I don’t understand why, Tony! Why can’t you just give me one of your iron suits. You have so many of them. How many times do I have to tell you, Cap? NO! I WILL NOT give you any one of my suits! You’re such a selfish person, you know that, Tony! Well, at least I’m not being entitled and asking other people for free stuffs! I hate you 3000! I hate you too, 100-year-old boomer! Shut up! No! You shut up! Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you? Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. AND a selfish coward hiding under his iron suit! HEY! What the frog! Do you wanna fight me? Huh?!! Of course I do! But first, you’ll have to take of your suit. Oh my gawd! Here we go again! But I bet you don’t have the guts to do that… cos you’re just a little helpless, powerless boy … who can’t fight without his fancy suit and weapons! You have it easy! Real hero fight with these! Do you think it is easy to be Iron Man?! Do you think it is easy to wear this iron suit?! As a matter of fact, I DO!! How could you say that, Cap! Do you really think it is easy for Mr Stark to wear his Iron Man suit? He sacrificed so much for this! -Yeahh! -That’s right! -Agree! Wait, wait, wait! Hold on a sec! You guys are on his side on this? I’m the leader of the Avengers! Leader or not, no one disrespect Tony like that! If it really was that easy, how about you give it a try? Agree! Tony, let him try on one of your suits! See if he can handle it as well as you do! I can’t believe you guys are siding with him! I’m outta here! Why? Captain, are you afraid to take on the challenge? Is courageous Captain America too afraid to put on a little iron suit? YEAH! Why don’t you give it a try! And tell me in my face that it is easy! Well, maybe I will! Alright! Screw it! Friday! Freaking give this boy scout a suit! Affirmative. I’ve not felt this good since 1945! Thanks for the suit, Tony… Oh crap… I gave him exactly what he wanted, didn’t I… Grghh!! I’m summoning the Hulk Buster now! I hate you Cap! I don’t ever wanna see you again! That went much better than I’ve expected. So much for the billionaire genius. Simple trick like that got him to give me this Iron suit. Thanks so much guys! You all did really well! Here you go! Thanks Cap! Nice doing business with you. This is for you! Thank you, Steve. Couldn’t do it without you guys! Thanks Cap!


  1. It is funny when we remember that cap is what he is only because Howard Stark build the machine that injected the serum at him

  2. It doesn't make sense. The Spider Man who is kinda a little genius boy have never been able to use his Iron Spider armors as well as Tony uses him, by the way, nobody except for Iron Guys like Rhodey and Pepper, and then Cap who doesn't even know how to use a smartphone takes this and go using just like it was easy!!?

  3. Cap…. iron man’s suits are iron man’s thing… not because you have a vibranium shield means everyone should get one

  4. Cap: you guys are on his side of things?!

    Me: to be honest cap, spidey has a point there, he sacrificed a lot of time, and mental health to build his suits and the technology he creates, you were given you physical condition, you didn’t earn it…. so the one who had it easy, is you, plus, brains over brawns…… doesn’t matter your strength if you don’t know how to use it, Tony’s strength is his mind, and with that he got his brawns…. can you get brains with brawns? NO, plus… not having brains in a fight is a really big downside since you can’t make strategies and without strategies you use your brawns in way too linear way, making you predictable and easy to defeat…. so in conclusión, work smarter not harder…. plus… can you invent stuff? The only thing you do is punching stuff and everyone knows how to do that

  5. iron man: why dont you fight without that serum i bet YOU dont have the guts for that

    cap: well… i would but i cant

    tony: cap… im the smartest avenger for a reason allow me to help

    cap: wait…!

  6. I hate how iron man just let's captain America hit him with hulk buster and also how did cap learn to use the armor so fast? This logic makes no sense.

  7. Tony had to get an Arc reactor fixed into him to be able to use the iron Man armour then how can Captain America do it without getting an Arc reactor fixed into him

  8. Wait tony starck is not returning to the avengers anymore if tony starck is gone so that means when day ecounter THANOS so they don't have the brains so………..tony starck will watch on Steve rogers crying for him.😑

  9. Love these parodies, but i can never tell which universe they're referencing, however as i recall comic Tony wrecked superhuman skrulls.. buck naked.

  10. I'm 80% sure if it's Marvel Studio Iron Man level of genius, Tony Stark would definitely make the suit able to self destruct on voice command. And beside he can basically create a suit that superior than his old one in a week. Mark 42 was made within maximum 1 years

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