1. The news media and the Democratic party needs to apologize to all Americans for the way they have conducted their self the last two years they should be ashamed of their selfs!

  2. It doesn't matter if your an APPLE red on the outside white on the inside…but better to be a pomegranate red inside & out.

  3. Trump was the first to call her out as the fraud she is.
    She shouldn't be allowed to ever run for President since she lied her whole life.

  4. Pocahontas doesn't have a chance to be POTUS!

    She's a fraud and needs to pay the Native American tribes back for stealing minority college money!

  5. I don't understand why she would be any different than tens of thousands of other people of Cherokee Descent that have difficulty proving their Ancestry. Example of that would be if all your family had lived near Tahlequah OK for numerous generations. Sure it would be easy to trace back 5 or 6 generations. But for those whose Ancestors have lived all over the USA it would be far more difficult to trace their heritage.

  6. A very vibrant young woman, would like to hear more from these people like Asian Americans they have born adveristy with such dignity and quietness.

  7. Any idiot who believe all these rich racist white idiots are godless pricks who themselves ARE the problem and have been the problem.
    Their insane greed they try to hide with new words is embarrassing and pathetic.
    God is not a rich white Male American, and he doesn't have conservative values no matter how much you retranslate your bibles!

  8. This woman talking has been lied to too. She is just as pale as the woman she is talking about. This woman is not native either. She is a big liar too. That woman talking is white. Go sit in the corner and be quiet !!!!!

  9. So to talk about a white women faking to be Cherokee you put on the show another white woman claiming to be Cherokee…….ok fox cause you couldn't find 1 copper colored to represent instead of these 5 dollar Indians.

  10. The far right are SO hateful and mean and rich there's nothing good doing to happen around here for a long time. Big pharma IS heroin drug addicts. Big banks ARE student loans, big builders ARE tree cutter downers and land poisoners. The broke uneducated white folks in your town are angry for a reason. Then more people just think that god might be dead and the Earth is warming too much because you know, they all tend to want to shoot the days away.

  11. ohhh my gosh really! Why can't they pick an actual native person to interviewbut instead they pick a glass of mil

  12. How dare her… really, how dare her! One might think what they think they are, but to use that, without fact, hideous! Public servant, Senator, how dare you.

  13. Elizabeth Warren said she always was told she was part "Cherokee and Delaware." Most people don't even know that the Delaware were adopted into Cherokee Nation by the Treaty of 1866. I'm betting Warren must likely is part Cherokee Delaware. Get mom was born in an Indian community called Wetumka and also died in Muskogee, the capital of Creek Nation. Our CDIB cards say we're are Cherokee because we are Delawares government relocated from Kansas to Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

  14. What kind of a person can just lie like that? Not to some person at a bar, or a stranger, but to lie to the whole Nation. Over and over for how many years just to benefit off of people. Thats sick. People who can Lie like have serious problems. she needs help, possibly medication, not power.

  15. Rebecca Nagle is out to get her five minutes of fame. What a silly girl.

    If she knew the first thing about DNA testing for "Native American" blood, she would admit the results are ALWAYS inconclusive. Due to the intermarrying and the history of human migration to the NA continent, Ms Nagle would be unable to "prove" her claimed heritage.

    So move on everyone. And I hope this lady gets her just desserts and gets a Government representative that is a full blooded right wing Republican nutbar. Poetic justice, yes?

  16. I don't know all the details of Pocahontas' life, so if Nagle says she was kidnapped, I do not doubt it. But to leave it hanging there leaves the impression that that is how her life ended. In fact, Pocahontas married and moved to England, adopting the name Rebecca Rolfe. I think she may have become a mother, although I am not sure on that point. She did, however, sadly die from disease at an early age.

