CHRISTMAS DAY 2019 in OAKLAND, CA with FOOD FUN and GIFTS បុណ្យណូអែល2019 ម្ហូបឆ្ងាញ់ៗ ក៉ាដូច្រើន

CHRISTMAS DAY 2019 in OAKLAND, CA with FOOD FUN and GIFTS បុណ្យណូអែល2019 ម្ហូបឆ្ងាញ់ៗ ក៉ាដូច្រើន

Hello all friends MERRY CHRISTMAS 2019 Thanks for tuning to my vlog. We are on our way to Oakland, CA to visit my in-laws house. They are throwing a Christmas gathering party, the ride is so bumpy, gather and eat and for the kids to play. Hope you enjoy this vlog with our family. We are now at the windmill pass (altamont pass) No traffic today we can drive very smoothly. We are now arrive in Oakland, CA. Come to see people driving recklessly. He went on a red light. He was in a rush. There’s no traffic camera to fine them? We used to live in this city 2 years ago before we moved to Stockton. There’s a lot of people living in this city. Each house has a lot of people living because there’s a lot of jobs available here as it’s close to the port and the city of San Francisco. Also the houses are expensive. The city does not have any more room to expand so they fix up the old houses extend or convert the garage to accommodate more people living. It is an hour drive from Stockton. Santa Clause kid. Naly is a Santa Clause kid. Not going in Naly? Eli just came and he’s all over the place. Their house don’t have any small kids like Eli so they have things around the house and now Eli is having a blast. He’s not warmed up yet. It’s crunchy. My brother-in-law speciality, BBQ Korean short ribs. Every time we come over for a gathering,
he always have it. His marinate is very good. Smells good. This is an avocado tree but the tree is on the neighbor side. The branches hang over to this side. Right now the avocados are big. Can you see it? It’s a bit green. It’s camouflage with the leaves. We picked about 20 avocados but can’t eat it yet, still waiting for it to ripen. The tree is very big. This is banh cheo (crispy flour pancake) there’s a lot of food today. Oh there’s crab too? The price of crab has dropped now. Garlic baked crabs. This is beef and tripe larb. It smell very delicious! This is the filling for banh cheo there is chicken and shrimp. My sister-in-law is very good
at making the banh cheo batter. It’s very crispy and crunchy. It’s now here. Khmer sticky stir rice cake. Homemade. There’s a lot of dishes today You just need room in your tummy to put it all. Let me give this a taste. Don’t bite my finger. Is it good Eli? Eli. When Eli likes it, he does not go anywhere far. Now let me try banh cheo. Check out how crispy it is. The batter has beer in there and also butter too to prevent from sticking. Just look at the flour will make you want to banh cheo. Let’s go take picture. Let’s take a break to go take pictures. 1 2 3 New style, new style. 1 2 3 Whaoo, lots of boys. Eli. After taking pictures, now time to eat again. Check it out this was just made nice and fresh. I tried to vlog her and she was nervous and told me not to vlog. I will try to vlog her make it in a bit. Earlier the short ribs was grilling now it’s time to grill the chicken wings. There’s a technique to cooking these wings. First they are baked in the oven and then grilled here to make it nice and crispy. I want to show you their backyard area. Notice this design on the paver stones? Doesn’t it look like the one in my backyard? It’s the husband’s work. He did the backyard for them. The patterns are a bit bigger. Our is single and this one he put 4 of them together
to make 1. Doing this helps stop the grass from growing and the kids now have space to run around and throw the ball. Along with this, the husband also built the roof on the deck They already had the raised deck so he added the rooftop Having just the deck limit their use due to the cold weather, mist and rain. Now with the rooftop they can sit and enjoy or store things on there. Added the roof shingles to prevent water damage. Added wood chips (mulch) to control the mud. Otherwise you cannot walk during this rainy season. These bricks are laid out as a retainer wall it helps section and can use as seating. When they have events in the summer there will be lots of seating. The husband also put up those fence in the back. Now that there’s a nice place to sit and relax you don’t want others to be peeking through. This area can be use to garden easy to harvest too because it’s not too deep. Santa Clause just came to drop the gifts for the kids all over the house. This is the crab shell that they seasoned and bake. He’s smiling. Starting to let the kids open their gifts. Eli go tear it up! Go go go Eli, go go! This is from J-ka (husband’s sister). Blanket for the cold winter. Your guess? No need for blanket, I have skin blanket here already. Maybe skin blanket is not warm enough. Oh, all bones? For us, from Noy & Kiko. Open, open. He just throws it. Open a little bit so he can pull it out. What is it Naly? Take it out, don’t put your head in. It’s a unicorn. Naly, another one from Auntie. Naly’s going to be playing with this inside of her brother. Naly can play first then show him. It’s JOJO It’s JOJO diaper! Maybe underwear? It’s so lightweight. Spiderman underwear? Oh another one. I don’t know. It’s a light bulb. Wait, one more! JACKPOT! Throw and share! You give and you get. Thank you Noui. It’s your leo (underwear). It’s my blanket. Toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes. One each his & hers. Who gave us that? Noy & Kiko. What’s that? Christmas ornaments with our names. For next year. Map Map This is Naly’s name. This is Eli’s name. He will like this because he drinks from a straw now. Dinosaur toys. Eli got lots of toys to play. He’s going to have fun. Testing out the gift that they gave to the kids Nova & Lucky uncle gave to them. Now Uncle Map is testing it out. Is it going? Let Daddy test it first. It’s not working yet? Can you say “SROK KHMER”? Like try it. Naly is having them repeat after her. “SROK KHMER, SROK KHMER”. He can’t say it. He can only say Cambodia. Can you say “CAMBODIA”? He can say “CAMBODIA”. Going… It’s flying, almost had a face plant. Too fast maybe? So when the motor runs, it goes pretty fast. I have room now so I can now have some larb and crabs. Let me try their crab It’s hot. It’s GOOD! He baked with garlic, so fragrant. Lots of meat. It’s so cold and they came outside to play ball. These 2 are brothers. Look at the wind, it’s moving the basket. It’s cold and I’m shaking my hands are cold. I’m shaking now. He just finished another piece of chicken he eats a lot. He kind of want to smile. The next time you see him, he will be a teen. It’s the first time you meet him? Bean sprouts and chives for filling. The person who made it earlier had already left. Why you make him suffer. Eats a lot, where do you store it? That little tummy. The will to live. Oh Eli, why do you eat so much? No more, Eli is waiting. The last one and it looks very nice. This one is nice and crispy too. It’s now almost 8PM the guest are starting to leave as well so I’m going to end the vlog here. I hope you all enjoyed this vlog with me I want to also wish you a Merry Christmas 2019 Wishing you all happiness, good health, all good luck always. Thanks for watching my vlog. See you in the next episode, OK? Bye-bye.


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