3 Best Entry – Level Clinical Research Jobs

3 Best Entry – Level Clinical Research Jobs

hey guys elite clinical research group
here today I want to talk about the three best entry-level jobs to get your
foot in the door in clinical research hey guys a lot of you may know about the
main jobs in clinical research project manager project director may be clinical
research associate or clinical trial manager but you may have a harder time
figuring how you can get your foot in the door in order to get those
next-level jobs that you’re looking for well today I’m going to talk about three
jobs that you can apply for that are entry-level jobs that can get your foot
in the door into the clinical research field the first job is a clinical
research coordinator now these individuals work at the site level
normally at a big Hospital or a clinical research center or even at individual
clinics and they work hands-on with the patients they administer inform consent
they help facilitate the day-to-day operations of the clinical research
organization they may review and facilitate weekly monthly and annual
reconciliation of patient billing they may they help recruit patients they help
screen patients and they help enroll patients into the clinical trial they
are very very hands-on in the clinical trial that’s why they are at the site
level and these are usually people who have worked in a hospital before maybe a
nurse will have an easier time getting to be a clinical research study
coordinator a lot of sites like when a it’s a nurse because the nurse has
experience actually dealing with patients they can help draw blood so
they don’t have to hire a phlebotomist on top of that so nurses are really a
good fit for this position or really anybody can do the position as well but
especially if you are a nurse and you have those added patient interaction
skills that’s definitely a plus when applying for this position so number one
clinical research coordinator the second position is what’s called a clinical
trial assistant or a clinical research assistant some companies call it
and the key distinguishing thing about this position is this is the entry-level
position at the CRO level or the farmer level but particularly at the CRO level
so the clinical research coordinator was at the site level the clinical trial
assistant is at the CRO level and what the CTA does this often called does is
they may assist with case report forms they may help resolve queries they
definitely have a good strong understanding of the TMF because they’re
gonna be the ones responsible for updating the documentation gain the
documentation from the sites and from the CRA s and updating that into the
trial master file some CTAs may even take meeting minutes for the CRA CMA
call or any other calls it really can depend and differ based on the
organization that you’re working for but the CTA is on the clinical side of
things and will typically work more closely with the site so they will work
closely with the clinical research coordinators from the sites and usually
have a decent relationship with them as well as the clinical trial lead at the
CRO level and have a good relationship with them as well so CTA is another
position in which you can get your foot in the door in clinical research and the
next level up is particularly either an in-house CRA or a CRA so if you’re
interested in that route it’s a good place to get started and the third and
final entry-level position to get your foot in the door in clinical research is
project specialist or project coordinator and this is really the
right-hand person of the project manager the project manager has the division of
the clinical trial but the project specialist is really there to do the
day-to-day things like add people to metadata update the shared mailboxes
basically help keep things in order for the project manager and for the
project team they will also help with trial master
files like the CTA but the project specialist and project coordinator are
on the project management side of things which deals more with the sponsor so
they’re not gonna have as much interface with the site’s only in certain
situations like the CTA would but the project specialist and project
coordinator positioned and there may be some other names floating around there
for that position as well this just depends on the organization but they’re
gonna be more directed towards sponsor work but they will do some trial master
file they will also deal with case report forms they will also have to deal
with working with project managers and CTLs and some of the clinical personnel
they are really just a jack-of-all-trades they’re gonna do
meeting minutes also this is definitely something I’m gonna be doing because on
the sponsor side of things there’s meeting minutes for that and then
there’s internal calls that they’re meeting minutes for as well so the
people on the project management side of things will definitely have to do that I
first got my start in the industry on the project managing on the project
management side as a project coordinator so I’m partial to this position and I
think it’s a great way to get your foot in the door because it gives you a
strong foundation and there’s really not much that specifically the prompt every
project specialist a project coordinator might do because they really are a
jack-of-all-trades they do a little bit of everything
so some project coordinators I know all they do is TMF or others they’ve met
they’d ever do TMF I do some vendor management
others might be in the process of cleaning up their project coin cleaning
up their shared mailboxes doing things that way so it really just depends on
the project manager that you work for and the company you work at but in my
experience they’re really a jack-of-all-trades and a great way to
get your foot in the door so if you’re looking to get your foot in the door in
clinical research I recommend start looking at clinical
research coordinator project coordinator and clinical trial assistant
they’ll give you a good start to the clinical research field a good
foundation to base your knowledge off and then you can work your way up from
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  1. Just discovered your channel and I've been trying to get into the industry for sometime. Currently going through all your videos.. Thanks so much for all the information and hard work!

  2. Hello,
    I am a recent graduate who is looking into the clinical trial/research field. I have no prior experience in patient care or clinical studies but I do have a lot of scientific lab-based research experience. Would any of those skills be transferrable in clinical research? Thank you for your help!

