BEST Of America’s Got Talent: The Champions! | Got Talent Global

BEST Of America’s Got Talent: The Champions! | Got Talent Global

How are you today da see I am so good but really nervous all that’s fine to be nervous Well, welcome to champions. You are a champion Now why did you want come back and do champions but I always love a good competition But I missed being on a GT and maybe having a chance to have the world champion title just seems awesome No pressure, but you’re the first step so let’s set the standard Are you uh, are you a little nervous to be back on a GT? Um, yeah a little I’m so right it’s gonna be so much fun. I mean the crowd is here. The judges are here It’s like we never Yeah, I guess you’re right. I mean Simon’s even wearing the same clothes So Oscar how has your love life been since last year I’m not very good All right. Well, how about you well all the ladies tonight with a killer song. All right, let’s do it Oh Darcy I Always had this feeling with Darcy and again This is part of the reason why we decided to make this show the champions Were there were certain people along the years where I thought you know what they should or could have won the competition? Hence, the reason why you’re back. Thank you Just to make it a little bit harder for you you are now taking on the best of the best exactly I’m thrilled to have you back. Good luck. Thank you so much Darcy’s up, huh? This is direct competition for this one because magic and magic right? We’re the only two magicians Howie I’d like to give you the best seat in the house and welcome you to the stage if you could please join me But on your way up If you don’t mind if you could select anybody you want from the audience Gentlemen join me on stage Hi Doug, how are you? Good how if you could come stand to my right and your name Doug Doug? Excellent? Come on back here have a seat have a seat how if you can face that way Okay, Doug face that way just like that. Yep. Exactly. Now Howie if you don’t mind just lay backwards and Doug Yep, lay back lay back Comfortable you’re okay. I’m not comfortable, but I’m okay. We’ll get through it We’ll get through it gentlemen above you is a board If you could reach up, please grab the board grab the board a little bit this way Perfect Heidi, will you join me on stage, please? Yes Thank you so much for your help Heidi stand right here right now What I would like to try to do with you is freeze a moment in time Okay, and what am I supposed to do? All you have to do is remain perfectly still and you’re gonna fall back into my arms. Okay, sound good There we go Like that just like that and we’re gonna place you onto the board Perfect. Hold on nice and tight taker weight taker wait. Thank you gentlemen Here we go Howie I’m gonna slide the board out take her feet take her feet take your feet Doug take her shoulders take her shoulders This hand this hand drop it wait perfect perfect Oh Oh, that’s crazy Incredible I loved a star the party If it’s great mouse that’s refreshing Well, what you do is so innovative and it is so fresh literally every time when you come onto the stage You are so good at what you do and I love you guys. Thank you so much We decided to make the show recorded champions because we thought How exciting would it be to put the best of the best from all around the world and put them into the ultimate? competition and You define why we did this show because this was sensational There is no question about in my opinion that if you had done that Two years ago. This could have ended differently. I Mean this is gonna be one heck of a competition tonight Remember only two acts from tonight can go through so congratulations and thanks for being here Pretty spectacular if you look around the room the kids are all smiling. The adults are screaming. There’s something there for everyone Thank you so much not do that sober that’s crazy Yes, I’m excited man, I don’t know I do most things so I don’t really drink I don’t like the way out the hall chase Everybody no alcohol nasty. I know this because I’ve never seen anybody take a shot and not slap a table. That’s I know You see someone’s face when they take a shot then just It just makes you dizzy like if you can’t afford alcohol just start spinning in circles, that’s all you need to do What you doing, girl, you know, I don’t get paid till Friday Stand-up comedy’s pretty cool one the only jobs you can drink and And work my last job I could do that as well. My laughs I was great I made a lot of money. I got to choose my hours for the great job It’s pros and cons of drug dealing but for the most part like I I just so well, you know, I just did great The job before that I used to work at a gym, you know It’s funny when you work at a gym you notice things right like you notice that men that go to gym men only work out Their upper body brackets are dumb like good. Well, I don’t wanna kiss boss. Like that’s cool breath, but leg day, right? Got all these men walking around body shaped like the letter T like you look dumb You belong on Sesame Street. That’s where you belong Today’s word is testosterone who are both that’s where You belong Women do the exact opposite cuz women want a big booty, but they don’t want to get buff, right? So you got all these women walking around body shaped like a t-rex thinking they fine later No Look like a really attractive ostrich right now. That’s what you look like We’re not so afraid of getting but they are so afraid you know You got men in the gym trying so hard to get button They can’t they can’t get bigger women think they just gonna pick up one dumbbell Just one like hey What this dumbbell – hmm I Just want to pick it up and see what it does. Okay, I just wanna pick it up and see what it does Thought I want to do okay. I just want to sue Catrina my Right y’all better laughs let’s go get customer 695 man. My name is pretty lousy. Thank you so much Why are you coming to me first? You know that I’m a fan of yours you are just funny Just no matter what you say how you say you can be seen anything and I’d be laughing and screaming with happiness Enjoying or good the next person I felt tonight. I wasn’t looking at a competition I felt genuinely. I was just watching a star. Yes simple as I Everything to follow you has got better and that is body got bad news How You give us everything, you know, there are funny physical comedians. There are funny verbal comedians. There’s great storytellers You are all those in one and that’s why we love you And I think the people that represent each of the 50 states are talking about you right now And I’m so proud that a comedian has made it this far. Yeah Worth ripping off your clothes. Ah, it was worth. Yes I just want to show I need my homework. That’s all I know Well, this is our final episode before the finals only two more acts can go through I wish you the best of luck. Thank you so much. Can I tell one word about the story which you will say? Yes, please. This is the story about a child who grew up became famous artist and Forgot his parents. I wish nobody forget who their parents please. Okay, sad story. Thank you so much Universe all the planets So do you stay here a minute more But it’s So slow down Simon in my opinion, you are one of the best contestants we’ve had over the years around Alderaan To see it unfold in front of our eyes and your use of music and storytelling it was fantastic. Congratulations That was just incredible Wow Wow Wow like just the intricacy of the face is everything that you do is just brilliant Oh my gosh It’s so emotional what you do is beautiful you are beautiful In my mind tonight right here right now you are the champion I really truly believe Or impressed by the ability to rule people the way you did today I’m actually going to need Terry’s help for this next effect, Terry Terribly good, let’s hand out cover that card the other don’t move. All right Ah You


