101 Facts About California

101 Facts About California

greetings mother factors my name is Sam
and today I’m totally stoked to tell you all about the great state of California
a fascinating land of sun sea and several fascinating trees we’ll get to
that later radical but what is interesting about California’s entire
coastline why should you think twice before throwing a frisbee on a beach in
Los Angeles County and exactly how many times has California misspelled while
researching and writing this video hey y’all you’ll never know but it was a lot
to utter three of those questions are gonna be answered so pour yourself some
Californian Chardonnay bleach your hair blond and prepare to learn something in
a radical video all about California a in 101 facts about California bodacious
number one California is a state one of those in much talked-about United States
in fact located in the Pacific region of the United States of America it’s one of
the most widely known US states famous for its glorious weather the US film
industry and hilarious surfer dude accents pretty much sums it up right
number two geographically California is bordered by Oregon to the north as well
as Nevada and Arizona to the east all of which are also America however to the
south California is bordered by more California specifically by a California
estate in the country of Mexico which is technically not America so the West
California is bordered by Poseidon’s back garden also known as Pacific Ocean
number three what is now California was first settled by various indigenous
tribes somewhere between 15,000 and 12,000 years ago it’s believed that by
the 1400 as many’s 300,000 Native American people were living within the
present-day boundaries to California number 4 however that’s all change in
the early 15th century when the area was happened upon by everyone’s favorite
colonists the Europeans aspired by the possibility of a sea route between the
Pacific and Atlantic oceans and fanciful notions of an island of gold the Spanish
began to explore northwards of the Pacific coast irrevocably changing the
entire region forevermore number five this seems like a good time as any to
talk about where the word California comes from the whole golden island thing
comes from Lasogga des pandiyan a popular adventure book of the time
written by Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo the book describes a mythical island
called California in but it’s solely by race a beautiful
warrior women who made everything from gold which was abundant on the island
when the Spanish first sighted buyer California they believed it to be an
island separated from the rest of the continent and named is after the
fictional women-only Island they’ve read about in bed when their daughter
pronounced was asleep number six at least that’s what many experts believe
is the most like the origin of the word California it’s not the only theory
though some have suggested the California could come from the old
Spanish collect for nay an alteration of the Latin Kalida Fornax meaning hot
furnace which to be fair sort of makes sense
number seven regardless what is now California was first sighted by
non-native eyes in 1542 by an explorer named juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who we
think was Spanish but may been Portuguese
either way he apparently got caught up in some pretty nasty oppress the natives
business prior to his trip to California so don’t feel too bad about fact date
number eight Cabrillo his expedition wasn’t exactly a success owing in part
due to the fact that in 1543 fairly soon after becoming the first European to
side California he smashed his leg open on a rock junga scuffle with some
warriors from a native tongue four tribe after which he quickly developed
gangrene and died what a shame number nine anyway his men buried him somewhere
in the Channel Islands different Channel Islands by the way then continued
sailing north getting as far as what we now know is the US state of Oregon
however despite rumors of a sea route to the Atlantic and vast riches found in
cities of gold the explorers essentially found nothing for the Spanish to exploit
and as a result the reach of remained largely unsettled and unexplored by the
Europeans for well over 200 years save for the odd excursion by explorers like
Sir Francis Drake and Sebastian Vizcaino number ten by the 1760s however Spain
began to feel increasing pressure to actually take control of the region
Russia and Britain were pushing over closer to the region from their
respective territories in Alaska and Canada and missionaries were eager to
convert the natives to Christianity which was the fashion at the time as
such Spain felt it necessary to establish settlements in what’s now
California in order to secure their claim to the area as part of Spain’s
vast American territory of New Spain number eleven and so in 1769 the Spanish
embarked on the state correct Perdition dispatching land and sea forces
northwards from Baja California several weeks later at the Presidio of San Diego
established making it the first permanent European settlement on Pacific
coast mazelTov or or not cologne easing still
bad number 12 not long after Spanish
military forces built numerous forts in several small towns while Spanish
missionaries established the first of what would later number no less than 21
missions on or near the coast of what’s now California the San Francisco mission
