging in my house. There is very little
difference between saving a life… …and killing someone. We should plant a bomb. Now you will have to go to
the employment exchange. What do you mean? Jail! The gangsters are
recruited from there. I have filed 2-3 false
cases in your false name. So, you will have to go to jail. Will I get coffee?
– Yes sir. Jail is a place which the
government has allotted… …for the criminals for
carrying out their activities. People commit crimes outside. But they become criminals there. Name.
– Amaan! You have a very strong body. When I ask for your name
then tell me your full name. Amaan Ali Yusuf. And listen, this body
of yours won’t do here! A.K. Rao. The most
trusted man of Goonga! To reach Sultan, you
will first have to reach RD. And to reach RD, your
first step will be A.K. Rao. He controls the jail!
Because the jailer is with him. All of RD’s people
that are in jail… …A.K. Rao is making
life difficult for them. Even though he is so powerful… …RD couldn’t harm A. K Rao! As soon as you get the chance… …kill A. K Rao.
– But how? Did you ever ask this
question in the army? No one’s life holds any
value for Sultan’s life. Work is more important than life. We couldn’t do anything to RD. And now there is
another RD in the making. What is his name? Amaan Ali Yusuf! Biloo, don’t make a noise. Here, have a toffee. This boy… doesn’t
belong to RD’s gang. And he is doing his work. Ma’am, if the father is famous… …there are many sons that show up. What’s the latest on RD? Goonga tried to kill RD but failed. And I have also heard that… …one of his man was caught too. Tell me! Tell me, who sent you? Loyalty is a good thing, but
fate doesn’t understand that. Tell me. Next time, you will die. He is dead. Died! How did he die? Karim, how many
times have I told you? Supply the right voltage of current! Now he is dead! Sorry! Sorry RD! Have you ever done anything in life? Don’t try showing me your karate. This is the era of
Osama and not Bruce Lee. How many times have I told you… …to stop acting so childishly. For the last time. Fine, I will talk to you later. A. K Rao is dead. A boy named Amaan has killed
him in the Arthur Road jail. Is he from our gang? After killing him, our men
created a riot so that during the… …inquiry no one will know
that Amaan has killed him. But who is he? I don’t know. But our men were praising him a lot. A. K Rao is dead. Now what did Goonga say? They killed him by
giving him electric shocks. Hey Mirchi!
– Yes. RD’s gang killed him by giving
him electric shocks last night. But how electric…
– I don’t know. All Munna said was… they killed
him by giving electric shocks. You, but you… why did you
send him on such a… – Hey you… He is your uncle’s son, later. First, he was my best shooter. The best. Killing and getting killed,
that’s our business! He had given me a sari.
– I know. He liked the food cooked by me. I know he was very dear to you. What can we do? It just happened. Forget it! Forget it! Lord! I told you so many times. Your plan will not work. Don’t make me open my mouth. I attacked RD’s gang in Muscat. You had said it would fail!
It would fail! But it was a success, isn’t it? It was a super success. It would fail! It would fail!
That’s all you say. Goonga, forget all this. Now, I feel you should
change your gang members. All of them are useless! What did you say? What did you say? Leave it!
– What leave it! Leave me! He calls my family members useless.
– Forget it! He calls my family members useless.
– Leave it! You keep sitting here like
a useless man in my house. You eat the chicken cooked by me. Drink this alcohol. Why are you screaming? And you call my family
members useless. Why are you screaming,
come on, leave it. And I tell you, Anna…
– What? After this, no one from my
family will do your job. I won’t ask anyone.
– You won’t send anyone. I said no. Idiots! Go! Come on. Idiots! We have to give an answer for
every flop plan of yours in Delhi. Hey you, go and tell
the people in Delhi… In the underworld, yes sir and
no sir doesn’t get your work done. You need to take action. Action! We can see your action! You don’t have confidence in me. Go to some other gang. Lalji! Keep quiet! Give me the mango drink. Hello. It’s sugarless! Don’t
you have some sugar? What can I do? Goonga!
– Yes. Another of your man was killed. Who?