  1. Talent shows like America’s got talent become much more disturbing when you realize that it's just 4 rich people dangling money in front of poor people and telling them to dance for their entertainment.

  2. All of these artists are very talented when I think of a million-dollar act I think it's something that I just simply watch and draw in like a delicious dessert. Therefore I'm not a fan if the ones that make you think like the card magician, the people changing shapes with the lights or even the sand artist. These acts would be nothing without the music and the lights behind them. I mean would we pay to go see a show of Just sand art or just someone doing card tricks over and over? Not unless you're trying to learn that skill. For me the big talents are that comedian he tore off his shirt – and not because he tore up his shirt lol I think it's name is preacher. And then the girl who threw her voice and made that puppet seen like we've never seen before. Those to me are the two stars of this particular episode. And it's hard to choose between those two but I'm really a big stand-up comedy fan. Those other acts ask you to think too much.

  3. On the Card one it is easy to tell, the back of the cards is switchable and the backround on the desk is black, he just layed the card on the table when he made it dissapper???

  4. Have you guys notice Oscar's voice was actually from the girl, she was smiling so that her throat can shoot voice out?

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  6. 13:24 "Now y'all BETTER laugh at that joke, it cost me $6.95 "… -for that cheap shirt he couldn't WAIT to tear off so he could show off that he still needs to work on those biceps.

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  9. 15:33 wow she was outstanding!!!!!! She has quite some talent with her. Astonishing. And she does deserve it

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