Chris Rock slams Jussie Smollett at the NAACP Image Awards

Chris Rock slams Jussie Smollett at the NAACP Image Awards


  1. why is everyone SOOOOOO angry about a lying race-baiter, demonizing both people with white skin and people who voted for our president, that was able to subvert justice because he is rich and well connected…… it's not like he tweeted a joke about gay's in 2008… that's what we REALLY should be mad about………

  2. Republicans: "Democrats supports criminals like Jussie Smollett"
    Reality: (Democrats lost support and respect for Jussie Smollett because of Evidence Presented to them)
    Democrats: "Republicans support a racist criminal Draft dodger scumbag with money laundry, and paying off pornstar to play with his mini dickie with full evidence report available"
    Republicans:"He is a true hero and making America great again."
    im not a democrat or republican but at least i know Liberals are more bound to admit their wrong rather then push a lie into further more and insult their followers intelligence.

  3. jussie is a scumbag but lets not act like we all don't have skeletons in our closet, people love a good burning at the stake huh

  4. Why is thins news? Some idiot did something really stupid that affects no one but himself and he used his money to get special treatment in a court in the most corrupt city in America. Nothing about this story is special except the guy was a little famous.

  5. Click Bait. Very classy Fox. You like Chris Rock for making joke's about someone you don't like. Play "Bring the pain" or "Bigger and Blacker" and then tell me how much you hypocrites really like Chris Rock.

  6. It's all a joke and a laugh because its a blackman, be it the otherway you'd be roasted for making light hearted jokes on the matter

  7. What a way to screw up your career. Apparently he did this because of money? Well now what he going to do after he wipe the black soot off his face from from the enormous backfire that was once a "I'll teach them " moment? I hear McDonald's is hiring.

  8. We know why the charges were dropped – Obama rang his old cronies in Chicago and said "drop the charges".

  9. But chris don't you know? White straight males are oppressors, women must always be believed over facts and anyone who turn down unwanted homosexual advances towards them is a bigot.

  10. Why is the old guy comparing Jussie's crime to other forms of crime then asking why those other crimes were punished and not his?
    People make false police reports all the time and never get jail time. Why would it start now?

  11. Back door deals …Look at the player involved…one can only speculate that they're others out there who have paid off prosecutor.

  12. Anybody else see the irony? A black comedian who has made millions basing his whole career off poking fun at race relations is making fun of a black actor for staging a fake hate crime about..racism. ?how racists is a country who makes people famous for perpetuating false ideologies. ?Only in former democratic republics thats are now under secretly under socialism and communism. Wake up people lets stop feeding the new liberalism disease

  13. I was framed by white cops over road rage cause the guy knew the chief of police… I have a felony….this guy should do 10 years.

  14. Comments section is filled with Rabid racist white Fox News viewers devouring this news. Lol They feed on bad news and negativity. Fear and hate. That’s FOX news for you.

  15. He is friends with Obamas, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, it's well documented…there are pictures of all of them together!! The prosecutor in Chicago is under all of them!!
    Can they drop him using the Federal Mail System for terrorists acts??
    Grand Jury!!!

  16. Chris literally Rocks for shedding light on this while everyone else has just been oblivious and sweeping it under the rug

  17. Best way to NOT get made fun of by Chris Rock… Don't fake a white on black hate crime with two Nigerian brothers then call in political favors to get 16 felony charges dismissed.

  18. I have a new found respect for Chris Rock for standing up and pointing out the B.S. move that JESSIE tried to pull. Mr. Rock stood there and exposed the Liberal left, even though he will sure receive opposition from Hollywood Mentally ill.


  20. There is no such thing as a fake hate crime! Mine as well not prosecute dealers selling fake drugs or fake money!

  21. That is the Trevor Noah "Fake laughing that he is crying so hard" look.

    We, in ??, know Trevor Noah is not welcomed here. Wonder why he doesnt have a job in his home country??? Cause they dont like him. He work in ?? cause someone high up wanted to pander to libersls

  22. Who is smelly zip ????disbar foxes. And jail them all…….boycott. These racist losers. For. Ever. !! Get killery !


  24. I'm not American and I wonder why you guys haven't charged or locked up this jussie person. I must be missing something. Could anyone explain.

  25. Juicey should get the same punishment that was called upon to punish the person that would have done what he was saying had happened. He is nothing more than a lieing racist trying to create a hateful violent racist environment.

  26. Imagine if a white actor had staged a crime where two black men attacked him, and he was found out. Can you IMAGINE how badly the left would attack him and everyone involved if he got off with no charges?

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