Apprenticeship Interview

Apprenticeship Interview

Hi, I’m Max, I’ve got the interview. Good afternoon, nice to meet you. I’m Karen,
I’m the HR Manager for Camerons. Umm ok. So Max, would you like to tell me a little
bit about yourself? Umm, I’m Max, umm and I like playing games
and hanging out with my mates. Ok. Is there any particular reason why you
would like this job? Well actually it’s quite convenient because
I just live around the corner, umm so obviously I’d be able to get here pretty quickly if
you needed it. Also the money is pretty good, yeah I suppose. Do you have any idea how you’d like to progress
within the company or have you got any future goals? Umm well not really, it’s just going to be
just doing the job I suppose. Umm as long as you’re happy I’m happy, you know. Right ok, would you like to tell me why you
left your last job? Umm to be honest I didn’t really rate my boss,
and I think it was a bit vice versa, he didn’t really like me anyway. I wasn’t really bothered
in leaving to be fair. Was there any particular reason for that? He just kept calling me, like extra hours
was a bit of an issue, because I’m pretty packed as it is at the moment. So it was just
the extra commitment really. So if you were successful, when would you
be available to start? Umm my brother’s having a party next weekend,
and then I’m going to Thailand with a couple of mates the weekend after, so the weekend
after that, maybe. And that’s the earliest you’d be able to start
if you were successful? Well I wouldn’t be here because of Thailand
so yeah. Ok, what particular skills and experience
do you feel that you have that would suit this company? Well I’ve always been a bit of a joker so
I suppose a bit of light-hearted comedy. A good laugh, a kick around the office is always
nice to keep your feet back. I mean we do annual appraisals, so can you
tell me where you can see yourself in 5 years time? Annual…? Appraisals. Oh umm, 5 years? That’s pretty long, 5 years.
Well if the building bit doesn’t work out, the ‘constructionany’ bit of it, I mean your
job seems pretty good, like this thing, just talking to people. I mean and if not, if I
get bored then probably 5 years time I’d probably like to go travelling I suppose. Do you feel you have any particular strengths
or are there any weaknesses you have? Well like my old boss says I was late quite
a bit, so I guess that’s a weakness, umm but strengths, yeah I’ve got a lot of strengths. Anything in particular? Just loads of strengths really. Just loads. What do you think of us as a company, have
you done any research into the background of the company? Yeah yeah I checked on my computer before.
You guys are pretty cool, yeah. Do you have any particular questions you’d
like to ask me? Ohh, oh no yeah, so like how much do you pay
and what holidays, you said something about holidays. Well that would all depend on the actual role
that you’re employed as, and we’d have to negotiate sort of like a salary and appropriate
holidays. Alright, yeah, nice. Right then Max, well thanks for coming in to see
us. Sweet, yeah, cool. And we’ll be in touch very soon. Alright well you’ll call me yeah? You’ve got
my number. Thank you. Right thanks very much, thank you bye. Good afternoon Max, nice to meet you. I’m
Karen the HR Manager, would you like to have a seat? Thanks very much. Now would you like to tell me a little bit
about yourself Max? Well I’m 17, and I’m really quite practical
so I’m really looking forward to getting involved in the construction industry as I believe
I have the relevant skills to really thrive in the career. So why do you want this particular job? Well as I said I’ve got a very strong interest
in the construction industry and I’m looking to apply my skills to a relevant scheme of
work. So can you tell me why you left your last
job? I’m looking for the opportunity to progress
and work my way up personally. Also to gain a wider set of skills, any support which the
company can give to me would be an incentive to really try and push myself. If you were offered a position, you were successful
here, when would you be available to start? Well whenever is good for you really. Well I’m sure if you were successful we could
work out a mutually convenient time for you to start. What particular skills and experience do
you feel you could bring to the company? Well from my previous job I feel that I’ve
got a lot of experience working as a team. Any referees which I’ve given would be able
to tell you that I’m reliable, enthusiastic, and hardworking. Where would you see yourself in 5 years time.
We tend to do appraisals annually, and this is one of the questions that we would ask
you. Oh right, in 5 years time I’d see myself climbing
up the career ladder and pushing any boundaries which I have. Do you feel you have any particular strengths
or weaknesses? I’m a very good people person; I believe that
I’m very practical as I said, especially for the construction industry; I’m ambitious.
And weaknesses, I find I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times. That wouldn’t be a problem for us. Do you have any questions about the company? Yes I do, I have some here. They were great questions Max, thank you very
much for coming in to see us, and we will be in touch. Yes, thank you very much for your time. Thank you, bye.


