10 Things Germany Does Better Than The US

10 Things Germany Does Better Than The US

– [Voiceover] The US
has a lot to offer, and is the leader
in many things. But there are some things
that Germany just does better. These are the ten things
that Germany does better than the US of A. According to Bloomberg’s
Innovation Index, Germany is the second
most innovative country in the world, just
behind South Korea. But the United States
sits at number eight. Germany has a long history
of science and invention, so it might not
be too surprising. Still, it’s clear
that the US could take a few lessons from Germany, at least in this department. Germany has a long history
of innovation and thought, and its national average
IQ reflects this. The national German
mean IQ sits at 102. The US mean IQ sits at 98, which only seems to
be a little bit less, but those few points can make a huge difference in
the competitive market. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe it’s the education. But Germans are just
smarter than Americans. It might not be
something to brag about, but when it comes to red tape, Germany has miles
and miles of it. But the US tends
to take shortcuts in matters of bureaucracy. It’s so bad that in light
of the refugee crisis, two Syrians actually
came up with an app to help navigate the maze
of German bureaucracy. After waiting weeks and weeks to get basic things done, like setting up a bank account. In Germany, you’re required to carry an identification card, have to apply for a
license for everything, and then you need to wait
for half an eternity, to actually receive the results of your multitude
of applications. Some say it’s the
old Prussian culture that Germans could
never let go of. But at the end of the day, Germany is just
better at bureaucracy, because it keeps going, and
going, and going, and going, and going. Crime is significantly
lower in Germany than it is in the United States. Which means Germans are better at keeping criminal
elements in check. The United States has over twice as much general crime
as Germany does, with Germany ranked
77th in the world, and the USA ranked
30th in crime. In addition, Germany
has lower rates of crime in all
relevant categories. The USA has three
times more drug use, three times more violent crime, and five times the murder rate. Germany’s just a safer
place, hands down. Germany is the number one
hops producer in the world, with the US following
far behind it. Hops is a flower
that is essential for the production of beer. As for critical acclaim,
German beer is widely regarded as far better than anything
offered in the United States. That is because German
beer is real beer, and US beer is just piss water. The USA is known as
the gas guzzler nation, and one that tends to overuse electricity and
power all the time. But Germans are ahead of the
game by way of comparison. Germany has the
largest installed solar power capacity
of any country, and is leagues ahead
of the United States. Germany’s active
solar capacity sits at 9799 megawatts per hour, which is better than
anything the USA can muster. Germany is far more
generous with immigration than the USA is. The USA still has
strict requirements on people who wish to
emigrate from their country to live and work in
the United States. But the process can be unduly
long, often taking years. In Germany, the
immigration process is much more streamlined
and humanitarian. When Angela Merkel, in a
historic and monumental moment, announced that Germany’s borders would be open for all to come, Germany set a new
precedent for immigration. These days, you can just
walk over the border and live in Germany with
no paperwork required. The United States lags behind
Germany in this capacity, but it might be just a matter
of time until it catches up. Compared to the United
States, German education isn’t just cheap,
it’s practically free. For about 250 euros a semester,
you can study in Germany and get as good as, if
not better an education than anything you might be able
to get in the United States. Compare this to
the average private American university, that
can literally charge you thousands and thousands
of dollars a semester. In fact, the most expensive
private institution in the United States
is Columbia University, which charges a whopping
$55,056 per year in tuition and fees. Perhaps because the
German word for debt, Schuld, is the
same word as guilt, Germany is a land of misers and fiscally conscious people. Most German credit cards
are actually debit cards, directly tied to
people’s bank accounts. German people
generally don’t try to spend money they don’t have, and are cautious
about taking on debt. Compare that to
the United States, where students take on hundreds
of thousands of dollars of debt, overspend with
multiple credit cards, and buy everything
they want on a whim. There’s a reason why Germany is the EU’s economic powerhouse, and the US has a debt
to GDP ratio of 104.5%. Every one hears the
nightmare stories about the American
healthcare system. Stories of average
people financially ruined by medical bills they
simply cannot pay. Well, in Germany, that sort
of thing just doesn’t happen. The healthcare system in
Germany is what is called universal multi
payer, with two types. Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, or Statutory Health Insurance, and Krankenkasse,
or sickness funds. Germany ranks worldwide
25th in terms of healthcare, but the US ranks 37th. To add insult to injury, the US even pays more for
its inferior healthcare, as the country has a
higher per capita spending per healthcare
than Germany does. For more top lists
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  1. C'mon, actually germany and america both have negative and positive things. Humans need to operate together much better.Whatever does divide us☹️.. we must not be part that game.Does anyone know what I mean?