later became the city of San Francisco and these two small villages ultimately
grow into the cities of Los Angeles and San Jose number thirteen however by the
early 19th century many of Spain’s American colonies were starting to get
sick of just being colonies and felt that they were old enough to be
countries of their own and so in 1810 the people of Mexico rose up against
their Spanish rulers and began the Mexican War of Independence which
concluded in 1821 as you can probably guess from the name Mexico managed to
secure its independence making California a district of Mexico number
14 after 1821 the Mexican government began
the process of secularizing and taking control of the numerous missions in
California large areas of land were given to prominent and politically
influential Mexicans who prospered by raising livestock giving birth of the
much mythologized Ranchero culture number 15 it’s worth
noting that by this time the region’s Native American population had been
devastated as a result of their contact with colonists while native deaths from
outright warfare and violent conflicts were rare the Europeans brought with
them a host of foreign diseases against which the indigenous Californians had no
natural immunity where’d it go gang number 16 some estimates suggest that by
the mid-1830s disease have reduced the region’s native population to only
150,000 people constituting a loss of around half of all indigenous people in
California in the six decades it’s the first contact with Europeans that that’s
very bad that’s very bad indeed number 17
around this time it was becoming clear that the United States really wanted
California just for themselves the Americans justified the voracious
land lost with the contested but popular notion of manifest destiny which
asserted that the United States had the god-given right to expand and settle
across the continent of North America this view was shared by United States
President James K pulk gosh what a surprise who actually offered to buy
large areas of land from Mexico these proposals were refused by the Mexican
government in flaming tension between the two countries number 18
by this point large numbers of American immigrants have moved to California and
often found themselves at odds with the newly formed an unstable notion of
Mexico as a result many of the people living in what’s now California came to
resent Mexican rule and the tensions grew ever more tense as the tense years
went by so tense well the tension starts coming and it doesn’t stop coming in the
distance not coming in it doesn’t stop come in number nineteen Texas declared
independence from Mexico in 1836 after which it was annexed by the United
States in 1845 leaving the Mexicans pretty darn miffed this served as the
final trigger for the outbreak of the mexican-american war in 1846 at which
point Mexico broke off diplomatic relations and ordered all foreigners
without proper papers to be deported from California that moved Mexico the
irony is not lost number twenty outraged American settlers responded by defying
Mexican rule together and in June of 1846 staged the Bear Flag Revolt in
Sonoma in Northern California Americans in the Mexican territory of Alta
California declared independence from Mexico and established the short-lived
breakaway state known as the California Republic which lasted only twenty-five
days before it too was annexed by the United States number 21 after the
mexican-american war ended in 1848 Mexico was forced to see the majority of
the form in Mexican territory Alta California to the US most of which then
formed the US states of Nevada and Utah and parts of Arizona Colorado and
Wyoming the western portion of Alta California
then simply became California and on the 9th of September 1850 was officially
admitted into the Union as the 31st state of the United States California
was officially American baby number 22 yeah so that’s that to be
honest there wasn’t really much going on after California could except at the old
America club bit boring really sike on the 24th of January 1848
literally just days before the end of the Mexican American War a carpenter
from New Jersey named James W Marshall found several small nuggets of gold in
the American River at the site of a sawmill that he was building near Coloma
in Northern California but seriously that’s it that’s the only interesting
thing that happened in California at that time number 23 sike again
gosh darn stop falling for that Marshalls
discovery sparked the California Gold Rush
which vented dramatic social and demographic changes in the form of
large-scale immigration to California from the east of America and around the
world accompanied by the type of major economic boom you’d expect to occur when
someone discovers gold in a river in the middle of the 19th century it was all
kicking off basically number 24 in the weeks and months that followed Marshalls
discovery thousands of eager prospectors flooded to California hoping to strike
it rich changing the future of the state forever by August of 1848 to the
hillsides above the American River were littered with the tempting would hearts
of roughly 4,000 gold miners in the subsequent four years after Marshalls
discovery California’s population left from 14,000 to 250,000 and between 1847
and 1870 the population of San Francisco increased from just 500 to 150,000
number 25 the California Gold Rush ultimately constitutes the single
largest mass migration in American history bringing a total of about
