1. Of course residents will get angry!! What did you expect?! Residents to dance on the street with joy?!
    Those infected should be quarantined in a far distant isolated place

  2. What the judge decides on Monday will set a precedent for other local quarantine locations across the country. We should all stay tuned for the results.

  3. What about the serval thousand that they have already released into our communities? NBC news is giving people a false sense of security. If you’re reading this it’s time to dig in quit your job and quarantine yourself

  4. The virus going to get all the racist not racist then Nothing to worry about…the world is cleaning itself major army's will be none existing….what us the difference between a virus that kills n a army that kills

  5. Ironic the Sanctuary State does not want to provide Sanctuary now. Not a better place to send them , right in the middle of Liberal Liptard Land.

  6. Costa Mesa it too well organized to allow infected people to be quarantined in a structure that was not built for containment of viruses. Lots of lawyers and lots of money to fight it. Expecting some unaware, poor area will get stuck being the next petri dish.

  7. 1. Stop travelling globally for the health's sake.
    2. Forget all about war, economy, faces,… and invest, support, take care your own citizen in the very affected area like your own country (if there are your virus- affected citizens there) instead of bringing back home citizens and spread virus all over the place.

  8. Considering how many people are awake in the comments I suppose the virus won’t be long before it reaches here state wide.

  9. Just wonderful! Bring infected people into the middle of Southern California. This is what our government is doing in preparation for a pandemic.

  10. Can't speak on any facts since there aren't any to go by but can certainly speak on common sense that something is fishy AF with all of this. Self quarantine and stay home, best of luck to you all

  11. Trump didn’t want them in the country. State officials overruled CDC and put the infected on a plane with HEALTHY people. It’s almost if the deep state wanted it to spread. Agenda 2030 is underway.

  12. Yeah but I bet the Fukushima radiation in your seafood and now food chain I can really rest easy knowing your doomed. Rot liberal California..or burn…or flood…or illegal yourself to death..no loss..on to sports.

  13. This is becoming just like the 1995 movie Outbreak. You would think that United States of America Gov't would have pre-planned quarantine areas by now. We've had plenty of warnings with the other deadly viruses that people brought in to the country from China etc.

  14. It’s almost like the government wants this to spread through out America , put those people in one location and stop taking them to every state , I don’t want to catch this I don’t want to see my grandbaby die from this

  15. I have to agree. Costa Mesa really isn't equipped to deal with a deadly virus. Plus, housing people in basically a residential area is too dangerous.

  16. The cdc has already admitted they screwed up like always by not making the infectious stay out of the United States
    You catch it and survive sue the government they did not do their job just like they have not been doing their job for over sixty years or more

  17. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/preliminary-in-season-estimates.htm

  18. https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/ann?a=20200221-00000074-ann-int


    US may originate the coronavirus and spread to Wuhan China by military olimpic games in Wuhan on October 2019.

  19. By the time the CDC finally says this is serous it will be long too late….it already is. Sounds like they want this to spread throughout the country.

  20. An assisted living facility…. Dilapidated….. Those reports are concerning. Is it empty ? If not I'd be afraid of the newbies. Match that with people in white suits. Yeah, hold on CDC.

  21. Red China can build a medical center in 10 days. Time to show the world we are up to the task. What are we going to do next… Care for the sick in an abandoned Sears?

  22. How deadly IS the coronavirus anyway? How many people have caught it? And how many people have survived and how many have been killed compared with that? If 200 people catch it and only 1 dies it's not THAT deadly.

  23. Aint if funny how the govenrment sent man to the moon 60 years ago. But wont use todays technology to build a quarantine center with air circulation filtering to 1 micron or less. Throwing coronavirus infected in a hobos den is by far as primitive as a 3rd world nation.

  24. Be better for all to assign them to a warm, sunny beach. Beach chairs, ⛺ tents, 🎣 fishing poles, steaks on a grill. Volleyball. Records.

  25. Say a prayer for an end to the virus. Prayers are effective and considerate in these situations. 🙏 I trust in Jesus Christ. Amen.

  26. Any Americans under quarantine should not be allowed back into the country and ALL should be shipped to the same place. It's ridiculous to think that people actually are being sent all across our country.

  27. "We still have limited information". Exactly! Preparedness in this country is lacking. Will there be trained nurses caring for these patients?

  28. Pretty brainless to just put them in a middle of a city take them somewhere secluded where they can’t infect others im all for helping them but seems like they want a pandemic

  29. It would have been better if they stay where they were (mostly in china), the usa would be pay for their treatment/hospital Bills/ or even for an apartment to stay in until everything is resolved

  30. They can in Nevada and built a hospital out in the desert to keep It from spreading, but no let's put it the middle of an urban area and keep it close to home.

  31. If only they were that concerned and acted that fast about undocumented illegals and the homeless and what diseases they may have and spread.

  32. Seems to me an old military base or airfield would be ideal for something like this.

    Not some random town in California…

    Trump really hates California doesn't he…

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