A Look Back at Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Impact on America

We are back with my
friend, Michelle Obama. And I hope you know what an
amazing impact that you’ve had on this country
and all over the world. As First Lady, as just a human
being that we all look up to, you inspire all of us. So we put together a
little something for you to just show you
how amazing you are. I didn’t know about this. I know. [MUSIC PLAYING] I want you to remember that in
this country, plenty of folks, including me and my husband, we
started out with very little. But with a lot of hard
work and a good education, anything is possible. And that is the power of hope– the belief that something
better is always possible if you’re willing to work
for it and fight for. That’s what the American
dream is all about. She’s a force of nature. A multi-faceted. On a mission. Mom in chief. She’s a dancing machine. When she set foot on
Pennsylvania Avenue, Michelle Obama
captivated the country. And what does she
have planned next? She’s the cover girl. A lot of hearts pounding among
a lot of young designers. With her signature
sleeveless style. We can all agree that Michelle
has the right to bear arms. Her mission is pretty ambitious,
launching a national campaign to get kids healthy. This isn’t like a disease
where we’re still waiting for the cure to be discovered. We have everything we
need right now to help our kids lead healthy lives. I was just wondering if you can
do more push-ups than I can do. You know, it depends
on how your back is. I know you get
these back issues. No, no. [CROWD CHEERING] I’m calling! Dr. Jill Biden and First
Lady Michelle Obama are challenging all
Americans to find ways to support military families. We’re going to keep
on working to ensure that you and your families
have the jobs you deserve and the support this
nation owes you. And that’s not just my
vow to you as First Lady, it’s my vow to you for
the rest of my life. The first lady made a surprise
visit in North London. Visiting to launch her global
initiative, Let Girls Learn. There are so many others
across the globe who are just as hungry to succeed but
they never have the chance to go to school. And that is such a profound
loss for our world. I’m thinking about all of the
young people, particularly girls and girls of color,
who in years ahead, will come to this place. And they will look
up, and they will see an image of
someone who looks like them hanging on the wall. That’s you and Michelle Obama. Look! [INAUDIBLE] We’re right there. There you are. And you met Michelle Obama. Do you remember
meeting Michelle Obama? Yeah. It’s your best friend. She’s your best friend? She said that’s
your best friend. Oh, she’s my best friend. Yeah, remind her of that. Looking back on the
year that was Mrs. Obama said a heated health care debate
that at times, turned ugly, didn’t get to her. That’s not what people need the
First Lady and the President to be is personally
offended by criticism. They need people who are
going to roll up their sleeves and work and get the job done. When someone is cruel
or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is when
they go low, we go high. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson,
girl of the south side. For the past 25 years,
you have not only been my wife and
mother of my children, you have been my best friend. You took on a role
you didn’t ask for, and you made it your own
with grace, and with grit, and with style, and good humor. Why am I the only– did we pay for that? Hm-mm. You know, you’re
really annoying. It’s like taking a
3-year-old to the store. And a new generation
set its sights higher because it has
you as a role model. It is our fundamental
belief in the power of hope that has allowed us to rise
above the voices of doubt and division, of anger and fear. That’s the kind of hope
that every single one of us need to be providing
for our young people. Because that is what
moves this country forward every single day. So I want to close today
by simply saying thank you. Being your First Lady it’s been
the greatest honor of my life. And I hope I’ve made you proud. [CROWD CHEERING]

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