300,000 people to California almost all of whom were young men these gold
seekers were known variously as Argonauts and 49ers the year 18-49 being
the peak year for emigration to California number 26 though estimates
vary it’s believed that in the 1850s – extracted almost 800 metric tons of
gold from the California countryside equivalent to tens of billions of
dollars today number 27 somewhat ironically though only a small
number of early arrivals that the Gold Rush became wealthy as a result while
most of the people who moved to California in terms of the gold made
only modest profits or very little at all gutted number 28 in fact a modern
research has since confirmed that merchants made far more money than
miners during the gold rush simply by selling overpriced food goods and
supplies to prospectors double gutted number 29 Mike seriously
to say that such merchants exploited the demand for their services is putting it
very likely during the gold rush having one’s clothes laundered professionally
was so expensive it was that big cheaper for – to chip their dirty garments –
Honolulu in Hawaii almost 4000 kilometers away where they would be
cleaned and sent back to California number 30 it’s worth pointing out the
one the gold resulted in an economic boom hastened
California’s ascension to statehood and in many ways made the state what it is
today it constituted yet another disastrous period for the region’s
indigenous population Native Americans in the area were forced out of their
traditional hunting fishing and food gathering grounds creating conflict with
the miners which culminated in literally hundreds of massacres against the
outgunned natives collectively known today is the California genocide number
31 and so as a direct result of violence disease enslavement legal discrimination
and social disruption the native population of California ultimately fell
to only around 30,000 by the year 1870 constituting a loss of roughly 120,000
Native lives over the course of a little over two decades number thirty-two while
California sided with the north of the onset of the American Civil War in 1861
strong procession is sympathies in Southern California and the sheer
physical distance during the West Coast and the vast majority of the battles in
east of the country meant that the new state played a reduced role in the event
of the war however California did make significant contributions to the success
of the Union by sending limited numbers of combat forces providing gold building
forts along frontier trials and suppressing Confederate activity number
33 up until the late 1860’s the trip to and from California from the East Coast
was a long and dangerous undertaking in 1869 however the first transcontinental
railway was completed linking California to the rest of the continental United
States with an easy and direct route for the very first time the completion of
this route or route made the journey to and from California far faster safer and
cheaper and was widely considered to be one of the greatest American
technological feat of the 19th century number 34 the western portion of railway
between Sacramento and northern Utah was built mostly by thousands of Chinese
laborers who were hired after a job I’d elicited only a few hundred responses
from white laborers art of the railway was completed in 1969 these workers
flooded the labor market creating tension that eventually culminated in a
series of anti Chinese immigration laws number 85 art of the frenzy surrounding
the gold rush died out California increasingly became a highly productive
agricultural region and continued to grow both in population and importance
as the dawn of the 20th century came and went the region saw significant
emigration from south of the border owing to the disruption caused by the
Mexican Revolution yawn further establishing California’s
Latino heritage number 36 around this time California emerged as
the home of the US film industry serving as the filming location of many of the
earliest American films Southern Californians consistently Pleasant
weather diverse scenery and cheap land and labor as well as its distance away
from Thomas ever since a notorious literate Aryan motion picture patents
company made it the perfect place for the film industry to materialize and
materialize it did baby so it appears I have Thomas Edison’s unethical business
practices to thank for introducing me to my darling light and elegance Queen
Jennifer Lawrence thanks for being a nob Edison number 37 while much of the
United States and many nations around the world was scarred by the effects of
the Great Depression in the early 1930s California suffered far less migrant
workers from the impoverished prairie states of the Dust Bowl traveled to
California in search for work causing significant social unrest in the region
number 38 yeah as with many places around the world the Second World War
had a significant impact on California many of the military ship used by the US
were manufactured in California while women were recruited into the workforce
proving themselves to be perfectly capable in the range of traditionally
male jobs shocking I know do try to hold your
outrage gasps until the end of the video though number 39 sadly though the Second
World War brought with it a resurgence in anti-asian sentiment that culminated
with the mass incarceration of up to 120,000 Japanese Americans in internment
camps people of Japanese ancestry were excluded from living anywhere throughout
the west coast including the entirety of the state of California except for in
designated camps the largest and most controversial of which was to Lake in
Northern California which held almost 30,000 people throughout the four years
of its in operation number forty on the 14th of October 1947 California became
the location of history’s very first supersonic flights the feat was achieved
over the Mojave Desert in Southern California in a bell x-1 rocket aircraft
which the pilot Chuck Yeager had nicknamed glamorous Glennis after his
wife yep that’s right the first plane to break the sound
barrier was called glamorous Glennis well looks like I found my track name
number 41 the latter half of the 20th century in California was characterized
by an explosive growth of the high-technology sector that emerged in
the Santa Clara Valley region of the San Francisco Bay area now known as sill
Canali with all these developments California is now widely known as a
world center of the entertainment and music technology engineering and
aerospace industries as well as the center of agricultural production of the
United States it’s a pretty big deal basically the meaning of life
oh and bodybuilding movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger served as the
Governor of California between 2003 and 2011 that about wraps
it up for californian history right moving on to geography number 43
today California covers an area of property 423,000 970 square kilometers
making it the third largest US state by area after everything’s bigger in Texas
Texas and Alaska which is ironically bigger than Texas
number 44 California is often geographically bisected into two
distinct regions southern and northern California though opinions differ on
where exactly the dividing line lies generally speaking Southern California
comprises the ten southernmost counties and Northern California comprise at the
roaning 48 northernmost counties small disclaimer here I included this fact
mostly to use the word bisected in a sentence number 45 and a certain point
on highway 99 of the San Joaquin Valley of California near the central
Californian city of Madera there is a palm tree and pine tree conspicuously
planted next to each other in the median strip of the road the palm tree
signifies Southern California while the pine tree signifies Northern California
buts which is better no Carol SoCal let us
know in our totally tubular YouTube poll number 46
as previously mentioned California is highly geographically diverse ranging
from the beaches the Pacific coast and the west of the Sierra Nevada mountain
range in the east and from the redwood and Douglas fir forests in the northwest
of the arid Mojave Desert in the southeast number 47
streaking dramatically down the center of the state of california’s flat
central valley a major agricultural area that contains around 11% of California’s
total land area roughly equivalent in size to denmark number 48 with thirty
nine point six million residents california is by far the most populated
state in the u.s. something about the perfect weather beaches economic
prosperity and celebrities just seems to attract people number 49 california is a
multicultural state where people from a diverse range of ethnicity
in cultures reside evidenced by the fact that roughly a quarter of the people
living in California were born outside of the US now if you’re the kind of
cooper’s about some reason of a problem with that I suggest you go back and
re-watch the early parts of this video in which I mentioned the fact that the
native population in California was almost completely wiped out because
European settlers loved gold too much number 50 California is also known for
its distinctive State Flag can only see Bear Flag for obvious reasons really as
the more attentive among you may have realized the Bear Flag is based on the
flag used by the plucky so-and-so’s who staged the 1846 Bear Flag Revolt we
talked about earlier see I told you guys flag histories Farner number 51 sadly
this specific variety of bear featured on the flag known as the California
grizzly bear is now very much extinct the last possible sighting the
California grizzly bear occurred in 1924 and Grizzlies have not been seen in the
state since god humans suck I mean a lot of animals suck too but humans are the
worst number 52 California State Capitol is the city of Sacramento State as it
gained after the state capital was moved from the small northern California city
of Phoenicia in 1854 Sacramento is the Spanish word for sacrament and as you
will see for the rest of the video it’s typical of California’s abundant Spanish
language cathodic place-names number 53 the most populated city in
California is Los Angeles which is Spanish for the Angels see super gothic
home to over 3.9 million people Los Angeles is also the second most
populated in the entirety of the United States having been beaten to the top by
the show-offs in New York City number 54 California is also home to the
San Bernardino County which covers an area of 50 2076
making it the largest county in the US by area roughly equivalent in size the
Costa Rica I mean some of Alaska’s borrows in centers area are larger but
they’re technically not counties and also at Alaska who cares number 55
because of its deliciously productive tech agriculture tourism and
entertainment industries California’s economy is worth roughly 3 trillion
dollars making it the largest in the United States by far and the largest
