10 Things Women Are Still Not Allowed To Do In Saudi Arabia

10 Things Women Are Still Not Allowed To Do In Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia is one of the crown nations
from Middle East. It is also one of the richest countries in
the world. With vast amounts of oil reserves, it seems
like this prosperity is never going to end. However, there is a dark side to this opulence. The conservative outlook of the religious
authorities and the sexist doctrines of the Sharia Law have made life difficult for women. But how tough is a woman’s survival in Saudi
Arabia. Let’s find out! Number 10. Open A Bank Account
Getting a bank account opened is no big deal for most of us. Be it a man or woman, it is mandatory for
every person to have a personal bank account. After all, you need a proper way to store
your financial reserves in the safest way possible. What’s better than depositing your money
in a bank? It’s a basic necessity for everybody, right? Wrong! That’s because women in Saudi Arabia are
not allowed to have their own bank account. According to the Sharia law, they need a male
guardian to control their finances. Without their permission, it is next to impossible
get a bank account opened in any of the major banks in the kingdom. With regressive policies like these, it seems
the women simply can’t imagine about financial freedom. Number 9. Getting A Passport Or Travelling Abroad
Travelling abroad for an excursion or for education seems like no big deal, right? But it is a BIG deal in the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia. Passports and identification cards must be
obtained with the permission of a male guardian. In cases where a woman’s father is deceased
or absent, her husband, a male relative, brother, or in some cases, even a son, must give his
approval before a woman can obtain a permission to travel. But that’s simply half of the problem. In fact, women are usually also not allowed
to leave the home alone. Number 8. Getting Married Or Divorced
If you thought the requirement of male permission for a bank account or a passport was bad enough,
then you ought to listen to this one. Yes, a woman again needs to seek permission
to marry. It must be granted by your male guardian or
Mahram. The marriage contract is between the prospective
groom and father-in-law. Women who seek to marry foreigners must obtain
approval to do so by the ministry of interior. Marriage to non-Muslims is so difficult. Such liaisons are governed by laws that are
unfathomable. There is no law in place which defines the
legal age for marriage. Girls as young as nine years have been wed
as a bride. The same thing happens in the case of a divorce. It is the man who gets the right to divorce. They do not even need to justify themselves
legally. In cases of divorce, women are only allowed
custody of their children until boys reach the age seven and girls reach the age of nine. Number 7. Get A Fair Trial
The testimony of a woman is only worth half a man’s testimony in Saudi Arabia’s legal
system. Women also only receive half the inheritance
their brothers are entitled to. Moreover, women are not even allowed to play
any role in the Arab judicial system. If a woman has to make a plea, then she has
to rely on a male lawyer and male judge. Thanks to the present monarch, King Salman,
things are a bit bright for women’s future in Saudi Arabia. But a completely fair trial is still a distant
dream in the Middle Eastern Kingdom. Number 6. Wear What You Want
Saudi Arabian women need to don an abaya – or the full length cloak worn over clothes, at
all times when they are out in public. No part of the body should be exposed to an
unknown man. In recent times, however, there is some relief. The rules over the color of the abaya, decoration
and how headscarves are worn have been relaxed. Foreigners on the other hand don’t need
to follow such rules. Number 5. Wear Any Sort Of Make Up
When dressing up in the desired clothes is a restriction in the country, then how can
one expect that the Saudi women be allowed to apply makeup? Beautifying oneself is illegal, but that does
not mean you can’t even apply an ounce of any cosmetic. Only the basic lip gloss, foundation, kohl,
a bit of foundation and mascara are permitted. The tones and hues of all beauty products
are drab. However, the whole of the Middle East is smitten
with the idea of perfumes, so the Saudis let their women apply various kinds of scents. But the stronger fragrances are prohibited
for women. Overall, a modest way of clothing and make
up is encouraged. Number 4. Interact With Men
As far as interaction with men is concerned, it is more or less cordoned as a cardinal
sin. It is okay if the men are from your family. Otherwise, there is punishment involved for
both parties if they cross certain stipulations. In public, restaurants, universities and other
spaces have both a ‘family’ section and a section reserved for men. If the family section is missing from an institution,
then the women are not allowed to enter the premises of these properties. Number 3. Go For A Swim In Public
Women are not allowed to use public swimming pools available to men and can swim only in
private ones or female-only gyms and spas. In women-only properties also, you are only
allowed to wear the burkini. It is a swimsuit where you are covered from
head to toe. However, the Crown Prince is pushing to make
Saudi Arabia more attractive to foreign visitors and investors. Maybe in future, gender-mixed bathing, bikinis
and probably alcohol could be allowed as a part of globalizing the country. Number 2. Compete Freely In Sports
Sports competitions for women in Saudi Arabia are akin to a bad joke. In 2015, Saudi Arabia proposed hosting an
Olympic Games without women. This idea was rejected immediately by other
nations. Conservatives in the country have had a hard
time accepting that women can actually compete in sports When Saudi Arabia sent female athletes
to the Olympics for the first time, at London 2012 games, the orthodox clerics condemned
the two competitors as “prostitutes”. The women also had to be accompanied by a
male guardian and cover their hair. However, in September 2017, Saudi Arabia’s
national stadium welcomed its first ever female spectators. Women were assigned their own section in the
normally male-only venue. Number 1. Try On Clothes When Shopping
The mere thought of a disrobed woman behind a dressing-room door is apparently too much
for men to handle. So, most of the dress shops do not have any
fitting rooms or trial rooms. However, if somebody defies orders then they
have to face punishment. So, are there any other points that you feel
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  1. Before you know it, Saudi women can date men who are not muslim or islam.
    Like a Christian male marrying a Muslim/islam women.

  2. It’s can’t bring alcohol to Saudi Arabia and it’s their right !! Cuz it’s a muslim country and Saudi Arabia will not change for you or cuz u like alcohol that u need to bring alcohol but u can’t cuz again it’s a muslim country and tbh most of these informations are hella wrong like u don’t even know anything about Saudi Arabia soo like don’t give people wrong and bad information to people like wth !

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