– A.K. Rao! When? Where? How? Now RD will send his men… …to get you out of jail. Why? The flies go where the sweet is. And RD has a special one. Your lawyer, Bhashali! The boy is dynamite! Inquire about him. If he is clean then get him out. I have his file! He is
a resident of Nasik. I will send my boys. Amaan lives here! Amaan doesn’t live here. There you go again. Son, Amaan is in Mumbai! It has been a year! He
hasn’t come to meet me. Son, who are you.
– Thank you. Sir! RD’s people had
come to inquire about Amaan! Work is done, sir. So you are RD’s man! Today onward, you are too. I have started the
procedure to get you out. I can’t get through to RD. Why didn’t you get
the coffee till now? I am bringing it! How many times have I told you?
– I am bringing it! Don’t you understand?
– I am bringing it! I am bringing it! Again, you started crying. I am bringing it! I am bringing it! It takes time, I
am adding the sugar. It takes time. Yes RD. Just a minute! Amaan! I will give you two options. First, today onward you
will work for my company. Second. Death. Whose? I will send you
special information about… …RD’s enemies through my network. He will surely win.
– Jaiprakash will surely win. He will surely win.
– Jaiprakash will surely win. Vote for.
– Jaiprakash! Vote for.
– Jaiprakash! Vote for.
– Jaiprakash! Live! Or die! It’s the last chance. To do anything. Show who you are. There is information
about the death of three men. RD gang’s sharp shooter,
Amaan, has done this. Live! Or die! It’s the last chance. To do anything. Show who you are. It’s a contract. Contract! This is the last chance,
do anything. Our life is so miserable. It’s wrong to live
life like a corpse. Be sorrowful! Not
too much or too less. If you want to live,
you will have to die. The police cannot control
the politics within the gang. All I can say is that, Amaan Ali
is behind all this. – Life is… Carefree… How can the Mumbai
underworld not be touched by it? By killing all of Goonga’s men,
RD’s special shooter… …Amaan Ali is
bringing his monopoly back. Amaan Ali is killing
Goonga’s men one by one. Here the police are
counting the bodies… …and Amaan Ali is in
search of his new prey. Vikramji Tiwari, Zee news. This is a contract! Do anything. These days, you don’t shave. When I an going to be beheaded… …then what’s the use of
getting a shave. – Quiet! Why do you have such an
inferiority complex with RD? Not from RD! I have a
complex about killing RD. Look Goonga,
three-fourth of the world is water. And the rest is land. And there are many
like RD on the land. But there is only one
like you in the water. So you alone are the king of
this three-fourth! – What? What did you say? I
didn’t understand! I am explaining Goonga
that he is so capable. He is capable! My dear is capable! He looks so nice on his birthday.
– Yes. No one should cast
an evil eye on him. I am not capable, he is capable…
that Amaan! Stop it. He will eradicate my entire family. Instead of sitting here,
go there. Stop it now. Stop it! I said, stop it! Go. Call up Delhi and ask
them to do something. Why? That day you were saying… …the yes sir no sir of the
Delhi people won’t work here. That was a different day.
It’s a different day today. Do I wear the same pants everyday? What are you saying? Get lost. The grocery is over. Then go at the corner and get it. Papaya, orange… get everything. Why are you getting angry,
today is your birthday… Stop your family drama. I am doing a family drama.
– What are you doing now? Why don’t you ever talk to
me nicely… – Stop blabbering! In Satara you would cut sugarcane. Now that you drink
lime juice on the boat… …what do you think of yourself. What do you mean to say? You didn’t do me a
favour by bringing me here! There were many boys after me! I know. And two of them were
much better than you. I refused them.
– I know. I know everything! I said, don’t talk rudely to me
today. – I have your entire record. But still he will talk rudely. You are telling me. Those two were better than me. I killed both of them. But who will kill Amaan Ali? Amaan Ali will be taken care of. I had a talk with the chief. Good afternoon, Surya Narayan. Give the order, sir. What is this, Amaan Ali?
