هل يوجد عمل في بيلاروسيا؟ رواتب حقيقية – جواز وإقامة بيلاروسية

Hello! How are you? What’s up? I hope everything is OK I did not record this video before because I thought that there was information on this topic on the Internet and Youtube. I myself watched and read it all. But despite this I still get a lot of questions related to a residence permit, obtaining Belarusian citizenship or working in Belarus Therefore, today without all the boring details since all this information is already available on the Internet I will briefly answer your questions on these topics But most importantly – we will discuss what advantages all of the above gives Meaning what will be the benefit if you get a residence permit or a national passport of Belarus. Are there jobs in Belarus available and what are our average salaries. If I do not understand what information you wanted to get write in the comments why would you like to get our passport or residence permit. Why would you like to live in Belarus? Then, maybe, I will look at this question from the other point of view. Like the video, subscribe to my channel and welcome to the Batata Belarusia channel! Let’s start with the most difficult: getting a Belarusian passport. Firstly, you must live in Belarus for at least 8 years. