1. These people who don't know what these liberal socialism Democrats are doing to the State CA .plus paiding to much taxes and people you know we're your taxes money is going to the pocket of these so governor mayor city council members

  2. Deserters. Don't stand and fight, just chicken out give up and leave. No wonder the regressives run California

  3. Well said Chuck. I read the writing on the wall in 92 and left then. MY family was/is happy because of the move.

  4. Freaking coward and weakling! You never run from your liberal-leftist enemies. Run to where?? They will follow you. Stand your ground a be a man!

  5. The total wealth of the worlds billionaire is 6 trillion dollars, if you took every cent they all have and put them in a tent, 
    we could pay one-third of our National Debt. The rich could not create new jobs and only new jobs can pay off our national debt.
    If you put 6 trillion dollars into new job salaries paid every two weeks and taxed them 10%. In 26 weeks, our country would receive
    15.6 trillion dollars in taxes and the billionaires would have more money to create more jobs and the people working would have
    more money because of job competition. This is exactly what Donald Trump is doing. Taxing the rich more is stupid and short-sighted.

  6. Please name two city's run by democrat and left liberals that are successful? Chicago? San Fran? LA? Baltimore? Detroit? New York? just about every other city in Calif. I will wait for your response.

  7. I left California in '06 and now live in San Antonio. I know many others have as well. Please, please, PLEASE do not move to a Red State and vote for liberals. You will end up right where you were. Remember why you left California!

  8. It seems like a lot of those leaving California for a better state, end up voting democrat and turning the red state blue. Folks, when you leave California leave the stupidity behind and vote conservatively…

  9. I left California 10 years ago and never looked back. With the savings on property taxes for the same costing home. Cali $4200 North Carolina $1450 my wife and I have taken a nice cruise vacation each year for the last 10 years. We toast a drink to Gov Brown while we enjoy a dinner and show on every cruise . Good by Cali. Native Californian of 60 years ……. Adios Just look up the video "Riding my bike and the Santa Ana bike trail". That's your future in California!!! Viva Trump

  10. All the democrats in U.S. move to California all the Republican get out of California. After everyone settle in now California tries to become separated from U.S. this would be a good time a civil war and get rid of those treasonous Communist democrats

  11. Waaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaah, another Conservi-whiner who couldn't make his business work in the Golden State and wants to blame the government like most Right Wing-Nuts. We here in Cali are the world's 8th largest economy by our lonesome, so if this Crooked Crybaby Conservative couldn't put together a viable company, even with his crumb bum political contacts, he should be taking a hard look in the mirror, not at a map of our Great State. And trust me, you won't be missed at all…….ByBy now….. 🙂

  12. And now this pitiful human is back feeding at the public trough, again, when he couldn't make it in the real world. When oh when will Republicans grow up and learn to compete in a capitalist economy? When they can't bribe their way into a successful sweetheart contract with Big Government, — who they always claim to Hate — they run away and say the environment was just too tough for them. Maybe you should try and find some REAL Work like I've done my whole life? There's always work here in the Golden State, but you might have to break a manicured Republicissy nail or God forbid, get dirty now and then. I think I speak for most Working class Californians when I say "by by little white snowflake, your type won't be missed……"

  13. The clouds are the dust of his feet. Yep, the Lord has been blessing CA of late. Water will be the downfall – it seems Rio Linda should think ahead: sanctuary deserts and mudpuddles are cute, though. Just an aside, how much resources are wasted by the 8th largest economy in the world requiring "known to the state of CA" ??

  14. California is like a third world country…………….sickening————- sure—give the country to the lib-tards and they will ruin the whole country

  15. The crazy Democratic Party is forcing me and my wife out of Illinois. Pritzker is twice the size of any other Democrat, and twice as crazy.

  16. I will simplify my answers into one short phrase – "I thank my GOD every day that I left the prune pickers and salad gatherers out there and went to higher ground in early 1967." That should tell anyone about the changes THAT forced me out of the State many years ago. It WAS just as beautiful as described back in that day, but was in uts adolescence of becoming the next example of Venezuela, and that is exactly why I left. Secondary reason for uprooting was that I lived on close to a fault line in the town of Sylmar (San Fernando's immediate neighbor), and attended Olive Vista Jr. High School in the 60's. Sylmar had a lot of damage from the Feb 7, '71 quake. Luckily I was already living in another State by then, and graduated in '72. No mistaking that SoCal was nice, and friendly, for the most part while I lived there. But my folks saw the dangers encroaching on them, and decided to pull up roots for better surroundings. I fought leaving, but now I'm glad that we transplanted.

  17. But it wasn't the poop-lined needle-filled homeless-infested pothole-filled cracked streets where you're forced to pay gigantic taxes to offset illegal alien's $20 Billion drain on the economy?

  18. Omygosh…I voted for Chuck Devore when he was running in CA! Didn't know he moved to Texas…good for him! I moved out of CA to West Virginia and I like it better!

