10 Dangerous Jobs Only the Bravest People Can Have…

10 Dangerous Jobs Only the Bravest People Can Have…

No matter the circumstances, at some point
in our lives most of us have to get a job. And while we’re all very familiar with the
regular 9 to 5, there are in-fact some pretty incredible people out there who take working
to the extreme, and take on some of the most life-threatening jobs around! While putting your life at risk for a paycheck
might not seem worth it to some people, the fact is somebody’s gotta do it, and I’m happy
there are people brave enough to volunteer so that people like you and I don’t need
to. So let’s dive right in and check out some
of the world’s most dangerous jobs in which people are somehow brave enough to do everyday! Earning a living could cost you your life
if you have one of these risky careers. Lets get it on! Smoke Jumper
We all know what to do when we see a fire right? Get as far away as humanly possible and call
for help, but of course, someone has to be the help. Firefighters have one of the most dangerous
and important jobs in the world, saving lives and keeping people safe in the face of catastrophe,
and while they’re all incredibly brave, there are some firemen who are braver than others. Meet the smoke jumpers, the firefighter elite. In the entire United States there are only
430 of them, and they do one of the most insane but crucial jobs around and fight the fires
nobody else can fight. You’ve probably heard of the California forest
fires which, due to dry conditions have done billions of dollars in damage in the past
few years alone. Well, these fires usually start out in the
middle of the forest, where there are no roads or ways for traditional firefighters to get
in. Except for one: the sky. Smokejumpers parachute directly into forest
fires in order to try to keep them from spreading. Of course, one change in the wind as they’re
falling and they can end up right in the middle of a blazing inferno. Thankfully they go through incredible intensive
training and know exactly what to do in case that ever happens. Skydiving: terrifying. Fires: terrifying. Skydiving into a giant fire with no way out:
just another day at the office for the smoke jumpers. Mountain Route Driver
If you’ve ever driven along a mountain road, you’re aware of how absolutely nerve wracking
they are. Sharp, winding turns, narrow lanes. But there are people who brave these roads
on a daily basis, and in some of the hardest to maneuver vehicles imaginable. In some parts of the world, busses are the
only way to get from one place to another, and when these places have mountains between
them, bus drivers have to be extraordinarily careful. After all they’re responsible not just for
their own lives, but for the lives of everyone on board for the treacherous journey. One wrong move and the entire bus can easily
start careening over a cliff, down thousands of feet before hitting a very rough sudden
stop. The fact that mountainsides can be known for
not being particularly stable, along with memorials for unlucky crash victims littering
the sides of the roads, can’t make it easy to take on this job, but somehow these courageous
chauffeurs steel their nerves and manage to get their passengers to their destination
safely every day. Professional Cliff Diver
Many people grow up with the dream of one day being a professional athlete, and cliff
diving is an extreme sport that’s gained massive popularity the world over in recent years. Put the two together, and you’ll find the
relatively fledgling world of professional cliff diving. Started by Red Bull in 2011, the organization
holds a handful of competitions for only the bravest and most extreme of cliff divers. Originally started in Hawaii, where men would
jump off cliffs into the water below to prove their bravery, the original significance definitely
still stands today, because you’ve gotta be hugely courageous to willingly jump off a
cliff for fun. Most dives are from 50 to 80 feet in the air,
with the highest being about 100 feet above the water. From heights like that, divers can hit the
water at speeds of 55 miles per hour, or almost as fast as a car on the highway. With those kinds of impacts, serious injuries
can happen very easily with just one wrong move, so professional cliff divers who compete
in competitions have to undergo super hardcore training to know how to react every second
from the the time their feet leave the cliff. Even with all the precautions and safety personnel
on hand at every competition, people often break bones or go into shock and nearly drown,
making cliff diving not just one of the most terrifying, but one of the most dangerous
professions around. Skyscraper Window Washer
It’s often the case in life that little details can be much more impressive than the big things,
and that’s especially true in the case if skyscrapers. I mean sure, a big building is cool and all,
but have you ever stopped and noticed how clean the windows always seem to be? It’s one part janitor, and one part extreme
sport. Repelling window washers have one of the most
dangerous jobs in the world, starting at the tips of skyscrapers, sometimes thousands of
feet in the air, they have to jump over the edge backwards with nothing but a rope harness
securing them to the top. While jumping off the top of a building everyday
might seem like the most terrifying part, that’s not even the half of it. While dangling from the harness, they have
to clean the windows perfectly while being slung around by winds that can reach upwards
of 40mph at some altitudes. Then while the sun is still out, they have
to make it all the way down, cleaning every floors windows as they pass. The worst part is, by the time they get to
the bottom, the upper floors have already gotten dirty again, so they’ve gotta do it
all over again every single day. Icefall Doctor
Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Every year more and more tourists come in
by the thousands to get a shot at taking the most extreme selfie they’re ever going to
get. But for all those adrenaline thirsty glory
seekers to make it to the top of the mountain safely, the local sherpas have to carve out
the paths for them. On the way up the sherpas have to set up ladders
and footholds to get tourists across massive crevasses that are usually thousands of feet
deep. To do this they have to throw the ladders
over the crevasse, and then while it’s still unsecured, crawl across on their hands and