  17. Is this chick stupid she is not full blooded native American Indian so that would make her part Indian lol

    Warren falsely claimed Cherokee BQ (Blood Quantum) to scam a Free
    Tuition and Became Native Indian Professor at Harvard (?) and as a
    Cherokee American True Muskogee,Oklahoma with B.P. (Blood Quantum) now
    she should be Charged with Thieft of Money from Government. FAKE

  19. Warren lied and profited from her false claims of being "Cherokee."  Warren's DNA test (which is also debatable) reflects Warren as 1/1064 part Native American (possibly).  Even if Warren apologizes, her past record CLEARLY REFLECTS THAT SHE IS A LIAR!

  20. Rebecca Nagle is a fraud as well. Go to the ghetto and everyone claims to be Native American. Go to a trailer park everyone claims to be Native American.

  21. "Mixed native American woman?" She is a millenial LIBERAL. Tribal members make up of less than 0.0000078% of registered voters! Jeffrey Willis, thanks for your comment, so true!

  22. Actually though as someone from a specific line that doesn't speak my ancestors language or have a community where i am currently i find what this mixed race female says discrediting people like me offensive. I have as much claim to my culture and heritage just as she has to hers

  23. Even if you're 51% of something you're not really that.. you're a mix of lots of things. So it's interesting that while she knew she was at least majority white, 90% ish.. it's interesting that she would deny math logic and declare she is Native American. It got her that job at the college that is clear.

  24. The university has sent a letter stating that she was NOT hired for diversity, but because of her excellent qualifications.  Her DNA test shows her to have 1/32 Native American ancestry.  Is this a serious issue in face of Trump committing collusion, obstruction,  and treason?  The bar for Ds is set so much higher than that for the Rs.  American plutocracy protects its own…plutocracy and plutocracy-wanna-bees.

  25. WOW… Fox news really caters for the American public…. and they have learnt that you can never aim too low for the US people

  26. You don't know your Cherokee history completely, as our land where taken many assimilated in order to survive . This as far back as the late 1600's Cherokee where marrying whites, so in some cases family oral histories like natives can be true. Also Cherokee nation has a long history of infighting and if your clan or families on the outs with the political powers of the nation, you can lose a lot even your life. So, the current Cherokee nation west are those families loyal to chief John Ross and his crew and they protect themselves with their form of Cherokee history. Therefore, Ms. Warren has her family oral history that was recently supported by DNA ,that they have Native American ancestry, now weather it's Cherokee or not is another question. Let the woman be proud of her Native heritage.

  27. I'm Full Blooded Native American we don't recognize the Cherokee Nation as full blooded nation they of mixed blood
    All of them. If full blooded they would be brown like us. They give in to the white men that why there particle white

  28. My grandfather was a Cherokee and was one of the most honest men with scruples that walked this earth. I was very proud of my grandfather, loved him very much, and believe that Warren's comments undermined this Nation as a whole. My great great grandmother was on the trail of tears! I have a picture of her and am proud of my heritage!

  29. Definition of democrat

    : an adherent of democracy
    : one who practices social equality! need we defunct this any longer?

  30. aristocracy government by the best individuals or by a small privileged class

    government by the best individuals or by a small privileged class
    : a government in which power is vested (see VEST entry 2 sense 1a) in a minority consisting of those believed to be best qualified
    : a state with such a government
    : a governing body or upper class usually made up of a hereditary nobility
    a member of the British aristocracy
    : a class or group of people believed to be superior (as in rank, wealth, or intellect)
    an intellectual aristocracy

  31. Hell, I know the history of the Comanche tribe by reading a romance novel. Started as Soshone in Oregon and some moved to Texas because of the cold. Comanche meaning snake that comes back. Cool people. I think it's Oregon.

  32. My father's grandfather was a Cherokee. I AM MORE CHEROKEE than Elizabeth Warren, yet I've never claimed to be a Native American.

  33. she will lie to get what she wants how dare she belittle the indigenous people by trying to pretend she is one of them does she think there to dumb to vote for her unles she is one of them its shameful

  34. Elizabeth Warren is .0097% Native American, I am 2% African, to put that in perspective that’s more than 206 times more African than Elizabeth Warren is Native American. I am not going to claim to be African American, Elizabeth Warren can not claim to be Native American.