sub-national economy in the world number 56 in fact of California were a country
it would be the fifth largest economy in the world larger than the UK France or
India a country with 1.3 billion people in it number 57
of course with all that it has to offer California is one of the world’s most
popular tourist destinations hosting a grand total of 268 million tourists in
2016 though the vast majority of those were
Californians themselves only 7% of tourists to California come from outside
the US though that works out at a not so shabby figure of eighteen point seven
million people number 58 like most US states California has a variety of
nicknames the most well-known of which is its official nickname the Golden
State alternative states uppercase include the Eldorado State the great
state and summer bizarrely the land of milk and honey number 59 California
state motto is actually a single word and that word is Eureka a Greek word
meaning I have found it famously bellowed took the streets of ancient
Syracuse by wet and naked Archimedes after a particularly mentally
stimulating path as the mo of California the word Eureka refers to the famous
discovery of gold that we talked about earlier number 60 in 1972 a politician
serving in the California State Assembly named W Craig Biddle nominated the
humble trilobite to be California State fossil but despite the backing of
several academic institutions geological groups and almost 2000 museum curators
and fossil experts Biddle’s bill never even made it to the assembly for to be
voted upon the very next year though another bill was proposed to make the
saber-tooth cat California State fossil and was passed by 27 votes to one the
soul no votes was cast by none other than tryna bite lover W Craig Biddle orc
would number 61 California is located on the San Andreas Fault a continental
transform vault that extends roughly 1,300 kilometers down the length of the
state the fault forms a tectonic bounty between the Pacific plate in the North
American plate and its motion is the right-lateral strike-slip which is a
fancy science guy turn the horizontal number 62
as a result Southern California experiences about 20,000 earthquakes
each year although only around 15 of them have a magnitude greater than for
number 63 California also contains a large portion
of the Mojave Desert the driest desert in North America named after the native
Mojave people the majority of the Mojave Desert covers an area of roughly 65,000
square kilometres in California and Nevada those small areas extends a Utah
and Arizona Nintendo 64 in the northern region of the Mojave Desert is Death
Valley where temperatures often approach 50
degrees Celsius or if your America and nowhere else in the world 120 degrees
Fahrenheit that’s only during the summer though and it has an average of only 5
centimeters of rainfall every year number 65 in fact on the 10th of July
1913 the temperature of furnace creek in Death Valley Rose door frankly satanic
56.7 degrees Celsius or again for you Americans 134 degrees Fahrenheit the
highest reliably recorded air temperature on earth ever recorded just
reading that’s maybe sweat number 66 sir sometimes you just feel like you’re at
your lowest point sometimes though that’s because you’re in Death Valley’s
Badwater Basin which at 282 feet below sea level is the lowest point in the
entire of North America come on man that’s low number 67 California is also
home to Mount Whitney what did four thousand four hundred
twenty-one metres tall is the tallest mountain in the continental United
States located on the border between California’s Inyo and two layer counties
Mount Whitney is the most prominent peak in California’s dramatic Sierra Nevada
mountain range which stretches for six hundred forty kilometres on the east
side of the Central Valley number 68 and get this Mount Whitney is
located only 136 kilometers away from Badwater Basin the aforementioned lowest
point in the United States constituting an elevation change of over 4,500 meters
less than three hours drive apart number 69 Badwater Basin the largest
lake in California is the Salton Sea which would compete here informs me is a
shallow say line and Dury Clift Lake I mean yeah sure sounds fun
located in southeastern California Salton Sea has a surface area of 889
square kilometers which is about two and a half times as big as the Isle of Wight
for you Brits help there Jim it’s a big-ass lake not ass lake I don’t even
know what a slake is anyway number 70 as it happens the entire coastline of
California it’s a National Monument owing to the fact that it’s I’m quoting
here still Pro pretty officially titled the California Coastal National Monument
upon its creation by former President Clinton in January 2000 the designation
guarantees its permanent conservation and ensures California’s national
coastal beauty will remain the year to come number 71 Callie could also brag
about being the most biologically diverse state in the u.s. – as it’s home
to more than 40,000 plant and animal species number 72 likely as a result of
its aforementioned plentiful biodiversity the state of California is
home to not one not two but nine national parks the most out of any
states in the entire United States so that suck it main number 73 california’s
verdant forests are home to the largest trees in the world one such species is
the giant sequoia which grows naturally only in groves on the western slopes of
