7 Coolest Gyms In The World

7 Coolest Gyms In The World What image is carved in your brain when you
hear the word gym? Rows of treadmills, stacks of weights, sweaty
gym goers, and macho looking gym trainers- all of this gets boring after a while, apart
from the last bit OBVIOUSLY! But did you know that gyms can be so much
more than just sweat rooms? We mean like, a getaway for an exhilarating
experience! Don’t be shocked people, such testosterone
stations do exist and we are taking you right there where the action is, through this video
of course! But before you decide to hit one of these
gyms, check your passport because you may need a trip across the ocean! Number 1. Illohia Omotesando Fitness Gym, Tokyo, Japan
If you are one of those people who are curious about every new fad that hits the fitness
industry, this particular gym in Tokyo is where you should be heading right now! This is going to be farfetched but paint an
image of a gym inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Illohia Omotesando Fitness Gym is the closest
you can get to that vivid picture you painted! Designed by one of Japan’s hottest designers,
Nendo, the fitness club has an eclectic interior design. The concept of the interior is based on rock
climbing but instead of actual rocks or even boulders, home accessories have been used. Image yourself climbing on top of picture
frames, bird cages, deer heads and mirrors. We’d give away everything for this other
worldly feel, how about you? Number 2. EcoPower Fitness Portland, Oregon
The idea behind this neighborhood gym in Portland is actually very sweet. It helps the members get in shape while protecting
the environment. You heard that right, environmental protection
and all. But how do they do it? Well, there equipment is energy efficient
while that may be confusing to some; they have clarified on their website. As per their own words, “Many of our cardio
machines generate electricity while in use, returning power back to the grid! Those that don’t are either people powered
or low energy consumption.” So as a gym member, you won’t just get a
good workout — you’ll be helping power the building, and maybe even the community. Sounds cool! That’s some motivation to sweat it out and
feel like a “Green” God! Number 3. Rock Climbing Gym Polur, Iran
What does your usual gym building mean to you? Some days it motivates you to work hard while
on others, it is just a nuisance. But this strange gym in Iran will not only
increase your activity level as all gyms do but will also inspire people to grab onto
the walls, both inside and outside, and to start climbing! Don’t believe us? Designed by New Wave Architecture, this monstrosity
is actually a 360-degree climbing gym. The outside has geometric panels outfitted
with hand-holds for climbing and decorated to invite you to climb. The interior is a rock climbing paradise with
challenging climbs on almost every wall. A shout out to climbing enthusiasts, you know
where you should be working out, right? Number 4. Hydropark Outdoor Gym, Kiev, Ukraine
Wanna feel like a real brute while you pump up your muscles and get a tan, all at the
same time? Hold your breath because we are taking you
to Ukraine or just this one particular gym in the country! Hydropark has an open-air, outdoor gym ideal
for weightlifting and fitness enthusiasts. The gym has about 200 pieces of exercise equipment
but that’s not what we are bragging about. The real deal is what that equipment is made
of, any guesses from your end? Well, scrap metal of old car parts, industrial
parts and metal equipment came together to create the gym’s sweat machines. It isn’t over yet, the biggest news is coming
your way. Admission is free and it is opened to anyone
who wants to increase their muscle tone. Woah, so you get to tone up and enjoy the
scenery and get a tan and not pay a penny for it. Is it a dream? Number 5. Atomic Spa Milan, Italy
We are talking about a full-service wellness and fitness center located on the ground level
of the extravagant Boscolo Exedra Hotel. It is an ideal place to relax after an intense
workout or simply an intense life. It is a rejuvenating experience with the opportunity
to zone out in the sauna, feast your eyes on a tricked-out waterfall, bare it all in
the Turkish Bath, or primp yourself with an original wellness treatment! Once you visit it, you aren’t coming back
so easily. Anyway, why do you think the spa is so enticing? Let’s tell you that its interior is similar
to a cavern. The ceilings and walls are covered with reflective
chrome balls that resemble drops of mercury. Plus there’s a fully equipped gym as well. Go to burn your calories in the gym and then
revive your tired body with a spa, there nothing better than this- pure bliss! Number 6. NFC Court San Francisco, California
A wise person once said that your fitness regime should have no limits. So it also means that it makes sense to hit
up a gym with no walls where you can really go all out, right? If that is what you have in mind while looking
for the perfect gym that caters to your needs, the answer is San Francisco’s Fitness Court! Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, the court
is a giant playground for fitness enthusiasts. But the best part is that is free to use for
everyone, no gym memberships required! The platform is outfitted with a 32’ x 35’
shock-resistant sports floor, seven exercise stations, and over 30 pieces of equipment,
making it ideal for solo or group sweat sessions. It allows 28 people to exercise on the court
at the same time. Another interesting thing about the court
is that Instead of relying on machines and weights, the outdoor Fitness Court leverages
something easily accessible to everyone: their body-weight! Number 7. Red Rocks Amphitheater Morrison, Colorado
Red Rocks is more than just 868 acres of natural geological beauty where music lovers can enjoy
a phenomenal concert. Oops, didn’t we promise to tell you about
fitness centers, then how did we land into an amphitheatre? Well, it’s a park that hosts ticketed fitness
events for huge audiences. The first one being, Yoga Rocks where yogis
are invited to bring their Yoga mats and water bottles and participate in a session taught
by professional Yoga instructors. Another event is the Fitness Challenge, which
is an 8-week program that focuses on improving health and wellness through education and
inspiration. Got the connection now? Do you know of any more dope gyms around the
world that should be on this list? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
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