America Will Be – Episode 1: Uniting a Movement

America Will Be – Episode 1: Uniting a Movement

Workers who make minimum wage are protesting across the metro Atlanta area, and not just here, but also across the country. And this is supposed to be the richest most powerful United States or something. We can’t get clean water to our people. The fight for clean water, the fight for environmental justice, the fight for living wages, the fight for voting rights, the fight for health care are all interlocked. That’s why we’ve gotta have a Poor People’s Campaign. I’m getting together with all these people as a part of this the Poor People’s Campaign and lifting up our voices together and demanding that we be treated with dignity and respect. Oh, we’re not free, and yet, I swear there’s hope that America will be. It’s a beautiful day to go out, protect our water. Good morning, good morning. If anyone wants any Elk broth, there’s some Elk broth left here. You’re welcome to come grab some. Five hundred tribes come come together, and it’s long overdue. It’s not easy, and it’s not, you know, it’s beautiful and messy and and awesome. We can learn something from this. Definitely. I think it’s just a blessing to be here at Standing Rock. In Alabama, we’ve had the BP oil spill, which contaminated the Gulf of Mexico and the reason that I connected so profoundly with this struggle is because we’re all fighting for clean water and clean air. We see people of different colors and hues and different religions coming from different places and different backgrounds for the purpose of one thing being unified over the right to to to water. Black lives from across this nation and from across the world are here in prayer with Standing Rock today, and I’d ask you to join me as we say, It is our duty to win!
Crowd: It is our duty to win! We must love each other and support each other. Crowd: We must love each other and support each other This is the world I would want my grandson to be a part of I’ve been fighting tears. I was trying not to cry. Ok, Julian, is my mic okay? We ready, we ready If you remember the Poor People’s Campaign, it was the campaign that Dr. Martin Luther King has started at one time and he called welfare rights in and a whole bunch of other organizations to join at the campaign and if the campaign was to eliminate poverty in this country but yet still we sitting up here in Michigan leading in a nation as far as the number of people that are forced to live below the poverty level. We’re trying to build this campaign and we think the best way to build it is to go out and meet with the people who are on the front lines of the struggle in different places in the country and learn from them. The people on the Poor People’s Campaign are usually pretty poor to tell you the truth. A lot of us don’t have health care ourselves. You know sometimes we don’t have necessarily food in our own fridge and a lot of us come out here just to talk to other people you know and to organize. Dr. King was a man for the people you know. One of the last things that he worked on was the Poor People’s Campaign. We have an obligation to keep that going, and I think there’s a lot of Dr. King’s like all over the country. We’re trying to build a movement of the poor and dispossessed, you know, people people uniting on the basis of what they have in common, how they’re hurt around all of these different issues of poverty, housing, homelessness, the environment. We immigrated to the United States from Mexico. I got involved in stopping deportations of people in my community who were getting deported and the wonderful leaders around me who supported me and who helped me understand what was going on and that it wasn’t my community’s fault that we were getting deported but that it was bigger structures in place that were trying to get rid of poor people in this country and that’s sort of seen in places like health care where people are struggling to get health care which is where we’re fighting for in Pennsylvania where people are struggling to get housing and to get water and to give clean air which is basic and it’s natural and everybody should have access to it. I want y’all to look around at this crowd and tell somebody beside you and say what up bruh? What up sister? Let let the let the world see some black and white folk hugging each other, some Latinos. Let me tell you why this is so important. Trump and others just played the hate game. He tried to make out that poverty is a black-brown issue and that saying to white people the reason you’re poor is because of them, those other folks, those Muslims, those immigrants, those black people, those latinos and that’s why this movement is so important because when you’re out here black white and brown you are breaking through the fear. So tell somebody around you we gon’ change the world.
Crowd: We gon’ change the world. Black, white and brown together! Thank you! We love you! I tell folks you have a lot of flight- faith to fly in a tin can full of gas through the air that’s all it is. The diversity of the crowd last night– that’s that unity, that’s the coalition when we penetrate that level of understanding and build that kind of coalition not only will it be the 64 million people who make less than 15 it will be millions of millions of other people you know across the country 2C. Okay, thank you now.
Thank you. Good seeing you. It feels like the right place to be. A lot of military veterans feel it’s important to be out here. We want to see men to our police forces supporting big business and big government rather than the interest of our communities. You don’t need an actual draft because so many people are in poor and desperate situations that they’re driven into the military to seek those benefits. Now that I have a son and I have so many friends that have children and I see that impact you know I want a better future for them I want to change this country for the better. As an American and as a patriot, that’s what I’m duty bound to do being here in Standing Rock witnessing the unity of all the tribes and people from all walks of life, there’s probably damn near 10,000 people here today on Thanksgiving, and seeing people get along and working together and building infrastructure that’s- that’s needed to support so many people in a place like this is just wild. I mean that gives me hope alone you know and even if we’re not successful with this, this movement against this pipeline against this drilling we’re going to take those lessons and rebuild them in a new spot in a more effective way and we’re going to eventually win. We can’t not win. I’m hopeful when I see the people coming together around the nation when I see that all of these movements, I still believe in the possibility of becoming a more perfect nation


  1. This must not be just a national movement but the convergence of state movements made national. Meaning that America Will Be is apt overarching tittle, but what we need, what will give this much needed movement staying power is state based "Will Be" series. For example, I reside in North Carolina and I believe our movement would be well served to commission a, "North Carolina Will Be" series. A series were a select number of individual travel county by county in NC interviewing the poor and the low-income to get on the ground testimonies of what it is like to walk a mile in their shoes. Each year, the collection of video testimonies from each county should be edited and cultivated in yearly documentary called, " North Carolina Will Be". The most poignant of these stories should be added to the America Will Be series. This ensures in state after state there is an ongoing autopsy of the state poverty and America. Just and idea.

  2. Brothers and sisters of all race's must come TOGETHER and fight injustices for all people. Its a known fact that you can separate people based on lies fear and other injustices. Keep strong brothers and sisters the struggle is Real.

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