Barack Obama takes on ‘woke’ call-out culture: ‘That’s not activism’

Barack Obama takes on ‘woke’ call-out culture: ‘That’s not activism’

you know this idea of purity
and you’re never compromised and you’re always politically woke and
all that stuff, you should get over that quickly. The world is messy, there are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws. People who you are fighting may love their kids
and share certain things with you and I think that one danger I see among
young people and particularly among college campuses – Malia
and I talk about this, Yara goes to school with my daughter – but I do get a sense sometimes now
among young people and this is accelerated by social media, there is this sense sometimes that
the way of me making change is to be as judgemental as possible
about other people and that’s enough. If I tweet or hashtag about how you
didn’t do something right or used the wrong verb or … then I can sit back
and feel pretty good about myself because man, you see how woke I was?
I called you out. [laughter] Then I get on TV, watch my show,
watch Grown-ish. [laughter] You know, that’s not, that’s not activism.
That’s not bringing about change, you know. If all you’re doing is casting stones,
you’re probably not going to get that far. That’s easy to do.


  1. This is dumb ! President are puppets anyway. And if your “really woke” you shouldn’t be judging people at all . As a black human he didn’t do anything he said he was gonna do .. sooooooooooo

  2. It's easy and extremely disingenuous to challenge the woke culture when Wall Street and other corporate swamp cronies he helped enriched during his tenure in the White House is bankrolling his lavish lifestyle in the Caribbean right now…

  3. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out systemic injustice. The problem is that we’ve forgotten how to talk about it in the context of a society. People don’t really care so much about getting the masses acceptance.

    Or maybe it’s just that the masses care less about injustice against e.g. transgender people if they’re struggling economically, and the left has failed to address this in many countries for so long?

  4. Obama worded this so perfectly woke culture is stupid we have all done things we regret and we all have to grow from it

  5. Obama is talking about all of the stone throwers who think they are accomplishing something by posting hate on social media. This includes liberals and conservatives. Get off your couch and turn off your TV and actually do something to make the world a better place..

  6. I'll never forgive myself how I took Obama for granted. Back in 2008 he visited my city for a rally speech and me being an edgy highschooler didn't care too much. He personally handed me an Obama t-shirt and shook my hand and when I met him it was so overwhelmingly beautiful it nearly brought me to tears. He has this surreal charisma about him that you just can't hate. I miss you so much Mr. President

  7. How does the Guardian report this with a straight face? If you took all the most annoying and infuriating things that could be summarized by the term "Wokeness", all that smug sanctimonious finger wagging, all that dour sermonizing and nauseating self-righteousness and gave it form, that is the Guardian newspaper.

  8. Black Republicans and Democrats alike, have done nothing for Black people. Obama did nothing for black people. Black politicians coming after him will not get my vote.

  9. I want to say this to conservative people. Do you not to much conservation is just as bad as being to much liberal. So please stop bashing liberals because both sides have to balance each other out. Another thing stop this whole party protects party nonsense because it gets you nowhere.

  10. Not to decide is to decide .
    Obama made a choice to not upset the apple cart .

    Upsetting the apple cart is what is necessary .

  11. You will never effect change if you can't persuade the people you want to change to come with you, or at least meet you half way.

  12. Look at that? I bet even you were not aware of Melania Trump's crimes…Vitamin E, dexamethasone, pouring something into our water, blood spots in my Chicago apartment, rapes, murders of the Polish. And yet, nobody came to rescue. Can we all relate?


  14. Obama, the high priest of the Left, is calling out woke culture??? Something's not right!! This is the guy that plundered the American economy in 8 years to poverty. I don't trust him one bit.

  15. Obama hit the nail on the head. I'm all for calling for social injustices and standing up for your rights but nit picking at every single thing isn't going get anyone, anywhere!

  16. Unfortunately, the "woke" crowd are often very alert to the unjust actions of others, but less inclined to make a REAL difference by equally challenging their own behaviors and language. Recently, my 17-yr old son was shouted down (a form of cancelling) during his Social Justice 12 class. He was called "homophobe" and others yelled "liar" as he shared some World Health Organization statistics about AIDS. His teacher challenged the yelling students to immediately take a couple minutes on-line to check the information being offered, which they did, and quickly determined my son was correct. I'm told the teacher suggested nicely (I would have insisted) that they consider apologizing to my son, which they declined. Between the following classes and during lunch period, he was approached by those same students, but this time they were agressively challenging his motives for publicly sharing those facts.

  17. The Guardian uploaded this. Maybe it's the first step. Step two could be to take heed. Get rid of the identity politics obsessed staff and get real. The Guardian and the BBC need to back out of this cul de sac of 'identity' and deal with humanity rather than trying to socially reprogramme the public.

  18. Just found this clip….don’t agree with Obama on a lot of stuff…but he’s hit the nail on the head…can everyone stop getting offended and accept that it’s ok that other people have different points of view to you and your woke gang that aren’t fashionable at the moment…open your minds people

  19. This dude is a loser. Been a loser a long time. Look no further than him for the state of the dem party and why we got trump. Go down in history as a LOSER

  20. Actual liberals have now been classed far right by the far left. The worlds lost the plot time for a restart drop the nukes we done fukd it up.

  21. People who want to wait until their primary to make up their mind without having the party favoring another candidate is not selfish. It's the process. He is saying everyone has to agree on a candidate in summer 2019.

  22. I never liked his politics but at least he was a smart and grown up man unlike these embarrassing commies we have nowadays

  23. I love that he is telling the truth. Hopefully Obama, who they actually listen to, can temper their proud little puffed up hearts. He needs to do a "tame the fire" tour and help squash the mob justice mentality of these crazy kids. Maybe he can even help bring back some tolerance, and humility, which is far more important than conformity, or perfection.

  24. Dude was a facade puppet (like all politicians) with strings being pulled by lobbyists and other pple. No thanks. But we are interested in the opinions of pple who can think for themselves without external influences

  25. The biggest problem with Woke culture is that both sides – at least politically speaking – claim to be 'woke'. This is not just a leftist problem.

  26. Things have moved so far left, that Obama is a Centrist. I miss him. If Obama is saying people have gone too woke, maybe they should listen?

  27. Pffft Dero, at least a real man at the Helm not droppin bombs on everyone like him and the flogs before him, how Dumbya even got there is laughable

  28. "Woke" people are the biggest racists, hate filled, socially inept and regressive group of society. They claim the opposite when their actions show their true colours.

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