the Sierra Nevada mountains in the giant forest of Sequoia National Park in
California’s Tulare County is one particular tree known as General Sherman
which doesn’t have any military credentials thank God
bliss named after the Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman where the
ground circumference of 31.1 meters a base diameter of 11.1 meters and an
estimated volume of 1487 cubic meters the General Sherman is the largest known
living single stem tree on earth he’s a big boy number 74
but California isn’t satisfying to only have the largest roots in the world as
it’s also the home of the related coastal redwood which grow in a
relatively narrow strip down much of California’s Pacific Coast coastal
redwoods regularly grow up to 90 meters in height although some are even taller
than that in August of 2006 one specimen dubbed Hyperion sorry I couldn’t not say
like that was found in a remote area of Redwood National and state parks in
Northern California which measures an incredible 115 point eight five meters
making it the tallest known living tree number 75 interestingly the exact
location of Hyperion is a closely guarded secret to protect it from being
damaged by over curious tree tourists you’d think that the world’s tallest
tree would be fairly easy to find but hey I haven’t been a globe-trotting tree
enthusiast for many years now number 76 California so loves its big trees that
both are giant sequoia and the coastal redwood serve as California’s official
state tree which I didn’t realize were things but there we are
meanwhile New York Vermont West Virginia and Wisconsin all shared a lowly sugar
maple as their state tree all that useless shrub does is produced delicious
maple syrup embarrassing number 77 but we’re not done Californian atoning
the largest and tallest trees but another interesting tree known as
Methuselah located in the Inyo National Forest Methuselah is the Great Basin
Bristlecone pine that estimated to win seeded in 2832 BCE making it at the time
this video around four thousand eight hundred fifty one years old
as such Methuselah is the oldest known living non clonal tree in existence
number 78 California is also known for your sanity Falls a huge waterfall that
dropped water total distance of 739 meters located in Yosemite National Park
the waterfall actually consists of three separate Falls the upper Yosemite fall
the middle Cascades and the lower Yosemite fall of which the initial RPS
amity fall most a largest single drop of 440 meters don’t go chasing your sanity
Falls cuz it sounds pretty dangerous number 79 California’s agriculture
industry has the highest output at many US states producing 47 billion dollars
in revenue every year California produces more than half of America’s
fresh fruit and is the leading producer of fresh vegetables all thanks to
Michelle Obama telling people to eat healthy in 2010 thanks Obama
both actually thanks number 80 California also produces a whopping 80
percent of the almonds in the entire world
that’s a lot of almonds number 81 as if that a grade almond fact wasn’t
impressive enough California also grows roughly 4 million tons of wine grapes
every year and produces roughly ninety percent of all US wine it’s like the
France of the u.s. number 82 considering the fact that the largest city in
California is frequently abbreviated to simply LA you might be amused to learn
that the original name of the settlement that later into Los Angeles was a el
pueblo de nuestra senora la reina de los ángeles del Rio de Portland Kula which
translates to the town of Our Lady Queen of the angels of the porti and cooler
River number 83 one of California’s most iconic landmarks is the Hollywood sign
of Los Angeles located on the southern slope of Mount Lee in the Santa Monica
Mountains first erected in 1923 Tom laughs come on
the sign originally read Hollywood land and was built to advertise an upscale
housing development unfortunately the upscale housing
development in question was in fact a segregated white-only housing
though in Venice virtually all of Los Angeles were segregated in the 1920s
because racism number 84 located right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles
other Lari pits a group of naturally occurring pits from which liquid asphalt
has bubbled from the surface for tens of thousands of years
over the millennia numerous individuals from hundreds of different animal
species have been trapped in the pits which preserved their remains extremely
well a whopping 3.5 million fault cells have been excavated from the pits
including Ice Age Creek just like mammoths and saber-toothed cats no sign
of that build squirrel thing with it’s not though number 85 funnily enough the
debris is part of the site’s name in Spanish called the tar meaning that the
name of one of LA’s most iconic natural landmarks essentially means the the tar
tar pits number 86 in fact the tar pits aren’t the only geographical features in
the great state of California with tautologies names the name of Lake Tahoe
the deep lake that sits on the state line between California and Nevada
consists of the English word Lake and the native Washoe word
Tahoe which means lake so it’s Lake Lake number 87 lake lake lake lake lake
apparently you may only throw frisbees on the beach and Los Angeles County with
the express permission of the attendant lifeguard I previously assumed that the
job of a lifeguard was to guard life not fun number 88 the city of San Francisco
holds some of California’s most beloved and well-known landmarks top of the list