    Schaut mal Leute, Deutschland und Amerika sind beide gleichermaßen gut und schlecht. Da sind doch immer positive und negative Aspekte im Spiel. Wir werden einfach aufeinander aufgehetzt und das dürfen wir, als Menschen, nicht mitmachen! Versteht ihr, was ich damit sagen will?

  2. What about the military spending? US does a lot protecting Western Europe. There's a video about German navy, which is well behind any other developed countries. And the German army, even combined with the French (which by the way, will never happen) is no match for the Russian.

  3. it the Germans genetics plays a big roll. you make are force people to be smarter they just are. but teaching them to read at a early age can improve things

  4. Wenn ich das Trumpeltier sehe.. da denke ich immer an Rainer Winkler alias Drachenlord.
    Die könnten ein super Paar geben 😀

  5. Germany's debt to GDP ratio is not just better, it's roughly half at ca. 56% percent compared to the United States' 108%.

  6. I`m Swiss and I say:
    -This 10 things – 10 points to Germany
    – Germany is not the US – 50 points to the US

    = USA wins !!!

  7. Germany is the most terrible country in human history. No other country has killed more innocent people for no reason!

    Every person who was killed in the 1st and 2nd World War by a US soldier is, in my opinion, on the account of Germany.

  8. Small Disclaimer: Uni may be free or some hundred Euro but: You neues to rent an Appartement and buy Food and that can cost up to 2k per month.

  9. I love Germany, The great inventory technology, We hear in Somalia, German people or German government, helped us, many things, such education colleges building in Somalia, waters instalation in many districts, and urban areas in Somalia, totally, police officers gives education and most hardware police in Somalia come from Germany. .you name it. .. we thank German people. Thanks all the time

  10. 4:12 Someone didn‘t do their Translation Homework. The German word for Dead is tot. Schult just means Guilt. Did you use Google Translator for that?

  11. Germany does not have the lunatic trump ranting and raving. But, he does resemble Kaiser Wilhelm II in his behavior and actions. And we know how THAT turned out!

  12. Germany has less violence and crime with 88 million people than the US with about 400 million people? I guess they would….

  13. Germany is a very good country, As a student, I admire its facilities for a student. but without German language , its very hard to survive.

  14. Yeah… the part with the crime… maybe because Germany is a little bit more carefull with selling guns to everyone who wants one

  15. Germany = best soccer national team, best female tennis player, best car driver, best car model, best beer, best technology, best scientist and best everything.

  16. The USA have many points better than Brazil or Africa. 😂🤣 also the USA printing industry is more advanced than Germany. We can print the dollar much as we want until we run out of the tree, then we can give more freedom to Canada to get more trees.

  17. Und in Mediamarkt sagen wir alle: Media Markt ist besser!

    And In Media Market in Germany we say: Media Markt is besser!!‘

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  19. The crime thing is true. I live in a small town and the only thing that ever happened was a classmate's bike being stolen. He had it outside over the night and didn't lock it..

  20. Ich habe mich immer gefragt, warum ich schlauer bin als alle Leute in meinen Klassen, jetzt weiß ich es! Deutschland 🇩🇪 !!!!!!! antworte oder mag wenn du damit einverstanden bist !!

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