As Pace Quickens, Will Biden Be Up To The Job? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

As Pace Quickens, Will Biden Be Up To The Job? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. By propping up Biden, MSNBC, along wit the rest of the mainstream media, is going to hand this election to Donald Trump.

  2. On his worst day, Biden will wipe up the floor with Donald Trump. His gaffes mean nothing when compared to his ability to deliver us from the national emergency that sits in the White House. He's got staying power and always comes back even when it seems like he's down. Its the kind of strength you can only get from experience.

  3. As inexperienced as everybody seems to think Sondland is, He is very good at rooting out corruption…in the White House administration

  4. Please! Biden is Hillary 2.0. Trump would tear him to pieces. Beating Trump is not enough. The Democrats have to stand for something more.Returning to the same old same old won't work. That what got us Trump in the first place. Look outside your bubble.

  5. No matter HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO not cover Bernie Sanders; A) He has the most (total number of individual donations) and B) Even on Instagram he has at least twice as many followers as any of these candidates…. Try all you want with your fake smile, but you know deep inside Bernie is the most popular…

  6. What nonsense, any of the top progressive candidates will wipe the floor with Trump. Good policies are the winning strategy, as Clinton's loss demonstrated.

  7. Bunch of republicans here. Joe is a corporate schill. And how do they think he will perform under pressure frim the horrible Orange Demon.

  8. Except Joe Biden ran three other times and lost. People do not want him in office. He was involved on the war on drugs. He voted for the wars in the middle east. He was part of the bankruptcy bill that hurt millions of Americans. He does not have the money to stay in nor the support. Bernie Sanders has the best chance. He is the most popular politician in America. He has over a million individual donors. He does not take corporate pac money. He didnt vote for the disastrous wars. Bernie Sanders is the correct choice.

  9. I'm happy that Tom Nichols stood up, just a little, for Joe Biden. Right now, Biden does have the best chance of winning in a general election. Having Warren or Sanders as the nominee conjures up bad memories of George McGovern in 72, Walter Mondale in 1984 and Michael Dukakis in 1988, all of which were Electoral College blowout losses for the Dems.Nobody in their right mind wants that again. Older Americans like Joe, and older Americans also show up to vote, reliably. He who wins the "middle" wins the elections. I don't care about "purity"—I want someone who can win a general, nationwide election, with all kinds of voters, and right now, Joe is the guy. Mayor Pete is pretty solid, too, in his own way..

  10. I like Joe, and I like Bernie as well. The thing is, and we see this with every President, is that being POTUS is a very stressful job, even for a younger person. Look at how 8 years in the White house aged Obama. I'm just not sure either of these guys would make it thru a full term.

  11. Comcast, Msnbc, Phil Griffin, and Andy Lack are hooked to the hip of the Clintons and the Democratic establishment again. They are red baiting and smearing Tulsi Gabbard (a veteran) because she is exposing their fraud centrists candidates like Pete Buttigieg.

  12. Obviously this sister is bought by the Democratic establishment to parrot establishment bubble talking points. That's who her circle is. The "people" is not voting for neo liberalism in 2020.

  13. Screw Joe Biden. He lost ally support after his lies about cannabis being gateway drug. He lives in the past. He wants to go back in time and live in Obama era

  14. Your contribution to this terrible lineup is not to be ignored. If you fail to criticize your own team, you end up picking from terrible options.

  15. Yang/Gabbard deserve more speaking time. When anyone else speaks it's boring, which was like 90% of the debate ??. And Pete got smoked by Tulsi wtf y'all talking about ? it's a fact he'd send troops to Mexico. Imagine the border wall armed with troops!!! That's worse than Trump!! ?‍♂️ And what does that tell us about Petes foreign policy? ?️ He's the type of president that would keep arming terrorists ??

  16. Today I read an article in The Atlantic about how Joe Biden grew up with a speech impediment. It made me feel awful for judging his debate performances so harshly. Know what makes it sadder? The author talks about it with Biden at some length, questions him about it, and basically concludes that Biden actively plays it down, acts like it’s totally in the past, etc when so much of his speech reflects some ongoing problems with it.

  17. Biden was AWFUL!!! He looked like Stan Laurel caught in the headlights as Booker and Harris laughed at his attempts to shrug off his comments about marijuana and how he best represents the interests of Afro-Americans. The Morning Joe panel need to face up to reality – they keep pushing Biden but this will only lead to another Trump victory. For REAL CHANGE and to take the fight to Trump they should start getting behind Bernie Sanders. What are these millionaire tv celebs scared of?

  18. Meanwhile …. the silent majority MAGA beast….slumbers in its lair.
    It will begin to stir in August 2020. Stalk in September. Bring down its prey in November.

  19. "League of Women Voters" use to do the debates. We need them back. MSNBC and the corporate media need to go. They really think we're dumb.

