Aussie Vs. USA Supermarket Snack Swap

Aussie Vs. USA Supermarket Snack Swap


  1. As an Australian what the crap is Harris Farm??! Haha and what are these snacks!? Am I the only Australian who is very confused 😵

  2. Look i love buzfeed oz but i need to know why is it that in most buzzfeed oz themed snack swap videos they contain brands or stores that aren’t well known throughout the entire country?

    I mean I have lived in Melbourne my whole life and I have never heard of Harris Farms and didn’t know a single brand/item in this entire vid until the very final product.

  3. I had a wonderful time visiting Australia last year. Just wish I would've brought back more cheezels lol. Cheers from the US 👍

  4. Harris Farm is a NSW exclusive grocery store, that would explain why many of us haven't heard of it and were confused af.
    Couldn't we used Coles or Woolies (Woolworths) just to help the rest of us Aussies understand on what is going on?

  5. Why would they do a video about Harris farm when there only in nsw shouldn’t it be a shop that all Australians can have access to like woolies and coles🤦‍♂️

  6. It seems as if barely any Australians know what Harris Farm is 😂 I feel like only Jules know what that is lmaooo she‘s already tried most of it before

  7. As the only Australian that seems to have herd of Harris farms I can confirm that it is a store that is trying to be the healthy store there is barely any packaged items only fresh produce and it always smells like poop

  8. When I lived in Sydney I went to Harris farm all the time – now I live in Melbourne i dont see them, but have great markets to go to

  9. As someone who lives in Sydney and knows what harris farm is I think the reason they chose it is because trader joes is a fresh format grocery store in America henceforth the comparison to harris farm which sells similar products.

  10. I'm from NSW and have never heard of Harris Farms. Like we have Coles, Woolies, IGA and Foodworks but have never heard of Harris Farm

  11. So we have nation wide stores such as Aldi Coles & Woolies in Australia but you choose snacks from a store no one outside of 1 state in Australia has ever heard of.
    Going by comments I know I’m not alone.
    Try the Aldi Melting Moments… OMG😍

  12. Harris farm use to be wide spread across Sydney, I use to go to the ones in Rhodes, Strathfield and a few in western Sydney. They had pretty cheap items at times and amazing yoghurt. Then they closed a lot and now target and reside mainly in the north and eastern suburbs, the rich end of Sydney. Too expensive now….. Maybe should have used Woolworths and Coles, as everyone knows those.

  13. I’m Aussie I’ve never seen any of the snacks for Australia in my life! Go to woolies or coles. That’s where u get the best snacks THAT EVERYONE KNOWS.

  14. Love the jelly/jam/jello confusion and reaction!

    In the US, “jelly” and “jam” are interchangeable words for the most part, though most Americans are probably more likely to call it jelly. I feel like jam sounds a little more uptight.

    The stuff that jiggles is jello, although jello is actually a brand name, it’s so popular that we call all gelatin jello, even if it’s a different brand.

  15. I’ve never even heard of Harris farm in my life, and by the looks of the comments no one else has either. Another quality buzzfeed video 😂😂

  16. Why tf are we showcasing an 'Australian supermarket' when it's only in New South Wales. Literally had to search this shit up hahaha

  17. Harris farm only exists in New South Wales. That's why all other Australians like me are confused. I live in Queensland

  18. There are are a lot of things that hummus should added to ( chocolate isn’t one of them ) as the expression goes, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  19. American here. I have yet to try the cookie spread. Hate kale chips, and kale itself. The fig jam looked interesting.

    And I really love the outro music, whoever that is.

  20. FYI… to the commenters below… "Trader Joes" is a health food/organic store… that's mostly popular to the more recent younger generations, so I'm assuming Harris Farm is the Aussie version of it.

  21. 4:01
    Me when my parents say we're going to Taco Bell and I'm gonna be able to binge watch Anime

    Me Later:

  22. I'm sorry, but what Floridian goes into a grocery store snack swap AND DOESN'T BRING IN FOOD FROM PUBLIX?!?!?
    I'm genuinely upset…

  23. I've never heard of any of these "Aussie" snacks and who the heck is Harris Farm? According to Google they only exist in Sydney.

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