is the Golden Gate Bridge which is Kirra seen either gold or agate at a
dis-a-prin the big red suspension bridge is so named because it spans the Golden
Gate a 1.6 kilometer wide straight connecting the San Francisco Bay and the
Pacific Ocean at the time of its opening in 1937 it was both the longest and
tallest expansion bridge in the world with a total length of 2.7 kilometers
and a total height of 227 meters number 89 another trait at San Francisco
favorite is Lombard Street located in the city’s Russian Hill district more
precisely I’m talking about a steep single block section of Lombard Street
that is world famous for its curvy zigzag shape made up of a total of 8
hairpin turns as such Lombard Street is often referred
to as the most crooked Street in the world I mean really who who let that
happen number 90 the city of San Francisco is
home to a football team known as the San Francisco 49ers would
a reference to the previously mentioned gold rush in which 1849 was the year of
peak immigration to the sainted careful you know what you’ve probably got the
reference let’s move on number 91 in the Californian city of
Livermore situated just outside the San Francisco Bay Area there is a fire
station that maintains a light bulb could the Centennial light this rather
grandiose title has been bestowed upon this humble little light bulb due to the
fact that it’s been on an emitting light almost constantly since 1906
constituting a lifespan of over 113 years at the time of making the video
the bold even has its own dedicated webcam which keeps a watchful eye on the
world’s longest lasting light bulb in all honesty guys its facts like that
that get me up in the morning Oh bad I mean not let’s move on number 92 in 1981
a dog called Bosco ran for mayor and the small Californian town of sunal and one
I mean technically it was in honorary position but the black Labrador
Retriever and Rottweiler mix beat two humans in the election because humans
love dogs more than we love ourselves though Bosco’s achievement was more of
an adorable publicity stunt than anything else in 1990 the Chinese
newspaper the People’s Daily rather disingenuously reported on his tenure as
an example of the failings of the American electoral process jam number 93
California has produced a wide variety of popular and successful inventions
including but not limited to Apple computers jeans the Barbie doll frisbees
skate port and fortune cookies yep fortune cookies are native to China
although if you see an Iron Man 3 you’d know that already number 94 California
it’s the home state of McDonald’s purveyors of some of the most unhealthy
yet supernaturally delicious food the money can buy the world’s first
McDonald’s restaurant opened in 1914 San Bernardino under the original name of
McDonald’s bar-b-q and sold its burgers for only 10 cents a pop number 95
California is also the location of the first Disneyland theme park which was
opened on the 17th of July 1955 in the southern california city of anaheim Walt
Disney himself around at the concept of Disneyland after visiting various
amusement parks with his daughters in the 1930s and 40s and us of 2018 it’s
been visited by staggering 726 million people the highest cumulative attendance
of any theme park on the planet number 96
on the 20th of June 2015 66 people managed to successfully ride the world’s
large surf board on the waves of Huntington Beach
California this massive surfy boy measured 12.8 three meters in length and
3.37 meters in width which still seems kind of small considering it supported
66 human beings number 97 California is the only state in the u.s. to have hope
that both the Summer Olympics which you did in 1932 and 1984 and the Winter
Olympics suck at Maine number 98 bliss the world-famous Windows wallpaper
depicting a lush green hill against a blue sky afflict the fluffy white clouds
is actually a photograph taken in California’s Napa Valley by photographer
Charles areia bonus fact the image is actually completely unedited which makes
the view all the more impressive number 99 the only person born in California to
have become president of the US was Richard Nixon who was incidentally also
the only President to resign owing to the fact he paid hush money to people
who were spying on his opponents not a great legacy to be fair number onward
depending on your tolerance for spooky happenings and creepy goings-on if
you’re heading to California you might want to either avoid or deliberately
visit these Santa Lucia Mountains just to see if you can catch a glimpse at the
fabled dark Watchers California folklore tells of tall featureless dark figures
spotted in the Santa Lucia Mountains who stand among the trees silently observing
travelers the dark watchers are apparently most commonly spotted around
the hours of Twilight and Dawn and too partial to wearing wide brimmed hats and
canes Narmer a haunted award Clark Kerr the legendary former president of the
University of California wants opined that the three purposes of a university
are to provide intimate time for students sports for the alumni and
parking for the faculty let’s just say that during my time at university the
parking was great so that was 101 fact about California
yeah did you learn anything are you from California can you tell me anymore
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gonna wet your whistle so much that will drown
I’ll see you there bye wurst outro I think I’ve ever done


