Chicago Candidates Perform As Velma Kelly | The Big Audition

In Studio three it’s time for our
Velma’s to pull out all the stops hello ladies we’ll bring you in individually
to do script and sing jazz we are going to find on you Velma from one of you
good luck just remember who Velma is she’s top dog yeah
whenever you’re ready now for the last number we did 20 acrobatic tricks in a
row 1 2 3 4 5 splits spread egos flip flops back flips one right after the
other there’s one night we were in Cicero the three of us sitting up in a
hotel room boozing and having a few laughs we run out of ice so I went up to
get some I come back open the door and there’s Veronica and Charlie doing
number 17 this spread-eagle well I was in such a
state of shock I completely blacked out I can’t remember a thing it wasn’t until
later when I was washing the blood off my hands I even knew they were dead good
really good it’s now time for the ultimate test as
the final four must perform Velma’s iconic solo number all that jazz and all
that jazz I’m gonna lose my knees and for all my stockings down
and all that jazz again start the car I know a whoopee spot where the chin is
cold but the pianos it’s just a noisy home there’s a nightly and that I’m so sorry that’s all right
slick your hair and wear your buckle shoes and all that cheers I hear the
father dip is gonna blow the blues and all that jazz
hold on how to regard a bunny hop I bought some aspirin tonight in case we
shake huh heart and wanna burn you start to do good girl damn well done
I’m so sorry that’s not like me at all thank you thank you thank you very much
thank you ticket thank you thank you don’t worry don’t worry just went
through but she pulled it back together again didn’t she

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