  20. "We shouldn't have people throwing rocks at Biden"??? Uh what the heck do you think TRUMP is going to do?! Tom Nickels is DELUDING HIMSELF by spouting this garbage!

  21. Hey Joe, Biden not completing a sentence has a whole lot with being a stutterer. Read the article in the Atlantic. He sometimes bumps into words he can’t get out without stuttering so he switches to another one. Please read the article. People have long thought stutterers were stupid because if this.

  22. Senator Harris and your response?
    (Wake up, it's time for your rehearsed smears)
    "Oh sure!…."
    Spits out a prepared list of tired old smears and lies, including Assad, etc.
    Look into the Assad business. Tulsi went with Kuchinich on a humanitarian trip to see the refugees and meet with religious leaders there. Tulsi is, after al, on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

  23. Biden is still in the race simply due to the PRESS. Admit it. If you praised Bernie like you praise Biden, he would be at the top.

  24. Absolute CIRCUS SHOW!!! TRUMP's Got This Former Democrats Vote in 2020! How's the Low Ratings you MSM DeepFriedState Jokers?

  25. Biden: "The next president of the United States is going to have to do two things. Defeat Donald Trump. That's number one." Does Joe know how elections work? To Mika: Feeling sorry for a person is no reason to vote for that person.

  26. Biden is too old. I like him, but I will not vote for a person as old as Biden. We need a young person who can and will take us in a future that they will have to survive.

  27. If debates dont matter, why have them? He cant think on his feet. He cant response to easy questions, how will he be able to handle the actual competition with thrump. He'll be eaten alive. He is not sharp, face it!

  28. If Biden fights for the country as President the way he's fights against his many hardships everyday, America will be OK. Here's what he's fighting:

  29. Terrible debate moderators; drew absolutely no distinction between any of the candidates. Typical promotion of the billionaire-backed Buttigieg (who's in 4th place or worse, nationwide). And, most egregious of all, the continued ignoring of Bernie Sanders (who, by the way has the most individual donors of ANY candidate, and who beats Trump in EVERY head-to-head poll). F___king MSNBC. A truly corporate network. ???

  30. I heard the Circus got really really REALLY Low Ratings! MSNBC should try telling the Truth more often maybe people will start watchinh again! NOT!!!

  31. I'm very sad to say that Biden MAY not be up to the long mental exhaust that will be these coming elections. He's smarter than CHUMP but we need a bit more. ?? Bernie 2020 ?

  32. theres the media rigging the election for trump, if biden stumbles around like that the trump campaign will tear him apart, ffs democrats think about this

  33. Senile Biden is going to make a fine puppet for the corporate Democrats, and don’t think that’s not the real reason why they’re being very protective of him.

  34. The country needs a guy with the morals and fortitude of Joe Biden twenty years ago, but sadly Joe has aged, and he won't be up to the job anymore.

    BUT, I'll still vote for Joe if he's the nominee

  35. Can Joe Biden shose Barac Obama as vicepresident??? And get a jumpstart ???? IF he dies after a year or so could Obama be president one again ???

  36. Can we now agree that msnbc pundits are all aligned to their respective party heirachy and are reliant on the party for employment in one form or another. Attacking tulsi gabbard for having a go at other candidates is ridiculous. I expect candidates to criticise each other over their actions or views especially given the broad church of views within the democratic party.

  37. I predict the Democratic Party will be in disbelief November 2020. Times have changed but the hugging crying and consoling one another just as in 2016 will repeat itself. A bunch of Puppets on a string Mass confusion spoon-fed to the blind. Before you hate I am a proud American African registered Republican a Veteran of my country The Honorable Reverend dr. Martin Luther King jr. Registered Republican Abraham Lincoln registered Republican.

  38. Biden is a terrible candidate! PERIOD! Why else would the media keep making excuses for him? Trump will tear him apart on the debate stage if he becomes the nominee( I pray to God that he doesn't lol).Biden is not an exciting candidate and his campaign is about "normalcy" (BORING!).The Democratic base has to come out in mass numbers to defeat Trump and relying on older voters (mainly older black voters) and rich elites is not a good strategy.

  39. If Biden can’t even spit out the 2 sentence 15 word answers he clearly tried to memorize for these extremely softball questions, watching him try to debate President Trump will be a laugh riot. ?

  40. Are we both watching the same person? Biden is not flailing around having seizures. He seemed to be responding normally to me. Mountain out of a molehill

  41. Biden will have to debate DT; if he doesn't make sense now, how will he be then? I think others will come through- there's a way to go.

  42. Joe Biden was stumbling and mumbling when he ran for president… in 1988! Joe Scarborough keeps calling for a "moderate." I don't remember his hero Ronald Reagan being a moderate.

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