BTS UNBOXING MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 | BigHit USA 특전?!! | Weply Unboxing | BTSinSeattle?!!! 맵오브더소울7 언박싱

BTS UNBOXING MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 | BigHit USA 특전?!!  | Weply Unboxing | BTSinSeattle?!!! 맵오브더소울7 언박싱

Hi, it’s July BomBom. One that I ordered from Big Hit Shop USA has arrived. It said there will be a limited edition special gift when placing an order from Big Hit Shop USA, which is Big Hit exclusive! While I was waiting for mine, I heard what it is about. So I’m not expecting something special now. But, let’s find out what’s inside! Also, after this unboxing, there’re more things to watch. Please stay tuned! (another unboxing and news from Seattle) Start! Ver. 1 Ver. 2 Ver. 3 Ver. 4 And.. it’s empty!! (where’s my special gift??!!) Then, I will let you know what was the special gift that from Big Hit after unboxing the albums. The purpose of this video is showing you guys my photo cards If this is your first time watching my video and you want to see the albums in detail, please check my previous video, since that shows the album pretty in detail. Before I start, I’ll show you photo cards from my previous unboxing! Ver. 1 Ver. 2 Ver. 3 Ver. 4 Let’s see what I’m getting for this time! This is the version 1. The poster has been folded. (American style) Let’s see the photo card! Oh, the photo card in the note?! It’s unusual. Yay! It’s RM! I’ve got RM!
Happy that it’s not the same one. lyric book Postcard, Audition, a coloring paper stickers So happy that I have 8 stickers! They’re so cute and looks organic! So funny! I didn’t notice there was a sticker last time. so I took it out this way. But I won’t to that too. Here’s the sticker. I will just scan through this photo book, cause this is my second time unboxing the albums. If you want to see in detail, please check out my previous video. Thank you! This is the way of seeing this photo book! I was very confused when seeing the photo book for the first time. It’s like a mini poster! look so unreal! Love this photo! My Yoon-gi looks so baby Done! I’m done with version 1. Version 2. I’m trying hard not to look at the photo card! look so great! I blurred the photo card so that you guys can’t see either. YOON GI !!!!! I got the same Yoon gi! But I still like it! I was too excited and feel embarrassed. fast forwarding I love version 2 too even though they are in dark. This should be the opening stage at the concert! Cool! This is even cooler FYI, I love this concept as I said in the previous video. it looks something hard to understand, but looks cool. Look at this! cool!
(Hey neighbor! come out and look at this photo!) I love JK’s photo too. This is my favorite! This is the best! done! version 3 I wish the photo card was facing the front side down. what a masterpiece! I wan to frame it. Time for the photo card! Where is it?!! Here it is! Jimin!! Last time I got the group photo. I like a group photo too. I got Jimin! wow I’m so amazed every time when I see Tae Hyung. I love this one This is the last piece for version 3. done with version 3 Version 4 what a bright concept! feel something new because the concept is completely different from the others. photo card! It’s RM I got RM the same things love this photo because they are looking at me. cute I love Yoon gi smiling cute photos! I love his hair color! cute photos done! done with version 4 I’ve looked through all albums. The photo cards that I’ve got are.. These are the ones from the last unboxing. There are the ones from today. Unfortunately, I don’t have JK, Tae Hyung, Hoseok But I have 2 Yoon gi, 2 Jimin, 2 Namjoon, 1 Seokjin, 1 group photo. Big Hit Limited Edition Special Gift??!! I’ve done with unboxing 4 versions. And it seems there’s no special gift What I got from Big Hit is…… is…. an e-mail! I’ve received this e-mail a few days ago. It says… Special Thanks to Letter has arrived from BTS Here’s you name. and a drawing postcard autographies and there are attachment files, which are the posters in digital format. so.. That’s it! So.. this is the limited edition special gift?? I’m disappointed How come the digital file can be a limited edition? I found that some ARMYs are pretty upset. and so am I Let’s wrap up with unboxing I thought that this video is going to be very short (but it not obviously), so I have one more thing for unboxing. It’s from Weply! Let’s find out what’s inside. Unboxing #2 I placed an order from Weply back in October 24 2019 It delivered now. This is what I’m dying to get let’s see This is an zip-up hoodie I really wanted to get this kind of mech at the concert since 2018 LY tour (check out my vlog at Citi field concert) But I couldn’t get one when I went to the citi field. Also when I went to the Rose ball, I coundn’t get one even though I was in the merch line. it’s sold out while I was in line. Fortunately, Weply stocks this hoodies. Then I bought it right away in OCT 2019. It’s delivered in Feb 2020. it keeps warm inside. I can wear it in this weather. the logo at the end of the sleeve. let me try I like the oversized look. and I like it. I wanna go out in this now. I have some news. Before that, I feel so sorry that the concert in Korean has been canceled. Also I’m upset. But I’m not upset with Big Hit I’m upset with what’s going on in S. Korea. So I feel sorry to deliver this news. Maybe.. BTS might be coming to Seattle. Because since last Monday @KissFMSeattle started tweeting something. Unlike other DJs (some popular DJs among ARMY) Seattle Kiss FM has never mentioned this much about BTS before. They only played BTS title songs. Look at the tweets. RM mentioned about Seattle before when BTS was on Radio show with Jojo and I was suprer excited!! But right after this, Big Hit tweeted there are no changes in the tour schedule announced on January 22. I think that Seattle Kiss FM wouldn’t do this for no reason. I am so sorry for those who were planing for going to the concert in S.Korea, but I was a bit excited about the tweets. As I said before in my other video, I didn’t try to buy tickets for the North America concerts for personal reasons and all the concerts are held far from where I live. But, it’s going to be a different story if BTS comes to Seattle! But… I can’t just be happy The situation here isn’t good too. I’m not sure if BTS can have concerts in the USA It’s okay if it was today or tomorrow. What I feel and heard here.. The situation here is not good too. Something started to happen recently. The first concert is in late April in Santa Clara. and somethings started to happen in Santa Clara too. I feel so upset with .. the situations Why .. why it’s happening globally NOW when BTS is having a comeback. Okay. That’s it for today. Thanks for watching! Subscribe, Like, Comments, Share
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  1. 코로나 조심하세요 봄봄님 ♡♡♡
    한국은 난리네요 ㅠㅠ
    이메일이라니 속상하겠어요.
    취소되서 기부됬어요
    건강이 최고에요 봄봄님
    사랑합니다 ♡♡♡

