CEO Check: Salary – Age – Past Jobs

CEO Check:    Salary  –  Age  –  Past Jobs

People tend to do what they’ve always
done. This is true of your spouse, your friends, your relatives, your co-workers,
and yes even the top management team of that company in which you plan on
investing. It stands to reason that if the CEO bankrupted the last three
companies they were with they are maybe not a good investment now the good news is
that you can easily check who’s running the show where they worked before and
even as a bonus i’m going to show you how you can find out how much money
they’re getting paid and even how old they are so i hope this helps you guys
are going to love this check out here so you look into the management team of any
company and i’m going to use some standard online web portals which
everyone us access to to make sure that we’re all on the same page check this out now you can look this up through your
broker or through thestreet. com or MarketWatch lots of free and paid online
services have this information available for you but in our example we’re going
to look at go to yahoo finance and then there’s a
section where you can enter the ticker symbol of the stock use any stock that
you want when you want to find out how much the company’s management team is
getting compensated but for our example we’re going to look at Lantheus Holdings
LNTH, so enter that into the ticker symbol click Submit and then you’re
going to have the option of choosing profile when you choose profile on yahoo
finance you’re going to see that scroll down a little bit and there’s the entire
upper management team which includes the CEO lot of top vice-presidents and in a
company such as Lantheus Holdings in this example they have a chief medical
officer. You are not typically going to see that a lot of time so you’re going to see a
chief technology officer if they’re technology company each company’s
different in terms of who is leading the ship basically now you can see here the
chief medical officer for this stock makes 566 thousand dollars per year in
salary. Keep in mind that the salaries listed are just that just base salary there’s also a lot of times incentives
bonuses and extra stock options that a lot of the top management team has or
gets compensated with and so a lot of that money isn’t necessarily count here
so it shows you that the CEO made two million dollars last year they probably
made even more than that but this is just what they have to report on their
financial statements now as a bonus i promise you can look over to the
right-hand side you can see how old all the key team members are this doesn’t
necessarily matter unless there’s some warning signs such as everyone on the
team being at least 85 years old or more you want a good youthful team that’s not
too young so every company is different you’ll know what to look for when you
see it now you might see some pretty big numbers for management salaries and it might
seem a little bit off-putting at first but a lot of times the salary is based
on how difficult it is to fill those roles if there’s a lot of fun a lot of
talent who can take those spots than the conversation level would have to
increase and sometimes the company’s massive it’s got thousands of employees
rather than a dozen in which case it makes more sense to have a greater
salary for the people who are in charge of that ship now here’s a fun part
that’s where you get to do a little bit of snooping around on the internet I
don’t know if you like this kind of stuff I do it’s fun but here’s what you
do you can see who’s running the show you can see the management team all the
top players you can copy and paste their name put it in quotes throw it into a
Google search or put into LinkedIn even better because on linkedin you’re going
to be able to see what company were they with before the previous role in this
current company you can even sometimes you back three four companies ago and
you’ll know what time they were there with that company and if it’s a publicly
traded company you can go back and say okay this CEO was with this company when
it was treating at this praise for this you know you’re half . and over their
tenure the price of that stock increased forty percent and if you look at enough
company’s going back you’ll see that yes this executive has helped the price of
all these stocks increase during the time in which they were with those
companies so now it stands to reason that they’re very likely to be able to
do the same thing for this new company now you can have more confidence and
putting your faith in this executive when they leave the ship to where they
say they’re going to take it keep in mind though especially when
you’re looking at previous roles on people through make that a lot of times
it will be a dead end the sense that the company they work with previous to this
one was not publicly traded it was a private company in which case you can we
see how about the stock would have done because it’s not common knowledge it’s not public knowledge as well a lot of times the company they
were with previous is a massive multi-billion dollar company like in
this case the CEO was with johnson & johnson at some point you can’t
necessarily look at the performance of Johnson & Johnson have a good idea of
how this this executive influence the company while they were there so I hope
that was helpful this is how you can look into any
management team of a publicly traded company look how much money they’re making how
old they are and even look back to what roles they had other companies previous
to this one to get an idea of how effective they are with their strategies
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  1. Hi, Peter! Neat video you have. Very simple and yet I didn't think to use Linked In to look at managing histories. Very good suggestion!

    What are your thoughts on companies that have decent looking balance sheets but seem to be struggling with revenue? Particularly, I'm looking at IMMY.

    Also, we got into BAC earlier in the summer when the Fed approved their capital return plan. Any thoughts on BAC?

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