– Sir. Take care of him. Sir. Your expertise is growing
in the gang wars of Mumbai. You gave a very nice interview. Because believe this… Use of brains should be
99% and action should be 1%! I have been hearing that
for the past two years. You couldn’t kill RD! And now there is Amaan too. It’s not that easy to kill Amaan. Even for Dara! Encounters cannot be
the solution, ma’am. It’s not about
reforming the society. It’s about saving your and my job. We have received orders
from the higher officials. Keep your 99% percent
of brains to yourself… …and let me do the 1% of action. Yes, ask Dara to meet
me as soon as possible. This is not the Vagera police.
This is the state police. So what happened? Excuse me. You will be paid
directly in your account. So what do I do? You like ever do
this to other people. Baby, do you know who I am. My associates search you. Now is your age to become cops… …or criminals.
– Everyone, please. What’s the difference? I feel we can work somehow. This is part of job,
I want to talk to you about. You are a trouble.
– You don’t know that. Excuse me. – Goodnight. The last time I checked I took
two hour and you are not inject. See you… There are some trigger-happy people
in our police department… …and some wild berserks! Dara is a bit different from them. He will target. He thinks he is a hero. But he is a murderer… …who has taken the garb
of an encounter specialist. You have to be very careful of him. What do you mean by careful? Kill him. Or else, he will kill you. Work is more important than life. Yes!
– Yes madam! I was busy that’s why I
switched off the phone. Yes, Amaan Ali! I have heard about him. I will get his details
from the crime branch! Don’t worry about him! I will take care of him. Mr. Dara, what is the truth? We heard that Amaan
Ali made you run naked… …through the market.
– Quiet! We took a photo
from the mobile phone. Which mobile phone do you have? You can see that the police of
our city is scared of the goons. But we…
– Look! Look, nothing has happened. They are lying. What is all this? Look! Look how they
are snatching our mike. The attack on Dara is an attack… …on our entire department, sir. Today he has barged in
his house and shot at him. Tomorrow he might barge in
our office and shoot us. If the criminals defame us,
how can the people believe in us? Wherever, however,
whenever you see Amaan… …shoot him! I want the entire police
force to be on this job. The police have
become very emotional. Before those idiots kill our man… …make arrangements to
get him out of there. You have been called. Here, your life is in danger. For security purposes brother RD
is making you an NRI gangster. This is the travel plan to reach RD. She is gone. Are you married? Don’t ever do it. There is an Aman in
every person of this city. He has a daughter, a
wife and a family. For all of them, and for all of us. This… is the last fight. Did you ever feel that you
have taken the wrong decision? Decisions are never wrong,
their consequences are! Aman! Take care of yourself. Every death is dear to harmony. Our business is to kill. Blood flows in the vein. It’s important to shed blood. Every death is dear to harmony. Our business is to kill. Blood flows in the vein. It’s important to shed blood. No matter what you were there… Your heroism won’t work here. It’s not my nature to
leave my job incomplete. I did it today, but never again… I have come to work for you. Not to play around with these fools. Hanif! Show him a place to stay. Come on. And listen! This is not Mumbai… …that you wander
out and shoot someone. I don’t care about the place,
I only use my brains. RD! He is acting so smart. And you are quiet! What Amaan has done for
me In such a less time… …it will take you your
entire lifetime to do it. You saw RD yourself! Personally!
– Yes. Fantastic! Who else? Allwyn! Yusuf! And Karim Ali! I know them! Who else? There is a girl, Iya! Who is she?
– I didn’t ask. Don’t even ask. From here until Sultan! Don’t ever ask about anyone. Until RD doesn’t say
anything himself… …don’t say anything. This time I have made
the best plan to kill RD. It will work correctly! 100%! How? I have made such a connection! You can’t even think about it. Who? Dara!
– That encounter king! Yes!
