?? San Francisco USA 4K – Interesting facts about San Francisco and California | Best Cities

?? San Francisco USA 4K – Interesting facts about San Francisco and California | Best Cities

Hey guys, in this video we are going to talk
about San Francisco, California’s fourth largest city and home to the famous Golden
Gate Bridge. San Francisco has a population of little more
than 800’000 making it the 13th most populated city in the United States. But considering San Francisco’s greater
area, more than 4.6 million people are living here. San Francisco is situated in the Bay area,
bordering Daly City, Brisbane, the San Francisco Bay and the pacific ocean. In addition, you can access Oakland by using
the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge or the upper peninsula by crossing the Golden Gate
Bridge. Speaking of the 1937 built Golden Gate bridge,
it has a total length of more than 2.7 kilometers and is 227 meters high, making it a remarkable
eyecatcher of San Francisco. Over 120’000 cars are crossing this bridge
daily. In order to make sure that the traffic doesn’t
jam, there is a flexible crash barrier installed on the bridge. Isn’t that innovative? Another interesting fact is that the Golden
Gate Bridge’s color is called “International Orange”, therefore it actually is orange,
and not golden. But the Golden Gate Bridge is anyways not
named by its color, but by the Golden Gate Strait, a narrow entrance between the Pacific
Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. John Frémont, an explorer who arrived here
back in 1846, saw a lot of similarities to the Golden Horn in Istanbul Turkey, which
is the reason for its name. Many believe that San Francisco lies only
on a few hills, but there are a total of over 50 named hills. Some of the most well known are Russian Hill,
Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill, and Twin Peaks. A few of the lesser known ones are Golden
Mine Hill, Excelsior Heights, and Tank Hill. As a tourist, I was impressed by how hilly
the city of San Francisco is. Filbert Street has a maximum gradient of 31.5%
or 17.5 degrees, making it San Francisco’s steepest street. Instead of a pavement, it has stairs for pedestrians
to climb up the street. Additionally cars park at a right angle to
the pavement, in order to avoid that the cars suddenly start rolling down the street. Thanks to the hilly environment, there are
a lot of places where you can enjoy an imposing view over parts of San Francisco. If you ask me, the view from places like Twin
Peaks or Hawk Hill really are at the cutting edge. And at night the experience is even better,
because there are less tourists around and you can enjoy the lights of the vibrant city. Let’s talk about the climate here in San
Francisco. When I first arrived in San Francisco, I really
felt like I was in Italy. And this is no coincidence, because the mediterranean
climate is present in a lot of parts of California. Therefore, the weather but also the vegetation
is very similar to the ones in southern Europe. On average, there are just 48 days of rain
during the year. And between June and September, there isn’t
even one full day of rain, which is very impressive. Many San Franciscans mention that the appearance
of the sun and its light is special and unique. And it’s true! Sunrises and Sunsets are mystical. However, the city of San Francisco is famous
for its fog. That’s why San Francisco is also referred
as the fog city. But usually the fog is only present during
the mornings, and volatilizes at noon. Because of the mediterranean climate, the
wine industry is highly developed in the greater area of San Francisco and in California in
general. And talking about the economy of San Francisco,
you probably already knew that there are plenty of huge tech companies headquartered in San
Francisco and its greater area. Adobe, Apple, AirBnB, Facebook, Google, IBM,
Oracle, PG&E, Safeway, Simontech and Yahoo are just a few of many multi billion dollar
companies situated here. So if you are specialized in IT or in science
in general, you will definitely find enough opportunities here. But besides all these humongous companies,
the tourist sector still plays a significant role in San Francisco’s economy. Over 3.9 million tourists visited San Francisco
back in 2016, generating a turnover of more than 5.9 billion dollars. What else can one explore in San Francisco? Distributed throughout the city, there are
plenty of places where you can enjoy street art. Just take a look at these wonderful graffitis. Yet another tourist attraction worth seeing
is Fisherman’s Wharf. You can find tons of souvenir shops and restaurants
there, but also a public museum, where you can take a look at historic ships, that were
used several hundred years ago, but also modern ships can be observed here. While the city center of San Francisco for
sure feels like a gray concrete jungle, San Francisco’s southern neighborhoods are – in
spite of California’s warm climate – surprisingly green. San Mateo or Atherton are some of them, but