  3. hello sir i am pursuing msc in clinical research in india and wants to pursue phd as well in this field. Can u lem me know which foreign university is best to pursue phd in and which field shud i pursue

  4. Hi,i have a question, as a CRA or CRO,can you work rof different pojects of the same or different companies at the same time?

  5. All these “entry level” positions require a year or two of experience. How do I get the experience to qualify for these jobs?!

  6. Dear Group members hope u all r fine. From your experience in clinical trials, do you think is it possible for CRC or CTM to participate in a clinical trials remotely from home depending in the management or reviewing eCRF or even data management? I am a CRC with five years experience, participated in 3 international clinical trials for Hepatitis C oral antiviral drugs (Sovaldi, Qurevo & Harvoni) sponsered by Gilead Sciences, AbbVie (Abbott) & Quintiles. I have a great experience in dealing with eCRFs such as REDCap, Medidata Rave & Bioclinica Trident. I'm very interested in the field but no opportunities available in my city now 😥

  7. Good information. More information about clinical research and service providers can be found at #clinicalgyan

  8. Thank you for these informations. Are there the same entry level positions that might be for a physician?

  9. hello, I am Msc. microbiology fresher from India. to get into the industry do i need to do the certification course in clinical research? because vacancies i came across either require certification course or experience. So i am confused how to start a career in this industry.

  10. Clinical research coordinator is not an entry level position lol…the postings I have seen require 3-6 years of direct experience, and they require you to be an RN most of the time. In fact most of the time they only accept LPN or RN applicants. So if you’re not an RN it’s not an entry level.
    I would say clinical trial assistant, clinical research assistant or sometimes project support assistant, or clinical data assistant/manager are more entry level.
    Unless the hiring manager is your best friend, project manager is not entry level either.

  11. Hi, thanks for the information. I am a pharmacy graduate from India, with1.5 years of experience in clinical research. Do I need to acquire a foreign clinical research degree to work abroad.

  12. My qualification is m.sc in biochemistry n I'm going to give interview for clinical research coordinator ..can u please tell me this position has any opportunities in gulf country…..?

  13. Hey thanks for the video, Ive been applying for a couple months now without much luck. Had 2 interviews, but unfortunaltely havent heard back. Alot of the larger companies like medpace, iqvia, etc., dont seem to have too many entry-level positions in Canada. Is there anything you could recommend I do to make my applications stand out?

  14. Have you seen people switch careers to get into clinical research? I have a health science degree and a health information technology certificate and would love to make the switch. I also have past credits towards a biology degree

  15. This video has sparked hope in me! I’ve been doing medical research for 2 years but, due to political issues, me and my coworkers are being let go. I did some project management (that’s mostly why I was hired actually) and clinical research. Now, I’m at an impass because i’m not sure where are the most effective places to apply for these jobs, seeing as I want to change countries and have an improved quality of life not found in the mediterranean countries. Any suggestions? I have the basics down like LinkedIn and Euraccess.

  16. Just random search on clinical research and found ur channel. Very informative sir.
    I am b pharm graduate from mumbai university and also have experienced as hospital pharmacist. I have been trying to get in clinical research associate as a fresher from last 8 months here in Mumbai. Minimum qualification contains bachelors in pharmacy still never get one call back. Is there anything i am missing or should i get in CRC OR CTA?

  17. Hello i am glad to see you replying many people who want to start career in clinical research ,i have also same doubt , as i had around to complete my master in pharmacy(pharmacology) would you suggest me regarding how to start my career and job oppurtunity as india have less oppurtunity and mostly work done in abroad rest will going on some project

  18. This guy either heard about clinical research from books or from others.
    Clinical Research Coordinator is not by far an entry level job.
    Neither is Project Coordinator.
    More proof he has no idea about these things:
    If you were to hire someone to coordinate your projects, would you hire someone without solid experience in the clinical research field? Most people who apply already have experience in study management.

  19. I've applied several places and the requirement are 5-8 years experience. Its very challenging and the last interview was brutal. They asked me to express the clinical trial process by detail for the CRA, protocol, FDA and GDP. I am knowledgeable but I did forget a few task. I was not prepared for the questions it was an 2 hour long interview. I was grilled. I was amazed to say the least!

  20. I have just completed my bsc nursing ..and want to switch my profession in clinical research way,,am i eligible for clinical research jobs as a fresher??

  21. I am currently looking for CRA or CTA positions in NYC. I'm currently enrolled in a Clinical Trail management MS program. I did my bachelor's in Biology and Public health, I am an ER clerk and I have 1.5 yrs as a microbiologist intern at the FDA. I've been looking 2 months now for positions.

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