– You have gone mad. Forget RD! Amaan made him run naked. That’s the point, my dear. The person that killed 90 people… …Amaan made him run
naked through the streets. And he must still be
raging inside about that! If I instigate him correctly… He will get so angry that… …RD and Amaan will surely die! It will surely work! Believe me! Why are you laughing? You want to see what Dara can do? He thinks that by going
to a foreign country… …and hiding under
RD’s care he will be safe. The information about
the meeting is right. But we don’t know where
the party is going to land. But one of RD’s trusted
man is ready to help us. All I want to know is that
why are you deceiving RD? What’s the reason? I want to be RD! Hello! Dara sir, how are you? Jalal was saying that you
are after Amaan to kill him. I heard you are after him. I can understand. It must be a very
personal reason of yours. But what’s the use of
killing small shooters like Amaan! If RD dies then everybody will die! Dara sir, I am taking a lot
of risk by supporting you. RD, he should die now. Try to understand, Dara sir. Yes. What happened? Dara… that police. Tell me!
– That police official, Dara… Amaan made him run
through the market naked. What? Completely… completely naked! He ran naked? Then what happened? Then… Dara, he was running ahead… …and Amaan was behind him! Running through the entire market. Everyone was enjoying the free show. Mumbai’s top encounter specialist… …was running
through the streets, naked. He must have… must have
made him run 5… kilometres. 5 kilometres! He
ran for 5 kilometres! He should have gone into some shop. You are blowing it
out of proportion. Nothing like that happened. He might have run for 100 feet. 100 feet or 5 kilometres,
what difference does it make? He ran naked, that’s important. Enjoy the situation. You made me a fool.
– No! Then what is he saying? Do you listen to him or me?
– You! What’s important to you, 5
kilometres or naked? – Naked! That’s all! Will you play?
– No! Are you afraid of losing? I get bored. I play because I get bored. Games are played to win. Has anyone told you,
whenever you speak… …you always say a dialogue. But I like it. What? You! Don’t you ever feel happy? I don’t trust happiness. You like crying. Making someone cry! Exchanging jokes. RD! Amaan has told me a secret! What? – How can it be
a secret if I tell you? What’s the secret? She is just saying it like that! Iya is your…
– Sister. The people that are
coming in the party… What’s the deal? White powder. Keep a low profile in the party. Only then will you get the chance… …to study the high profile people! Yes Sultan! I am thinking
something about Mumbai. All I need is a spark. I have a bomb. Who?
– Amaan! Amaan!
– Amaan Ali Yusuf! He is a new recruit, has
he done anything earlier? Yes brother! Heart is afraid of fire. It again burns in
the fire of love. Heart is afraid of fire. It again burns in
the fire of love. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. Heart is afraid of fire. It again burns in
the fire of love. Heart is afraid of fire. It again burns in
the fire of love. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. In the morning it can’t wake up. No conch can wake it. In the morning it can’t wake up. No conch can wake it. But it doesn’t
sleep the whole night. But it doesn’t
sleep the whole night. When somebody
dwells in those eyes. When somebody
dwells in those eyes. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God! God! God, be kind. God, be kind. Even flying saucer can’t fly. The way thoughts fly. Even flying saucer can’t fly. The way thoughts fly. Be it dawn or dusk. It goes and meets its beloved. Be it dawn or dusk. It goes and meets its beloved. It goes and meets its beloved. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God! God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. Heart is afraid of fire. It again burns in
the fire of love. Heart is afraid of fire. It again burns in
the fire of love. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. God, be kind. Brother! How are you? I took medicine. Now I am fine. Whose plan is this? Vicky says that he saw
Dara running away for sure. I am not asking the name
of the man who did it… …but the person who planned it. Nab Dara. He will reveal everything. Where will I find him? He was shot. I have received the news that he… …is being treated is
at Holy Family hospital. You rest. We will do
something to nab him. Now what’s your use? Kill me! Kill me!
What else can you do? Boss! I did what I had to do! Now you people can
do whatever you want! Why did you join Goonga? Who are you to ask me? This idiot made me run bare
on the streets of Mumbai… …where I used to
walk proudly! Proudly! I joined Goonga! You too used to swear on
friendship in Nagpada. I will… I should have
killed you there itself! Time has changed, Dara. But this didn’t change! What you have in your hand,
it will remain the same. RD! In these 18 years you have known… …that I don’t care
for money or the gang! Right? Yes. I just wanted to settle
scores with Amaan Ali! So why are you
teaching me discourses here? You are Mumbai police’s backbone. I respect you a lot. Every dog respects bone. He was a nice officer.