  35. DNA is going to change everything. Many tribal members probably have far less actual Amer. Indian DNA than many non-tribal members. It's not right to allow anyone to steal another person's race. The way blood quantum was figured prior to DNA was a very inexact science.

  36. Is this like when Drumpf's family claimed to be Swedish instead of German so they could make more money ? Or is it like when Drumpf CONSTANTLY lies ? AND is a horrible person in EVERY facet of life ?

  37. Smh. Meaningless dribble for the morons to fight over. If I had a penny for every person that claimed native status I would be buried in pennies. Reservations are experiencing high suicide rates, drug and alcohol abuse are high, education is terrible, job prospects nil, this is what I care about getting corrected instead of this tabloid crap that has no value to me or my people nor the others in this land. Whatever.

  38. I have seen old photographs
    of Senator Warren with black hair; Did she do that to go along with her false claim
    on applications, etc. of being “American Indian”?  She should return the scholarship monies.

  39. Dear Editor,
    Elizabeth Warren's success in life is largely owed to her false claims of not being "white" and abusing programs designed to help minorities!!!! And she wants to be our president? Now she wants to apologize after Trump exposed her for the fraud she is! Only Bill Clinton could lie to your face that way with no remorse. That's why I just donated to Tulsi Gabbard who will never let us down. Warren is only sorry because she got caught.

  40. Rebeccah here doesn't give the "whole story" . . . Yes, Pocahontas was taken prisoner, to negotiate the release of 7 men held by Powhatan, as well as the return of things taken from the English. She became a Christian, taking the name Rebecca, and married John Rolfe, and had a son named Thomas. The Rolfe family sailed to England, where they were entertained by King James 1. They prepared to sail back to Jamestown, but she fell ill, and died before they set sail. Her son, Thomas, later returned to Virginia, where he grew tobacco on a large plantation.

  41. "But I said I was sorry!" Warren will do nothing for NA people- because other than a lame apology, she appears to believe people have put it behind them, like she has. She's probably thinking Hillary got away with a lot more than fraudulently getting a boost into Harvard.

  42. The Native Americans are not native. They are actually descended from Asians, who emigrated here between 9 and 10 thousand years ago. So what? South Sea islanders migrated here across the the Pacific in rafts.

  43. Pocahontas is what everyone should call her Just to Keep reminding her that everyone knows that every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie…She will aways be known as Pocahontas..and branded as a lier..

  44. That girl doesn’t look like a Native American either this is insulting to the true Cherokees that some white girl is speaking for them

  45. That Squaw Rebecca Nagle is pretty good looking, but she herself doesn't really look Indian, but I will take her word over Fake Squaw Pocahontas Warren.

  46. Elizabeth Warren is guilty of stolen valor from the Cherokee Nation and opportunity from Affirmative Action recipients. She should resign from her Senate seat immediately and recuse herself from her Presidential campaign. She should payback all the ill gotten money from her tenure as a Harvard University Professor of color, white a color? She's a lying disgusting woman. Who has lied her entire life.

  47. We are all spirits living out experiences on earth in a physical body. The physical body (and it's various colors, sizes) is NOT our spirit. We all experience belonging to many different "tribes", as a way of gaining understanding.

  48. That Democratic Cherokee woman was much more educated then most libs I've seen. I suppose I don't want to mix up the evil, killing liberals, with the misinformed nice Democrats. There is a difference. Usually if you meet a left leaning person and they are unbearably self righteous and can't stop getting offended about everything, they are a liberal. If they disagree with you but respect you as you respect them and can love you regardless of beliefs as you love them then they are a Democrat. When I say Democratic Party, I'm talking about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jeffery Epstein, Barack Obama, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Robert Francis O'Rourke, Joe Biden and all the other mothers and fathers that indoctrinate and mutilate their children for their own gain. They are truly Evil. (Except maybe AOC, she might really be unintentionally unintelligent) They know what they are doing is unspeakably awful and they don't care. Not Democrats, the leaders of the Democratic Party.

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