5 Highest Paid Jobs You Can Do From Home

What are the five most bank jobs you can
do at home. Hey tribe, Matt Laker here! In
today’s video, I want to talk to people who want to get a job but don’t want to
be entrepreneurs and they want to make money, they want to make it easy,
they want to make it fast and we want to use something that actually works and
there’s you know proven to work. So, what are these five things that you can do. So
just a little disclaimer here, all of these things that I’m gonna say right
now they are purely based on supply and demand of the market. So what I did is
I’ve analyzed online market of jobs. I’ve analyzed all the freelancing platforms
to see what kinds of jobs people are posting that you’re looking for and what
kind of jobs get a response so for example there is lots of people posting
that they are looking for this specific specialist with within this specific
field and let’s say there are hundreds of people applying then this is probably
not the best because there is a lot of competition so there is high demand high
supply but was trying to find this a lot of people posting jobs that they’re
looking for someone to do this thing and then you know zero people applying so
that you can be sure that if you’re gonna start doing this thing you’re
gonna literally leisurely get jobs as of today so you literally you’re gonna go
to any freelancing platform and you’re gonna start doing this thing you’re
gonna start offering this thing and you’re gonna get people who are
interested to hire you right away so number five sales works all the time
people always need sales for their business if you know sales you learn
sales you learn this skill you can always make Commission based sales for
anyone super easy job if you like talking with
people you get a good hat so that I recommend Plantronics Voyager BC or UC
or something like that it’s not affiliate link or anything I’m not
putting this I’m just using this myself and profiting on
joining them so you get the good hat set and you literally make sales calls you
can do it from wherever you are I used to be a freelance sales person before I
used to stay at swimming pools like this anywhere in the world and close sales
between one to six thousand dollars each and it would get around 25% Commission
on every sale so would probably close one out of four people so usually four
or five hours of work would make me around thousand dollars a day and that
was pretty good you know we were traveling all around the world I would
be working for five hours a day closing sales and that’s it
okay that’s all that’s that’s the entire secret and then why there is such a high
demand because it takes a lot of time to learn it and the learning curve is very
very well let’s put it this way it it takes a lot of time to learn it so when
you start out with sales you’re not gonna get any sales for you know maybe a
month or two and then someone has to scream at you every single day in order
to improve your sales and then once you get it once it clicks you start closing
every you know every fourth client you’re talking with so this is
absolutely amazing opportunity if you have time to practice if you want to
learn extremely profitable skill if you want to talk with people and you’re okay
you know using your headset and you know sitting at a swimming pool and just
closing sales every day it’s gonna make you sharp it’s really really awesome
skill to learn this advantage of this is that you always have to work and you
never can build this as an asset unless you’re gonna start training your own
sales team so this means that you always have to make sales in order to keep
making money so you’re kind of an employee you’re freelance employee so
that’s number five now number four based on the car and data research
anything related to building educational platforms so if you know anything and
that is in line with helping people put their educational content out there
whether it’s understanding how platforms such as kajabi work or whether it’s
understanding how to build online courses or online funnels to online
courses that’s extremely demanded right now because the entire education is
shifting towards the online world so people start to realize that people
start realizing that universities is a total scam and it’s a waste of time
and they start learning everything online so anything related to online
courses is highly highly profitable skills right now so how can you use it
as a job well if you don’t want to run your own business and let’s say in an
education what you can do is you can literally learn how to operate within
specific platforms such as as I mentioned kajabi but there are loads of
different educational platforms you can even learn how to help people put their
udemy courses online and you can work as a freelance you know course online
course developer for people who are putting their knowledge out there number
three blockchain pretty obvious cryptocurrencies so anything related to
blockchain if you figure out jobs in this industry this works really really
well here is an easy job that tends to work right now there are a lot of hedge
funds in blockchain industry so what you can do is you can literally work as an
affiliate sales person in this industry so you can recommend certain investments
to certain people but be aware of this one because if you’re going to recommend
some scams to your friends they’re gonna hate you forever so I wouldn’t
necessarily say that this is the safest choice for you although this is quite
profitable but I would say that try to find something within blockchain
industry that is not that risky something in the development of
blockchain industries something that helps you understand or helps
you built the infrastructure of blockchain industry so these are three I
would say most interesting ones now two more and left I’m gonna put them on my
blog number one and number two you can go to Mattlaker.com/blog
I’m gonna put the link to the article where I’m putting the full list of all
additional two skills that you can do from your home right now
so make sure to click on the link below go to my blog I’m putting the list and
I’m also putting all the graphs that are representing supply and demand so and
this blog article you’re gonna be able to see and I’m purposefully I know I’m
purposefully sending you to the blog because I don’t want you to make your
decision on what you’re gonna do based on me telling you what are the top five
or top a few things because this sounds really easy, right? Like if you can see
this YouTube video title – hey top five things you should do but what you should
do is you should make your decision based on data that based on me telling
you what you should do based on what I think so in order to make your decision
based on data I’ve put a blog article on my blog and on this blog I am explaining
exactly what is the supply what is the demand of every single skill out there
and this is measured with the data from freelancing platforms from job markets
from hiring rates and all these numbers are in there so you can go to the
article below and once you get there you can read all the sets you can lead to
read all the stats right now I’m gonna add five the most demanded jobs on the
online market right now that you can do from your home but I’m gonna keep adding
more so I gonna build a huge list of all the jobs that you can do the entire
statistics of what is demanded on the market right now what’s not demanded so
you’re always going to be able to refresh this blog article and check what
they need right now so check the blog article click below and I see you in
tomorrow’s video. Cheer!

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