He just went a bit astray. This! Another flop! Goonga is going on
giving just flops. None of your ideas
is yielding result. I was born with bad luck. Mind your tongue! You keep quiet! I am mad! You need to be
sentimental during such a time! Don’t interfere! What is this? What? What is Ali! RD! What? Just nothing! I am powerful! And we… in between. Don’t talk too much! Did I plan the idea
thinking it will be a flop? I too have brains! I told you to keep quiet! Now you will give me a lecture! You keep quiet! I don’t have brains!
You too say this! Why do you talk…
– Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! You trust me, don’t you? Tell me! I will do. I will plan another idea. Sir, the goods will be
unloaded at Silgrik area in Gujarat. Yes. Okay! Whom were you talking with? It’s a secret. What secret? If I told you, it
won’t remain a secret. Do you know what your problem is? What? Too good! You are too good! I know! Thanks for saving
brother’s life, hero. What happened? Somebody else too used
to call me by this name. Hero!
– Yes. Who? It’s a secret. Our Gujarat’s assignment was seized. I think somebody
leaked the information. I think there is
another person in the gang. What do you think? It’s not necessary! Out of 20 times, we
are right 19 times. And once the police. It’s such a big department.
Give some credit. Next time we will be more careful. RD! Amaan!
– Yes. I don’t know why
nowadays I think only about you. Because… I am worthy of that. Right! Just joking! Those two men in the photos are… …Noor Hamza and Zahwari. They are closest to Sultan. Now we have strong evidence that… …Sultan and RD have joined hands. I will try to gather
information about Sultan and RD! Traitor! Listen to me carefully! I will call you from another number! Answer the call! Now you will get another
call from this number. Answer the call and
identity Karim Ali. He tried to shoot me! I killed him! Why? He was telling the police officer
about the failed attack on Goonga. Coincidentally I heard it. He took out the gun. And… Allwyn! Pick up his phone! Tell me, Karim! Fine! Ahmad Hussain is chief
investigating officer… …of special cell in Mumbai. I told you! That Goonga is giving
information to the police! And Karim too! I never thought that Karim
will turn out like this! RD, you helped him so much. This is the difference
between men and dog. Its time to kill
Goonga and not to talk! Yes! Goonga lives on a boat out of fear. On a boat? He is afraid that if he
stayed at a fixed place… …then we will be fond out. That’s why he lives on
a boat in the ocean. It’s always sailing. If somebody comes near…
then he can be seen from far. IB is backing Goonga. IB? Intelligence Bureau! Goonga is being paid
for being my enemy. IB thinks that Goonga is
the only medium to kill me. The only difference
between me and Goonga is that… …I am with Sultan and
Goonga is with the government. It’s possible. As they are very secretive… …lB doesn’t take
us into confidence. And its also possible
that Goonga is being used… …to curb RD’s
underworld and Sultan’s terrorism. If IB is with Goonga… then
they too will come in between… …during the attack. Fire brigade and ambulance…
never stop at any signal. You have gone there
for the common people… …and not for the government. We don’t value
anybody’s life in our duty. Neither mine nor yours. Remember… work is
more important than life. There is something in
you which stops you… …from getting close to anybody. I am scared of losing relationships. You never lose anything, Amaan. Everything comes back
in a different form. Iya, have you ever loved somebody? Yes. I have. Whom? You. Me? Why? It’s a secret. We know where Goonga is. Along with Amaan, I too
am going to kill Goonga. Why? Because I love Amaan. And I want to be with him. When are you guys leaving? What have you decided? About what? What I told RD about you. What is there to think?
– What do you mean? I love you too. Really? It’s a secret. It will be fun. What? I have thought of
something to kill Goonga. You are mad.
– I am Iya. Divya!
– Who? Your name. To gain
entry in the hotel. Divya. Divya, Amaan. Yes. Amaan.
– Yes. I know who your secret is. Who?
– Divya. You broke up with your secret? Then? She died. Is this a joke? Yes. In jest, we too have come so close. It’s better to be distant. I will give only pain. You did say. You
like to make people cry. I accept everything that you give. Yes. Found Goonga’s whereabouts. Yes! So what? You should do it! Yes! Fool! Goonga!
