1. I don't see a problem here. Once they've announced their attentions of getting in the way of ICE. arrest the top. All of them and continue until the sanctuary hating America is gone.

  2. This is a great thing. God bless ICE and law enforcement. You are doing a great job. I hope it spreads across your state.

  3. this tells you, that politician that supported sanctuary cities are looking for votes and not because of what they say underlining morality. Those who supported sanctuary city should live outside of the US state.

  4. Pushing Real Americans is VERY DANGERIOUS For these Liberal & Socialist Democrats ! And Trying to Put Fear in them is even More Dangerous !! MY FBI Friends have stated that A civil War Is Just Around the Corner for This Anti American Trash …

  5. Drives me crazy, that obeying the law, is not a joke. What happened to California? Sanctuary state? HUH? sanctimony morons, it is a crime

  6. As a terrorist, so decreed by the San Francisco city council recently, I am surprised at the intelligence demonstrated by some cities in Utopia.

  7. There is hope after all, sounds like the people of California are waking up. Now lock these officials that break the law and set a example.

  8. It should be about the Living God's Law the Ten commandments, man is a Siner man's law is not Richious , Satan is the god of the city's , Jesus Christ says let him that go with out Sin cast the first stone. He that is guilty of the least of the Law of God is guilty of all.

  9. i cant wait to vote for President Trump 2020!! I wish American citizen votes mattered in California.. we dont even have a choice who becomes California Congress, voter fraud picks all the mobsters daughters automatically to become Congress in California.

  10. Let the American system of Law and Order work and see if the correct safe and sane outcome is evident in our actions.

  11. How about some up to date materials ohh thats right…you have to have the new meanings in spanish your state is pathetic
    God Bless America and President Trump MAGA 2020



  14. Um could it be 6 M13 illegals murdering people? Stand up for your country, your kids will hold you responsible some day! Unless of course you brainwash them too. Jeez

  15. how many legal citizens are being released by these courts and law enforcement agencies for the same crimes? How is it that these judges (cough) want to try to interpret " the existing law" as rights to illegals and then thwart the laws to release them? There is no sane justification that can be brought to bear that explains it. But the implimentation of an underlying agenda of intetnal enemy combatants sitting in positiond of controlling powers committing these as acts of war on our soil on our streets and in our courts would !

  16. Nothing will change until the motor/ voter laws are charged. As long as the illegal migrants are voting in the elections. The same scumbag politicians will never be voted out .

  17. yea cuz palozi doesnt speak for us!!! she was only the lesser of the 2 evils on the ballot!!! imagine that? she was the lessor of the 2 evils geez… what a thought, just send chills down my spine!!!

  18. First thing to do is get rid of that democrat governor. Stop voting democrats into office. Otherwise you will always have problems.

  19. United States Citizens first Illegal Aliens last Unite all illegal alien parents with their children and deport immediately come to the United States by the book or don't come at all! !!!!!

  20. California and law abiding people are suffering the effects of sanctuary cities while the hypocrite elites are living in their walled in and gated communities almost insulated from the violence that comes along with sanctuary cities.

  21. I grew up in southern California in the early 70's and it was a beautiful place to grow up and now it has become very bad because of liberal leftist hypocrite liars that support despotic socialist policies.

  22. California government officials are only interested in illegals and creating a new voter fraud by using them.
    The only thing the officials want from citizens is tax$$$.
    This is why the law just frees illegals and convicts citizens in California.

  23. the guy talking about constitutional law, lives in California, and now this……? Dare I ask him about the constitution in his town, and then state? I bet that might be why he's being aired from California, going the way of new York. God help us all

  24. Maybe its way over due California's voted people into office that are going to work with the people instead of against them DAH ,

  25. We dont want criminals in any states, I was working with DACA criminal MORONS, in California, these illegal aliens, are selling drugs in any company, that they are the majority, with the help of liberal administrators.

  26. 0:52 "They were waiting for someone to come out and do this". In other words no one wants to be a sanctuary city but none of them have the guts to opt out first. This is why nothing gets done in politics, they're cowards that wait for someone else to stand up.

  27. let them take care of thier own infrastructure.
    " Abraham I will make thy seed a blessing to all nations " i say no more.
    FACT the homeless and job crisis could be fixed if there is a law against those who house or employ undocumented people….The gov cannot create homes or jobs if they are not made aware of the need.

  28. It appears that the California Sanctuary units have become criminal holdouts. My question on these Sanctuary units is, who gains and who looses and those that do gain, how much do they gain and what are they gaining???

  29. This guy should be governor of California! I like him! I’m not a resident there, but he should be a candidate in their next election.

  30. it is shameful that these whites have so much and will not turn over at least half to the poor needy immigrant, i demand that you give me money for my five children, you're responsible now, i'm here and you have to pay.

  31. Good, finally some sane people surface in Kaliforeignia for once. Those who brought this about are going to pay for their crimes sooner or later. Denver Colorado there are city and state officials who should and will be behind bars. Bet your life on it.

  32. I don't live in California but I can see where the residents are coming from. Sooner or later it gets to the point of how many undocumented can all the cities combined take in?

  33. And yet Californians keep voting for liberal politicians, who have bankrupted their state, and forced many companies and citizens to move out of California because of the ridiculously high taxes there….taxes which are used to fund freebies for illegals. To everyone in California….are you happy with the fact that your state is bankrupt? If not, then don't you think that, after decades of liberal politicians ruining your state, that just maybe, you should vote for Republicans? Republicans can't hurt your state any worse than it already is, so why not give them a chance and see what they can do? Who knows, they may actually make your state better! If they don't make your state better, then you can always go back to voting for liberals.

  34. By the way. Russia was able to attack Crimea. Because they moved Russian families into Crimea. Then they said, this area is made up of Russians, so they invaded. Now, Mexico has always said, "Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Californis are part of Mexico and we (Mexico) want them back. Las Vegas is around fifty percent legal and illegal Mexicans. That's why they vote Democrat. So, they began the illegal INVASION of The United States. Now, look at a lot of the citizens and at their Mayors and Police Chiefs and whose running a lot of utilities and polling offices. Soon the sellout Americans start moving out. To get away from crime and drugs. Guess whose left?

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