knees, with certain doom thousands of feet below them, to make it to the other side and
secure the ladders so that the tourists can get across safely. Being an icefall doctor is one of the deadliest
jobs on the planet, and with constant avalanches changing the landscape of the mountain, these
brave people have to find a new, unsecured path every time people try to climb Everest. Definitely one of the most dangerous jobs
on the planet. Lineman
While their name might not be too familiar to you, linemen are actually some of the most
important people in your day to day life. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t be watching
this video right now if it weren’t for your local linemen. These brave men and women work to make sure
that electricity continues flowing all over the grid, and are first on the scene when
service is somehow interrupted, like when a tree falls on a powerline. As crazy as it sounds, they have to actually
fix the live wires by hand, with not much more than some insulated rubber gloves between
then and one point twenty one giga volts straight to the heart. For decades, lineman has consistently ranked
as one of the top ten deadliest jobs in the US, and it’s not hard to see why; electricity
is nothing to play around with. One wrong move and, well, no pun intended
but, it’s lights out. Thankfully, these courageous workers are compensated
pretty well, making on average 73 thousand dollars a year, plus some serious benefit
packages. Still, no amount of money is worth your life,
so you’ve really gotta have nerves of steel to take on being a lineman. Well, in this case, maybe nerves of rubber
would be better. Electrician Alphanist
What would you think of a job where you only had to change a lightbulb once every six months? You probably wouldn’t imagine it being a
well paid job, well think again, because that’s where the brave electrical alphanists come
into play. In order to make sure the bulbs atop radio
towers never go out, these fearless engineers climb to the top every 6 months and replace
the bulb. Working one day every six months might not
seem like too bad of a gig, until you realize that the tallest radio towers can be well
over 2000 feet tall, and don’t exactly come equipped with elevators! Electrical alphanists have to climb these
colossal towers by hand with nothing more than a cloth harness they have to detach and
reattach every few feet keeping them from a very, very long fall. With that danger in mind though, electrical
alphanists can make up to $20,000 per lightbulb they change, with the average US salary being
67 thousand dollars a year. Not too bad for 2 or 3 days work, no matter
how terrifying. Lifeguard
If you’ve ever been to the beach or a public pool, chances are you’ve come across a lifeguard
before and thought they have a pretty relaxing job. After all, they get to tan all day out by
the water and run on the beach in slow motion. Well if you think that, then chances are you
had a pretty good day on the water, because when the time comes, lifeguards have an incredibly
serious job. Lifeguards have to be ready to respond at
a moment’s notice if someones drowning, stung by a jellyfish, or even attacked by a shark. In any of those situations, lifeguards put
themselves in extreme danger of being pulled under by panicking swimmers or even being
attacked themselves, and who rescues the rescuers? On some especially dangerous beaches, like
the famous surfing spot The Seven Mile Stretch, lifeguards have to save as many as 20 people
a day! Thankfully, through intensive training, good
coordination and some serious courage, lifeguards are able to save tens of thousands of people
every year, and look good while doing it. Wind Turbine Technician
Wind power is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of green energy on the
planet. It’s pretty simple right? Wind moves a fan on a turbine and that makes
electricity? As always, it’s never that simple. Those giant wind turbines can get damaged,
and since they need to be repaired quickly, wind turbine mechanics are on the job. These slightly insane, but definitely very
brave men and women actually have to climb up these 350 foot high turbines with nothing
more than the kind of rope harnesses rock climbers use. Then, while they’re still moving, they have
to latch onto the blades themselves, and then manually fix any holes with sanders and drills. All the while hanging 350 feet in the sky
while the wind whips you around like a rag doll. Sometimes they even have to do these precise
repairs while dangling upside down! With how wildly dangerous the job is, you’d
think wind turbine technicians would take home a hefty paycheck, but on average they
only make about 53 thousand dollars a year! Well there are people out there who like climbing
to death defying heights for free, so it’s probably pretty cool to get paid to do it. Gardener
While being a gardener might actually look like one of the safest jobs around, not worthy
of a spot on this list, looks can be very deceiving, especially when it comes to plants. Some of the most beautiful plants can be some
of the most deadly, and at the poison garden in England you’ll find some of the most beautiful
and the most deadly plants in the world. And where there’s a garden, there needs to
be a gardener. Started by the Duchess of Northumberland as
a morbidly fascinating tourist attraction, every plant in the garden is poisonous, with
some being able to kill you with just a few drops of their juice, or burn your skin for
up to seven years. As a very well advised precaution, the gardeners
at this truly unique site have to wear protective clothing to cover their skin, eyes, mouths
and face so they don’t come in contact with any of the lethal foliage. That’s one tourist attraction I think I’ll
stay far away from.


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  3. WHATTTT NO FIRST RESPONDERS ????????? Fake news makes it seem like they have the most dangerous job in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! And a smoke jumper by far is not a first responder.

  4. WHATTTT NO FIRST RESPONDERS ????????? Fake news makes it seem like they have the most dangerous job in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! And a smoke jumper by far is not a first responder.

  5. WHATTTT NO FIRST RESPONDERS ????????? Fake news makes it seem like they have the most dangerous job in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! And a smoke jumper by far is not a first responder.

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