– Yes! Do you remember? When you murdered Ghanshyam… Who?
– That jeweller. Yes. With the extortion money
you got from his son… …you said you will get me
a necklace worth 9 lakhs. You know that nowadays a lot of
money is needed to run the gang. The government is taking
months to give IB’s money. You don’t worry. After RD’s death I will be
Mumbai’s king number one. Yes! Forget necklace worth 9 lakhs. I will get necklace
worth 90 lakhs for you. Will you give me earrings too?
– Yes. Who is this person? Excuse me! Can I have some water? Give her coke. I will gift such a
scooter boat to you. – To me? I will ride it? Yes! Then you too ride it! Hey! Hey! Come on! Come on! Come on, hurry up. Run, this way!
– Come on, everybody. Don’t go! Don’t go! Don’t go!
– Leave me! I won’t spare him!
I won’t spare him! Hey Raja! Don’t go! I won’t spare anybody! Don’t go!
– Move! I will kill everybody!
I will kill everybody! Don’t go!
– Move! Don’t go! Come inside! Come inside!
– Leave me! Mirchi! I won’t
spare anybody! Leave me! Hey, where is it! Here it is. Found it. Here it is. Found it. Goonga! Take this… What have you done to yourself? You should have a goal in life. There should be something new. Bungalow, car, girl, money. Since childhood
whatever I dreamed of… …I had it to my heart’s content. Now what more to have? When you don’t
have any destination… …then its better to accept
the path shown by somebody else. I made Sultan’s aim my aim. Today you are my most special man. And I have said this to Sultan too. Sultan is hatching
some plan for Mumbai. What is it? He didn’t even tell me. He needs a man who knows the area… …thoroughly, for supervision. He should be capable. I
have recommended your name. Do quietly whatever Sultan says. Hamza is Sultan’s special man. Take RDX and with
Hamza and his men… …leave for Mumbai by the
sea route tomorrow night. Bhansali will pick you up. And from there he will
take you people to Sultan. Sir! Don’t give me any bad news. I don’t have time
for trivial problems. It’s a grave problem, sir. I can’t trust anybody. Not even the commissioner.
That’s why I came to you. I have received confirmed
information from an informer… …that Sultan is coming to Mumbai. He is planning something big. I have spoken to the Home Minister. And he has promised
to help in every way. When you people reach Mumbai… …I and my team will
follow you people. When you reach Sultan…
we will arrest everybody. RD!
– Yes. I am going to Mumbai with Amaan. It’s dangerous. The day we entered this profession… …that day, we died. Take care of her. Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high. Plant a bomb. We used to live in a shanty. I was 6 years old. Brother was 13 years old. When life is ruined then
there is no right or wrong. We didn’t come to know…
when the paths changed. Brother said, Iya, in this world,
only that man can survive… …who can either
dominate the other person… …or kill him. Amaan… will you
take me to your house? I don’t have any house. Again dialogue. Where you are…
that is house for me. I am the police’s man. Twinkle, twinkle little star. Iya, I am really the police’s man. Twinkle, twinkle… I have betrayed!
– Whom? RD? Yes. Iya, I am really the police’s man! I am the police’s man! My name is not Amaan…
but Aman… Aman Malik. Ahmad Hussain gave a
new meaning to my life. Today, I am telling
you this truth because… …I don’t want anything to
happen to you because of me. A police team will follow us
when we will reach Mumbai. And they will arrest
everybody when we will reach Sultan. Now the decision is yours. Either be on my side or… It means to get Sultan… …you can kill me too? Even myself! Iya, my life has only
one mission. Sultan! Till date whatever I did, it
was just a means to get Sultan! And not even once did… …you think about me? Water doesn’t think.
It only paves its way. The man who drowns in
that water, he thinks. And all this… for the country? Country? Maybe I am still
searching for my answers. But I do know that the country
begins with me and ends with me. Iya, I am not doing all this for
money, fame, reputation, power. I am doing it for my belief. Sultan! Sultan is
the fear within me… …with whom I am still fighting. My battle is not with Sultan.