  1. I didn't realize they did interviews for apprenticeship…if you have some good contacts to get you you on then the rest is up to you. youll l sink or swim.

  2. hate this format of interview. It's for HR and Managers who just don't know a good candidate from a lame duck. Just talk to them for goodness sake. When you are meeting new people down the pub who may end up being a friend do you hand them a questionnaire? If you are going to school yourself to answer the questions from HR, who have themselves being schooled to ask those same questions the interview just becomes an exam. What is the point of that? If you are no judge of character, be honest with yourself and don't interview anybody. An old boss of mine from way back was utterly useless at most things, but he could pick the right person for the position on offer. How he did it only heaven knows but he had the knack and he built great teams.

  3. I think the first guy was better in most ways. The only thing that would stop me from hiring him is that he sounds like a guy who wouldn't show up at the right time.

  4. At the moment he rejected her handshake he was supposed to say: I got some shit on my hands.

  5. Believe it or not a lot of people in the states would actually hire the first guy. Lol. Second guy is a dime a dozen

  6. Life is just different. back in the 1990's you didn't have to interview to get into an apprentiship. you just showed up and you were in.

  7. this is so unfair. the interviewer should appreciate the fact that he's being completely honest. he would probably turn out to be one of their best workers, but instead they will turn him down and hire someone one who lies to them just to tell them exactly what they want to hear.. this is why so many companies end up with employees who slack off and cheat and steal…. if they would hire the guy who's being honest they would have better employees.

  8. Is there any people out there who know if becoming a footballer (soccer player, I'm from England) is part of an apprenticeship

  9. Eh he could still get into the ironworkers apprenticeship. He’d be the smartest best dressed one there.

  10. end of the day, the person interviewing you wants to see that
    1. you actually give a shit about the job and not the money or anything else
    2. you got what the job application needs for you to actually be able to definetely get the job, just make sure you listen to point one.

  11. To be honest I don’t think the second interview was that great either, he didn’t really speak about his previous experience very much when he was telling the interviewer about himself

  12. How depresssing what the world has come to,that you have to go through all these stupid embarrassing interviews and sometimes many in order to land a sub serviant job working 40+ hrs a week,doing rotating shifts,not seeing your family etc and they make you jump through all these hoops just to get it.The banks and corporations really have everyone enslaved in their industrial complex matrix.

  13. Good, good, answers were strange, "why this company?" "Well I have skills in the area" with no actuall description or events related.

  14. haha the first part almost gave me thoughts about liking the vid but anyways its a great impression the vid is great,its good to know what to do and not to do…

  15. Is this what kind of sexy interview is this? Like the boss female with a blonde pretty hair

  16. I think he preformed badly in both interviews. In the second interview he lacked examples to prove he had the relevant skills and attributes.

  17. opposite ends of the scale for illustration of course, the first guy was a pretty good communicator compared so some that I meet, I mean he has a reasonable amount of confidence and eye contact

  18. Umm well right now the position as been filled so your going on the 2 year waiting list. More like 5 year waiting list with your ‘umm saying ass lol’ 🤣

  19. THANK YOU SOO SOO SOO SOO MUCH!! it was because of watching this video so many times everyday, I ACED my INTERVIEW for an ADMINISTRATIVE APPRENTICESHIP !!

  20. A stoner and an elitst apply for a job, Libby the HR lady hires both of them , journey man says go the fuck home and don't come back to all three of them

  21. A training course for is performed by “D-List” actors here. For some reason she is really the strong candidate for the job. Can we have a real interview here and not a staged one please

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