California Proposition 12, bigger cages for farm animals, explained in less than 1 minute

California Proposition 12,  bigger cages for farm animals,  explained in less than 1 minute

Californians are in the midst of a
housing crisis why should farm animals be different? Hey,
they need space too, at least that’s what Prop 12 says. Hi I’m Byrhonda Lyons, video producer with CALmatters and here’s what you need to know about Prop. 12 in
less than a minute. Prop. 12 would put size requirements on
coops and cages for breeding pigs, veal calves and hens that lay eggs. All hens
would have to be cage-free by 2022 and all food products sold in California
would have to come from animals raised in compliance with this law, even if they
come from out of state. Back in 2008, voters passed a measure to
give farm animals enough cage space to stand up and turn around. Commercial egg growers insisted that didn’t require them to go cage-free while animal
welfare advocates said it did Now, we’re voting on this again.
Supporters of Prop 12 say let’s write specific cage size measurements into law
so the ag industry can’t wiggle its way out of the rules but Prop. 12 is taking
flak from both sides. Farmers say changing how they operate
could drive up costs and animal rights groups say the measure doesn’t go far
enough. So vote yes if you want animals to have
more space and hens to be cage-free by 2022. Vote no if you don’t want
more restrictions or you think animals shouldn’t have to wait four years for
extra space. For more about this proposition and others, check out our
in-depth election guide at


  1. We should be fighting to go vegan by 2022, this is a bullshit prop, animals deserve to live, not be slaughtered, whether or not they were in cages or not. 😡

  2. 12: Bigger Cages for Farm Animals

  3. Makes no sense at all. I vote no if I do not think animals should wait 4 years to get extra space … meaning what ? If I vote no are animals going to wait less than 4 years ? How ???

  4. This doesn't explain how Prop 12 will also allow California to ban anything if not in compliance. So when you go to the store for your favorite bran of butter, which say is from another state, you might find that it isn't available in California anymore. This sounds like a way to favor certain businesses, especially if your wife or husband is say in government. Whether those businesses actually follow the Prop, we would never know. But this certainly gives government more power over eliminating the dreaded 'Capitalists" from our state. That business competition is so awful. Bye bye to our favorite products. Hello to government approved companies only.

  5. I’m not an animal activist by any means but animals do need their space. However, it’s going to set back the farmers financially for a bit. I mean, put yourself in the farmer’s shoes but in relation to your own home. Imagine adding an add-on (a bedroom) to your house because your kids needs their own room or you decided/forced to take care of your in-laws. That’s a lot of money just to make more space. In the long run though, the equity of your house will be more. Instead of adding-on, I guess the farmers may have to cut down how many animals they can put in one space. Instead of 15 animals in one space, they can only put 10 in one space. I’m voting yes

  6. This prop aggravates the hell out of me. I've seen these animals years ago being " tortured". Years ago they wanted all of these animals not in small cages in much bigger pens and more free range so they got what they wanted and the price of food went way way way way up. So it pisses me off that they're beating this poor horse to death again. For god sakes stop it! This is California's way of making sure the price of eggs, and beef, and pork and everything else that you can possibly think of to beat the shit out of us one more time. 😣California is a disgusting piece of crap place that I have the unfortunate displeasure of living in. I wish I can get out but unfortunately I cannot. Because I don't have money because all of my rent and food is tied up in this disgusting place. Thank California you absolutely suck. 😒😞😤😡

  7. Dumb asses can't even see the forest for the trees. Y'all gonna pay 6.00 a dozen for eggs, 12.00 a pound for 73% ground chuck and 9.00 a pound for bacon in 2 years.

  8. Meat from inhumanely confined animals is drenched in antibiotics and is always less nutritious, sometimes it is just bad for you. Also you become what you eat, these animals only contain the nutrition necessary to live sedentary, slavish lives of non-accomplishment, sound familiar to the current american lifestyle? You become what you eat. They are also LESS profitiable within five years than freerange animals typically.

  9. Vote NO, dont give Gov more power. If you think certain farmers treat their animals well, just don't buy from them. But dont give Gov a reason to take money from people. Vote NO. Let the farmers compete among themselves. Buy from farmers you like.