It’s with my own self. And Islam has taught me this much… …that the war fought with
yourself is called Jihad (holy war). And with my Jihad… I will destroy… …Sultan and his thoughts. But… RD says that… …Sultan is Allah’s devotee. If he is Allah’s devotee… then
why is he on the run like a thief? He should attack openly! If he is Allah’s devotee then why… …does he plant bombs like a coward! If he is Allah’s devotee then
why couldn’t he save those… …whom I killed? Iya, your life and your
death lies in my hand! Not Sultan but I am Allah’s devotee! Iya, I feel grief… but not regret. And I feel grief… and regret too. I am with you, Aman. Because you are my country. Aman… Amaan… …now it doesn’t
make any difference. Because I have loved you…
and not your name. 5 years ago when the
plan was hijacked… I had done the deal. I took such a big suitcase to
the plane to give to Sultan. Since then I have known Sultan. Cigar. Me neither. I smoke in company. I am the Home Minister. But in politics our party
is the opposition party. My son will stand
for the next elections. I needed an issue for
the government’s downfall. An incident in which
many lives are lost… …so that public
gets infuriated and… …it leads to government’s downfall. I asked for Sultan’s help. But this Hussain! What to do with him? That’s why I called you. Reach Sewri landing area by
10 with Kannan and Masulkar. Yes. Bhojnipur crossing. Yes. On that milestone. I will meet you there at 11.
Come in plain clothes. Don’t bring the department’s car. Stop the car! What happened?
– Sorry, sir! How are you? RD has sent his greetings. Yes. Greetings. This and there are
some in the car too. Total must be around 500 kilos. Amaan. Do you know its meaning? Amaan means protection. Shelter.
Fearlessness. Peace. Solace. Harmony. Amaan! Frisk him! Sultan! What is this? How did Ahmad
Hussain find out our plan? Ahmad Hussain who? Recognised him? No. Look, Amaan. I have learnt only two things. To die and to kill. If your truth lies in
between the two… then tell me. How long have you
been working for him? Ahmad Hussain! I
have heard this name! But I am seeing him
today for the first time. He is RD’s enemy. And the one who is RD’s enemy…
he is my enemy. Oh! So you are so loyal to RD. So why did you kill him? What? Yesterday, after you both left,
a bomb exploded in your house. Along with RD, Hanif,
Allwyn… all of them died. Somebody had left a timer. Who?
– You! Me? Are you sure that RD… My men saw everybody’s bodies. Tell me. Why did you kill them? Why will I kill RD? Why will I kill him? Everybody is dead.
Nobody is left besides you. This is what even I want to know. Who killed him? No! It can’t be Amaan. It’s somebody else! RD has countless enemies!
It could be anybody! It can’t be Amaan! Are you sure it can’t be him? Do you trust him? Why will he kill RD? If Amaan had killed
RD then why would he… …be here with us? Amaan… Amaan was very loyal to RD. It can’t be Amaan!
It can’t be Amaan! It can’t be Amaan! No! It can’t be Amaan! It can’t be Amaan! Then… how did he
find out about our plan? From Karim Ali. Karim Ali, who? RD did mention him. That Karim Ali is
with this Ahmad Hussain. Where is Karim Ali? Amaan killed him. Wait! What are you doing? I am killing him! What else? If you killed him then how
will you know who is the traitor? I mean how can we say for
sure that it was Karim Ali? Ahmad… you must have heard my name. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Who is the informer!
