California Tourism – Dream Big – TV Commercial

California Tourism – Dream Big – TV Commercial

>> People think Californians live in our own reality. [sfx: wine cork pop] >> With our heads in the clouds. >> Like a bunch of space cadets. >> huh? >> What? [explode] I’ve drawn a blank, what’s my line? [reset] >> Maybe we do live in a fantasy. >> In our own little bubble. >> Just hanging out. >> As if we’re not completely down to Earth. >> We’re just a bunch of dreamers. >> No way. >> We’re just like everyone else. >> You know, average Joe’s. >> ANNOUNCER: Start dreaming big and


  1. Californians do live in their own fantasy and not reality. Losing population, so they play commercials in other states to attract others….how stupid do you think the rest of the country is? Californidiots have no clue….just look at the idiots they elect as governor and send to Washington.

  2. Who wants tour shit hole California when the liberals turned California into an illegal dumping ground filled with homeless and drug infested areas . California was a good tourist spot until GOV Jerry Brown turned California into a HUGE- SHIT-HOLE .

  3. This Comercial could be tweaked for conservative political candidates seeking election in California? Just reverse it and reveal the reality of California! Tent communities, syringes and feces in the streets, exodus of people and business! Put the blame squarely on those responsible! Brown, Watters, Pelosi and the rest who's liberal policies and crackhead logic lead to the demise of a once great place to live and visit.

  4. How about showing all those illegal latins hiding in the sanctuary cities? Screw u cali governer!
    Wake up people because if u do not fight back against the dems then their socialism plan will lose u cali and the rest of the usa for all us citizens.
    Tje so called child refugess already have illegal parents here. Those rat kids do not need help.

  5. “Come to California and get assaulted, raped or killed and just HOPE it’s by an American… because IF you are assaulted, raped or killed by one of the many illegals… the State and City Governments will do their utmost to defend the criminals… Good Luck 👍

  6. California? You mean Northern México? You people have practically allowed yourself to become that.

  7. We don’t need more people in California they are trying to push the homeless near schools and creating shelters near schools and lower class communities which is fucked up and it’s fucking dangerous men touching women and cat calling people losing business because of hipsters and raising rent prices for all business owners and apartments food is going up and so is gas it’s not safe here it’s not great California is shit

  8. Dear California,
    We are warned of why we don't want to visit your state every time we buy a product and have to endure your warning labels. We know everything in every product will kill you in California. Thanks for reminding everyone everywhere, you whack-jobs.

    All the Citizens of free States

  9. I think they forgot to tell you how they will search your car on the way into California if you’re driving without a warrant and ask you for your papers I guess they want to become Nazi Germany

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