  2. 소식 들으셨죠~ 한국콘 취소 소식…
    결국 저와 둘째 아들은 아쉬움에 며칠동안 멘붕상태였어요…ㅠㅠ

    저희는 앨범을 1개만 샀어요.버전1가 왔었어요~ 슈가카드…
    그런데 저희는 세우는 액자가 들어 있었어요
    다른 앨범사진들도 볼 수 있어서 너무 좋습니다.
    오늘도 재미있게 잘 보고 갑니다.

  3. 코로나가 물러가고 좋은 소식이 있었으면 좋겠네요♡
    봄봄님도 조심하세요!!!!!
    그리구 봄봄님 부러워요!! 윤기를 두장씩이나!!
    저는 버전2남준->버전2윤기로
    틧에 교환할 분 계속 찾고 있는중인데요ㅎ 여긴 안계시네요ㅠ ㅠ
    남준님으로 맘 굳히고있답니다 히힣

  4. 한국콘이 취소되어서 이틀 티켓이 날라갔어요 한개는 돌출무대 앞이라서 완전 좋은자리였는데 우울했지만 슈가기부소식에 저도 고향대구를 위해 작지만 재해구호협회에 기부하고 오늘 아미기부액이 4억넘는다는 소식에 아미라서 행복해요 봄봄님이라도 시애틀 공연성사되어서 보셨으면 좋겠어요

  5. I ordered mine from the BigHit USA Shop the day they released the preorder link for the albums and I didn’t get the pre-order gift although it said it would be included 🥺

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