  10. This video, in particular the yes and no at 1:16 seems, to present information in such a way to cause people to say yes. However, they do address the concerns of the farmers, saying that there may be a price increase. As consumers, we should be aware of all aspects of changes like this. Despite this, thank you for efficiently stating the purpose of the proposition.

  11. Big ag are the ones who can afford CAFO’s and will be the ones affected by this, not the small farmer. If meat and egg prices go up, it’s their greed trying to maintain their third yacht. Vote Yes.

  12. I would encourage everyone to take a look into the specific measurements demanded by Prop 12. They are cruel, sometimes more cruel than existing requirements. The proposition passed in 2008 demanded that hens have enough space to expand their wings. Prop 12 requires farmers to provide each hen with only 1 SQUARE FOOT of space, therefore rolling back the existing requirement. This proposition is not what it seems.

  13. Okay, so it sounds like something like this was already put in place… it's just vague af. This really is just putting measurable requirements instead of fake vague requirements so farmers can't wiggle around non-specific wording.

  14. I personally don’t support factory farming. But if you own a ranch with hens going wherever they feel like I support you and consider you a farmer. Trapping a hen in a confined space surrounding by thousands of other hens not being able to move around can’t be sanitary.

  15. Love the thought of animals living in more humane conditions.  Don't love the thought that our poorest will have to pay more for food in California.  Perhaps those of us who can afford the $5 dozen eggs should consider those who can't?  If we force farmers to adjust, I sure hope it comes with a tax break to help keep food costs where the are.  And to another's point, few if any of the farmers I know have yachts.

  16. Wait, what?! – Vote 'No' if you don't think animals shouldn't have to wait 4 years to get extra space. – Is that really what you get? Less than 4 years if this doesn't pass? Who says?

    What a manipulative con to add that in there. Please revise your video. VOTE YES IF YOU CARE ABOUT OTHER SENTIENT LIFE AND IF SOMETHING BETTER COMES WITHIN 4 YEARS, AWESOME!

    – Most pork sold in California today comes from factory farms using gestation crates. Prop 12 will ban the sale of pork from facilities that use these cruel crates, while setting the highest legal space requirements for pregnant pigs in the U.S.

    – It’s still legal to sell veal from crated calves in California. Prop 12 will ban the sale of veal from facilities that use these cruel crates, while setting the highest legal space requirements for “veal calves” in the U.S.

    – Liquid eggs (1/3 of all egg production) aren't covered under current California law. Prop 12 will cover them, protecting millions more birds.

    – Prop 2 (passed in 2008) mandated that hens must be able to turn around and spread their wings. Prop 12 will retain that protection while explicitly abolishing cage confinement, setting strong spatial standards, and requiring important enrichments such as perches, nesting boxes, and more.

    – Prop 12 will add enforcement mechanisms to current CA law to allow increased ability to bring cases against violators.

  18. I WAS going to vote yes on Prop 12 until I read the side of animal advocates AGAINST it:
    In short, in 2008 it was determined we were supposed to be "cage-free" by 2015, and now there are defined cage restrictions and the year keeps getting pushed. Also Prop 12 was co-written by the egg industry, so of course they have vested interest in it. I'm vegan, hence an animal lover. It's sad to see politics and money matter more than lives, and how easy it is to cover things up in this world for the sake of profits. 🙁 My current stance is Vote No.

  19. Cage free animals just means dumping them all in a giant room where they are just as crowded as they were in the cages. The last picture in the video of the chicken farm with thousands of chickens is a "nice" representation of the over crowded cage free farming.
    It really changes very little for the animals well being.

    These birds and cows arent sitting out in the sunlight in open fields. They are confined in close quarter in a large building.

    Im voting "no" because it changes nothing.

    Give me a prop where local farmers get more say in how they raise their animals and are not forced by Foster Farms to raise their chickens to strict inhuman protocols with no aid in equipment cost.

  20. Of course this will raise prices for horrible quality food from supposed farmers. Anyway I think it's good just because the price difference would not be that different from organic, and maybe it will encourage people to spend the little extra cash on organic, for the farmers that truly deserve it. And for the animals

  21. So how much space is each animal going to get? And how much more per pound are you now willing to pay for chicken and pork?

  22. Beware of Misinformation from Opponents of California’s Farm Animal Protection Measure:

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