Tell me! Tell me! Otherwise you will die! Work is more important than life. What? More important than work? Work? What does he mean? Work is more important than life. What does he mean? What does he mean? What is
he saying? More important… What was the use of
keeping him alive? Be it Karim Ali or somebody else. What difference does it makes? As it is, our work
will be done by tomorrow. Home Minister told
me and my commander… …that Ahmad Hussain didn’t
reveal our plan to anybody. Pardon me, my friend. I doubted you. Which place is the
most crowded in Mumbai? Railway stations. Shopping malls. Children’s school. Amaan! You like children. Yes. But not more than
our Jihad (holy war). School is the place where
betrayers’ children learn. Death is better
than wrong education. Dying is not enough. There
should be fear of death. If a tyre bursts then people
should feel as if bomb has exploded. This is the task. Amaan! You keep a watch on those stations… …which have
hospitals in the vicinity. Why hospitals? Bomb will explode at stations. The wounded will reach the
hospital in an hour or so. And then we will explode
the hospital using the timer. What do the police do if they
find bomb in the cinema hall? They vacate the
cinema for the checking. If there is a bomb
in the hospital then… …wounded people
won’t be able to go in. And those who are inside they too… In the train, target
the ladies compartment. There should be majority
of women and children. Children take the
generation forward. Body parts should fly in the air. The roads should
be covered in blood. Such a scene… that
everybody is stunned. Those who don’t die,
their eardrums… …should get
damaged by the explosion. There should be bodies all around. Crying children! Wailing parents! Did you kill RD? You had a motive. I had it. So did you kill him? No. Control room. Today, Mumbai police
stopped a big terrorist attack. As per the agencies
this evening, this gang… …was going to explode
bombs all over Mumbai. Around 500 kgs of RDX was found. As per the sources the
ringleader of this gang… …is Amaan Ali Khan. Bharat Bushan the home
minister died in a terrorist attack. Amaan Ali, who did all this,
is absconding. Today at 2 there was a
powerful bomb blast… …in the lift of Bharat
Bushan’s personal office. He died on the spot. Another sensational news
from the sources is that… …Amaan Ali is
such a dangerous man… …he is such a traitor that
to take his boss RD’s place… …he even killed RD. He became a gangster and then
this country’s biggest enemy. The biggest terrorist,
the one who died. Million of people of this
country should question themselves… …as Aman Ali is one
amongst them. Think it over. After Sultan, Amaan Ali has
snatched the harmony of this country. Aman! I don’t
understand why don’t you… …tell the police everything? What will be the use? Aman Ali will become a hero! And Amaan? Amaan Ali will die forever. Aman’s life will not
be useful to anybody. But Amaan… he has the chance… …to get to the other
people above Sultan. Sultan is just one
branch of the tree. I want to uproot the entire tree! Only then will my contract end. Every death is dear to harmony. Our business is to kill. Blood flows in the vein. It’s important to shed blood. Every death is dear to harmony. Our business is to kill. Blood flows in the vein. It’s important to shed blood. This is your mission. This is your mission. This is your mission. This is your mission. Every death is dear to harmony. Our business is to kill. Blood flows in the vein. It’s important to shed blood. Every death is dear to harmony. Our business is to kill. Blood flows in the vein. It’s important to shed blood. This is your mission. This is your mission. Every death is dear to harmony. Our business is to kill. Blood flows in the vein. It’s important to shed blood.


  1. मर्द भी औरत की तरह खुदा की एक खुबसूरत तख्लीक है ….मैने अगर मर्द को लड़कियों पर जुमले कसते देखा है , तो उसी आदम जाद को औलाद और घरवालों के लिए दुसरो की गालियाँ सुनते भी देखा है ….

    ?मैंने अगर मर्द को हवस का पुजारी देखा है , तो उसी मर्द को बहन के जहेज के लिए पाई _पाई जोड़ते और अपनी जिंदगी गुजारते देखा है….

    ?मैंने अगर मर्द को अना परस्त देखा है , तो उसी मर्द को बस मे अपनी सीट औरत के लिए छोडते, औरत को कतार में खड़े रहने की जहमत से बचाते हुए देखा है….

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    ?मैंने अगर मर्द को औरत को पाँव की जुती समझते देखा है , तो उसी मर्द को बिन्ते हव्वा को सर का ताज, हाथ का छाला बना के रखते हुए भी देखा है….

    ?हर तस्वीर के दो पहलू और हर सिक्के के दो रुख लाजमी होते हैं , अगर वजूद जन से तस्वीर-ए-कायनात में है रंग तो वो रंग मुक्क्मल मर्द की वजह से है….!!!! शेयर कीजिए

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