ATLANTA TOUR: Secret formula of Coca-Cola | CNN Headquarters | Veg Food

It’s lunchtime. 10 minutes to 3 PM. This is Mexican food made up of entire vegetables. It cost me around 7.5 USD. This is a lot like Indian food. This is very tasty! You can come here if you’re looking for vegetarian food. I’m feeling great here. Let me sit in the car first. We met yesterday in the afternoon and as soon as I reached home, I slept because I was very tired after long hitchhiking. I woke up in the evening. Then we had food in Chipotle. After that, I got to work. I started editing videos and worked until 2 AM. I woke up in the morning and still the video is not completely edited and it’s 1 PM now. Rahul suggested that we should go to see Atlanta now. This is USA. Anything can happen here! Parking is free here in the United States. If you wish to use the metro, simply park your car here and use public transport. This should be implemented in India as well. Especially in Delhi, parking has become so expensive! I’m buying ticket here. In Boston also, I got a similar ticket. If you’re coming here for many days, it is better that you take the 7 days Pass. This is the website address for public transport in Atlanta. Before a train arrives at a station, it makes announcements about the places that you can visit nearby that metro station. Right now I’m going to the CNN Headquarters and Coca-Cola World. This is so big! This is called stairs to heaven! This is seriously very long! This is the CNN Headquarters. That’s World Headquarters CNN Studio, written above. Cartoon Network in the front and CNN Store too. If you want, you can wander around and have food. A lot of flags above. There’s the Indian flag! The next trip will begin at 3:20 PM. It costs 15 USD per person. Everyone here is waiting for the next tour. The guide will tell if recording videos is allowed or not. In 2003, I completed my graduation in Journalism from Delhi University. After that, I got admission in Indian Institute of Mass Communication, the premier institute of Journalism in India. This place reminds me of those days. And I’m very proud to be a product of such an institution. It’s 4:30 PM now. The tour was for about an hour and now I’m leaving. Let’s ask Rahul how it was because it was his second time here. This tour is mainly for those people who wish to see how the news channels work and little bit behind the scenes of the TV and Media Industry. As I have read about and done these things, I could somewhat recollect. So you can try this. Atlanta Olympics had taken place in 1996. The person sitting on a bench to the right was asking Rahul for money. Children are enjoying here. He was fighting with me! This is World of Coca-Cola. And there’s an Aquarium. This is the birth-place of Coca-Cola and now we are going inside the Museum. That tall building is the headquarters of Coca-Cola. But Coca-Cola is not good for your health. It costs 17 USD for the ticket. The lady is telling us to use the toilets now as they won’t allow during the tour. Saw a 15-minute film which was quite emotional. Coca-Cola was invented in 1896. Here, I can taste Coca-Cola from around the world. Today I’ll try it. It’s 7:30 PM now and we’re heading back. The Coca-Cola Museum is behind us. Tomorrow most probably, we’ll leave for Florida. This Shirt is very useful for travellers. There’s good ventilation to keep away from sweat and bad odour. Also, there are secret pockets in which I have safely kept my Passport. You can find it in any Decathlon store. If you take the one day pass, it will cost you 9 USD. I arrived at Atlanta by hitchhiking. If you don’t want to hitchhike, then you can use that bus. If booked in advance, tickets can be as low as 1 USD. Walmart!

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