there are a lot of neighborhoods where rich people settled down. Therefore you can find some pretty neat houses
here. Avenues look adorable in those neighborhoods. And thanks to a lot of old trees, you even
find squirrels from time to time. They always look super busy, but this one
definitely saw me. In San Francisco and the bay area in general,
earthquakes and wildfires are a severe threat to the people living in this area. In 1989, a huge earthquake killed 63 people
and resulted in 3800 injured people. And back in the year of 1906, a gigantic earthquake
killed over 3000 people and destroyed three quarter of the city of San Francisco. In addition to the earthquakes, the wildfires
must not be underestimated. Every year there are hazardous wildfires present,
affecting residents living in the outskirts of San Francisco. Sadly, over 8500 wildfires killed more than
100 people, just in the year of 2018. And in some areas of San Francisco, one can
smell and see the smoke of those fires. Based on that, it’s no rarity to see people
wearing air filtering masks. USA and culture? You may think that this doesn’t fit, but
San Francisco clearly proves opposite. Therefore, let us talk a bit about San Francisco’s
culture and people. During the gold rush – about 180 years ago
– a lot of immigrants came to California and also to San Francisco, seeking for a better
life with more freedom and opportunities than they had in their home countries. And because San Francisco transitioned from
a city characterized by the gold rush to one of the world’s most innovative tech hubs,
again a lot of foreign people settled down in this area to build their startups and to
benefit from the large us-american market. Following the diverse population, the city
emerged to one of the most liberal cities on the planet. The residents of San Francisco are known to
be open minded, accepting and tolerant. Also, it holds big LGBT equality and anti-war
movements. But some also say that locals in San Francisco
are much more focused on work and seem less chilled compared to people living in other
Californian cities. People seem to be nice at first glimpse, but
then one realizes that they in most cases are quite superficial. San Francisco’s unique culture can also
be observed in the local city laws. While San Francisco banned the implementation
of public facial recognition, it legalized the consumption of Cannabis and other THC
containing products. San Francisco hosts the largest Chinese ethnic
enclave outside of Asia. The San Francisco Chinatown is world famous. Moreover San Francisco’s Japantowns is considered
one of the largest and oldest ethnic enclaves in the United States. But to be honest, if you want to experience
Chinese or Japanese Towns in the most authentic way, you better book a flight to these countries
directly. And usually in Octobers, you can enjoy the
San Francisco Fleet Week, which is a public airshow presenting fighter jets, passenger
aircrafts and aerobatic planes. This is a nice event for airplane enthusiasts
but also for families and children. You might heard that San Francisco is stuck
in a severe housing crisis. Because of urbanization, everyone wants to
live close to the city centre, resulting in astronomically high housing prices. So you can quickly find yourself in the position
of spending a huge chunk of your monthly salary for covering your rent. But one thing that I experienced during my
stay in San Francisco is, that a lot of valuable space gets wasted. Houses are not as tall as in European cities,
and especially in the suburbs, houses tent to have just one flat. Nevertheless, there are some uniquely colored
houses and real architectonic masterpieces to see. As you already heard, living in San Francisco
is expensive. For the amount of money you have to spend
to live in San Francisco for a month, you could stay in London for five weeks, in Berlin
for two months or in Istanbul for four months. In spite of all these positive aspects of
San Francisco, there unfortunately are some downsides when it comes to living here. Public transportation is very poor. It is impossible to get around the neighbourhoods
without using a car. And the few trains that are in operation,
are not powered by electricity but by diesel engines. Furthermore, and sorry to all San Franciscans
but I have to mention it, there are tons of homeless people situated in the city. They are some neighbourhoods where you see
tents and people consuming drugs in public. Moreover, I experienced smell of poop in some
city districts, which effected my stay as a tourist in a negative way. And all the waste and garbage near the highways
is absolutely distasteful. To sum up, the city of San Francisco, it’s
climate, culture, economy and people are a must see and it is definitely worth to visit
it at least once in your lifetime. Have you ever visited San Francisco? What were your impressions? Please let me know in the comments. And if you have some more ideas about which
cities or countries I should cover next, please leave a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe in order to not
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