  1. I love all 101 facts…I'm completely addicted. I love the History ones the best. Would like to see 101 facts about the Renaissance maybe or kings & queens of Britain or Tudors etc

  2. Sam…please try to figure out correct pronunciation! You screwed up four of five of our towns and all California how hates you!

  3. The fact that Baja California is part of Mexico is correct. However; the part that he stated " it's not part of America" is wrong as Mexico is part of the American continent. There's north and south America. America is the whole landmass, not the USA. That's why it's called "United States OF AMERICA!.

  4. the first disneyland was such a big fail due to counterfeit tickets that walt himself claimed the 2nd opening was the official opening

  5. So close at 17 min you kept mentioning Socal vs Nocal. I have never heard or seen anyone say Nocal. Just for future reference, it goes like this. SoCal and NorCal

  6. Who else is from CA? I’m from Huntington Beach btw.
    PS. I knew most of these because I took geography of CA last semester. This was all on my final exam.

  7. I'm surprised that someone from the UK can pronounce Oregon! Most Americans pronounce it as OREGONE which really irritates me because I live in this beautiful state. So it's ORYGUN NOT OREGONE!!! DOH!!!

  8. There still are grizzly bears there. They're coming back!!
    AND NORTHERN CALIFORNIA IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER!! Southern California takes all the money and water from Northern California!!

  9. Sam, love the videos, but in the US and have no idea what a meter, kilometer, etc is??? I know we are stupid, but telling me facts in meters, etc, gives me zero info on things!

  10. It's not just NoCal and SoCal. There's almost CenCal. That's why no one seems to know where the divider line is – we're invisible.

  11. Like many other average people around the world, I want to visit this state some day.
    Making sure to bring my Lederhosen so every1 can identify me instantly a German tourist.

  12. 1) it’s NorCal
    2) Benicia, the former capital, is pronounced buh-nee-shuh, Trust me, I grew up there. Also, there were like three other cities that were also temporarily the capital before Sacramento, not just Benicia.
    3) Benicia is also the city where the secret of gold was leaked by a drunk guy in a bar so that’s fun

  13. Tule is pronounced ‘too lee. California names are a mix of Spanish and English pronunciations. For example, Ignacio is pronounced as a Spanish word in Marin County, but just across the bay in Contra Costa County, Ygnacio is anglicized.

  14. Jennifer Lawrence is neither very attractive nor very talented, and the word "ranchero" is pronounced with the accent on the second syllable, not the first.

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