Cesta do AMERIKY

Hi guys, welcome to the new video, it´s finally here! today begins our trip to America now we are in Frankfurt and we’re flying to LA we wanted to shoot in Prague, but was a dark in the morning so we start shoot here I was there in time yes, that´s true, Pavlis was there in time it´s weird but it´s true so now we are in Frankfurt and we start our american trip by McDonald but it´s not so bad but it´s the most expensive McDonald I ate in my life they checked us at the airport because Pavlis has all the equipment for shooting and here in Frankfurt they also checked me but it´s funny that we had to take off our shoes but I think that your foots stink and they had to control if it’s not a chemical attack so look forward to seeing it you don´t know what you´ll see and we don´t know it too because it was very chaotic this morning, which is Wednesday was departure at 7:30 am we got the tickets on Monday at 11 pm so Tuesday was very chaotic I didn’t know if I’d go or not so our USA trip starts right now hey man I think Jarda Svoboda controls the plane, fuck I´m shooting scene for you right now how dangerous it is and he bring me food we found that the food here is style: all you can eat and drink too so we aren´t hungry I ordered it 4 times and that man thought that I´m a fool some man fired me from that place he said that it’s only for him so I´m back here and I’m going to eat my food describe it please to someone who hasn’t eaten on the plane yet it looks very good pasta with beef it tastes like goulash here is some withered salad otherwise, we don’t have an internet connection so we are a little bit disoriented in time I don´t know what time is it but I know that when I get off the plane and change time, I´ll be younger that´s true…so enjoy your meal thanks otherwise, today I was writing with Kuba and maybe he will come to us so we are finally in Los Angeles we are broken after the flight we’ll tell you everything about the flight I will cleanse you of those fitness shit now we were rent a car but you could have rented something better I wanted to save money hey man, first time in America, american dream they gave us the wrong car keys there it is ours ok, it´s not so bad it could be worse but Tetzel can’t fit in there but you know that almost every czech bodybuilder drives this car but every czech bodybuilder is shit now we are waiting for Tetzel he´ll arrive in an hour, so we will pick him up at the airport and then we´ll go to Craig, which is the person who arranged it all I´m first time in LA and I’ll not to take the bus here can we go? what? wait a moment I have to record that sound I was a little scared now just starting a proper “I good feel” now they’ll understand me, and I don’t have to talk what was the worst thing about your flight ? what made me most angry was that you were still talking about death and I was angry because our display didn’t work because we were sitting next to the kitchen
to have more space and we have display there but it didn´t work so I couldn’t watch movies and I´m so fresh I knew that Tetzel will scold, that the car is too small but we wanted nice car we are in LA We were going at the hotel, we showered and now we go to eat we go in Chipotle what´s that?mexican kitchen? don´t shoot and let´s go to eat Hanz, what you have ? I have burrito with steak I have some salad and cheese in it and I don´t know what I got there I ordered everything there I have to eat a lot now because I didn´t eat all day I eat only meal in airplane and it was terrible so I´m trying to eat a lot of now but I´m tired and I want to sleep I want eat and sleep too and the meal is good? yes, that´s very tasty it´s very good fastfood I didn´t expect it so we are back in the hotel and we go to sleep finally I bought some shit I go to sleep finally in the morning there will be an American breakfast they have lime Lays and it really taste like limes and these Butterfingers are quite good good morning people have seen this in one video do you remember?
in one of the first videos maybe second video in 2019 he´s already awake you wanted to kill him? yes he´s probably on toilet look at this, here is a dumbell we are here in Bake and Broil they have proper American breakfasts so here we go here is a big menu I don´t know what I choose there is a lot so what you have Hanz? it looks very good egg, chedar, avocado here I have pancakes and here I have scrambled eggs with something I don´t understand it I didn’t order it or maybe with my english I ordered it so the breakfast was top the omelette with avocado and bacon was awesome here are some grated potatoes it´s the next dish yes, it´s the next dish and I had pancakes and they were delicious so I´m full and tired because I haven’t eaten for a long time and now I ate a lot of food it was awesome, we had sirup with these pancakes and jams Hanz come and show it to them I’ll swap it through the wall it´s not enough for them to fight each other in wars they fight in darts too and that’s how we live here, american dream i wanted to relax until the wars but now I go to training with them they beat me in the lever so they are assholes I will beat him in Wars if we will be together I won’t meet him again all year I haven’t seen him since the Wars I had to go to Poland to meet him we live 3 hours away from each other and I have to go to LA to meet him so this is the end of the video this was our first video from America you saw, how was flight, which car we rented our house the house we´ll more show you in the second video because that house is very big and the car we´ll show you again and now we go to training to Metroflex only easy training and this is the end of first video guys, that house is terribly huge look at this, squirrel didn’t she take anything out of your bag? she will jump on my head so next video will be house tour? yes, will be house tour Hanz is American now that house is terribly huge because that the kitchen and bedroom is bigger than my flat so write us if you want to see house tour and now we go to Walmart for some food and we don´t want to eat these shit so we go to the Walmart to buy some normal food and that breakfast in Bake and Broil was absolutely amazing real American breakfast we recommended it everyone says how expensive food is here but we ate a lot of food and it costs 100 dollars but we have coffee, juice, every one had three meals this is a good thing, you bought one coffee or juice and they still refill it to you oranges and limes grow everywhere and it’s hot and we are a short distance from Long beach and here are these typical streets and houses so don´t forget It´s very important to “good feel” or “feel good” and there are quiet streets there are landscaped lawns here ok guys so next time will be house tour and write us everything what do you want to know we will be here for 14 days so you can write us what do you want to see and we will try to show you interesting things we will try to shoot as much as possible

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