1. Omg my Favourite Korean YouTuber !! DARCIE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! 🤍💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💘🥰💜💝

  2. This looks like me when I'm still living with my mom vs me after I moved out. I would definitely not hear the end of it once she finds out 🤣

  3. Should have had the American be white or black so there would be a more stark difference. We saw that American guy eat rice. Most white people would not eat Asian rice with steak. They'd eat steak and potatoes.

  4. Oh my god Dustin just popped on my for you tiktok page… I KNEW HE WAS FAMILIAR AND THEN I STRAIGHT UP WENT TO THIS COMMENT SECRION😨

  5. The typical food americans eat. If only i was in Korea I'd rather eat that instead of american food. I'd kill for some of that live octopus. Definitely want to try the beef soup. She definitely has the healthy option between the two. American eat a lot of fatty food that's why a lot of americans are fat. LOL

  6. I am filipino but when I visit seoul I eat like Darcie and now that I am here in America I eat like Dustin LMAO I can both relate.

  7. There was a video similar like this and with the same girl, in this vid she is 18 but in that video made 2 months ago she was 19???

  8. Literally, as a Korean living in Canada, I just eat every single one of these foods on a daily basis, even combined. Also, I think I'm white-washed.

  9. Here the Korean girl's dishes look better, like I can see it's more various. But I can't eat most of them. So I'd still go with the US boy's.

  10. Omg i keep getting recommended this video and today finally decided to click on it and Darcie is here! I shouldve clicked earlier ;-;

  11. In fairness to dustin if bagels starbucks and chocolate chips are the unhealthier foods in his diet he's doing much better than the average 17 year old

  12. 1:16 my grandma made noodles for me like this🥺🥺🥺 i miss her so much omg that’s the correct way to do it!!

  13. 점심 걸렀는데…. 도토리묵 파스타 치즈볼 순대 짜장면 탕수육 치즈토스트 해쉬포테이토 진짜 땡긴다..

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