  19. All Republicans in California, please come to Texas….Dont drain that swamp, just leave it………..Once America legalizes marijuana, wont take a year and California will be broke again …Before my grandchildren are born, they will try and legalize coke…..mark my words…

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  21. I know republicans who hire Mexicans . You need the Mexicans now. You hired them for so long they are part of the country now With out Mexicans food production in the USA will drop to disastrous levels . Also construction prices will rise. You will not have a civil war as you fantasize . You will have more mass shootings. The national debt went over
    $20 trillion with Trump and is rising . At the least California is smart enough to raise taxes of they are going to be over spending . Going in debt is not the way to cover over spending , Higher taxes are. With the national debt at about $180,000 per tax payer . It means taxes need to be raised by about $6,000 per tax payer a year to cover the current spending rate and pay down the debt in 30 years .

  22. California is not a joke. However, most of you need to stop the hate on California. You know what, I can’t believe what all of you are doing throwing shade on my favorite state. Please stop the hate and also stop the hate on Hollywood. Hollywood did nothing to you. It’s you that has the issue not them. So, all of you republicans need to stop throwing shade and I hope that president trump will be impeached very soon. Here’s hoping that he will be.

  23. Not agreeing with liberals means violence, and slandering your name with bogus post on social media calling him racist.

  24. Same I'm moving my family out of California and my wife is a registered nurse and I'm a project superintendent getting taxed for everything I'm done being a Democrat tax punching bag.

  25. to all of you californians moveing to other states dont make your adopted state like california and dont tell me you will not do that because i have seen it done by you californians and it fucks it up for the ones that have lived there all there life

  26. The Republicans need to write a textbook for the school saying exactly this,about people moving out of California because of the Democrats trash your whole state and if Hillary had gotten president this is what our whole nation would look like California Michigan and so on!!!❤️?????

  27. Probably God knows better and trying to born that state…. it’s not an accident it’s God punishment and sign for people to make changes

  28. Californian's, pack up your guns except one, rent a storage locker in Nevada and store them there until you get serious enough to leave and pick them up on your way to your new home state. California now wants to confiscate your guns by force. If they are not in CA., there is nothing you can lose.

  29. please don't come to TX –we are now overrun with ppl coming from all over–I get offers to sell my house in Houston all the time, the cost of housing is rising very fast here now, all major TX cities are rapidly becoming very crowded and unaffordable for middle class people

  30. People are leaving new york as well I live in ohio and in the past couple months I've seen I bet 100 or more cars in my area with new york tags on them I hope they dont bring their liberal voting habbit tho.


  32. The new immigrants vote 80-90% Democratic so the Dems will be in power in CA until several disasters hit the state. California is becoming a wasteland.

  33. I'm a Native 5th generation Californian . Glad to see that Texas boy go. Luckily Texans are scarce here. We don't want any more Dustbowlers.

  34. California is one sick looking state. Growing up in Arizona in the 50's and 60's, driving over to California was a rite-of-passage for us kids. Songs from the Beach Boys spelled the many, many reasons we wanted to go there, if only for the weekend. Now, it's a pig sty and a great place to get your wallet taken along with your car. Really sad! I moved back to Arizona after nearly 40 years in NorCal. I won't be returning either…

  35. Everything's bigger and better in Texas. Well, that's what i heard. I just know I was born here and never want to leave.

  36. Every California Democrats Governors is garbage!!  These corrupted traitors Democrats Commie needs to arrest and investigate them such like: Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom!! Traitors of United States!!

  37. Another Civil War? Democrats against the Republican? Republicans own 90% of the guns and ammo. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how that would go. If the dems are feeling froggy, just jump.

  38. This guy rocks, wakeup Florida. Gov. Desantis, may your training continue to bless us in the coming years. You and your family are a no brainer for the White House ticket in 2024!!! Your handling of the Broward County tragedy was epic!!! Courage, character and strong leadership makes you appreciate the change in direction of this amazing state. Wasn't it great to see the sheriff in California stand up against the sanctuary police's. The laws, precepts, ordinances and statutes have no color or label's. May ole GLORY continue to shine brighter every day and we the people, not we the corporations continue to exercise our God given unalienable rights in this great Nation.??????

  39. We burning them out ha ha burning them out and that’s what you get when you don’t follow our laws Burn you down for good

  40. California is fast becoming a third world country. if Democrats win in 2020, they will spread the same Liberal BS over the entire nation.

  41. That feeling when you live in CA but thinking to get out and move to Florida. Renting is so expensive, taxes are high, my paycheck is being crashed by so much taxes, it’s disgusting.

  42. California is running out of people to consume , therefore they are reaching out to other states to support their voracious monetary appetite … I say let them choke on their insane policies, allow their forests to burn and let the streets fill up with poverty until they come to their senses. 2:41

  43. California is full of moron libturds when half of it slides into the ocean it will instantly become a much better area, just what the libturds deserve scumball losers.

  44. CA needs it's own electoral college because, county by county, they are conservatives oppressed by San Francisco and Sacramento.

  45. Then these idiots end up ruining the places where they move. These Californians are still infected with the "virus" so when they move, they still vote for the same policies that ruined California to begin with. PLEASE STAY WHERE YOU ARE!

  46. California is a hell hole get rid of your demoncrat government,like your governor, get rid of your mayor other wise join the ranks of hell holes like New York, Jersey, Chicago, Michigan,

  47. I left California in 2016… LMAO at California wanting a Civil war.. What will they fight with?? Dildo's and crack pipes.. Bring that war to Kentucky where I live now… I think I am gonna go outside and burn some plastic now.

  48. house prices is driving so many to live in a van or car. it's an experiment it seems. people have to chose between food or shelter. it's a racket.

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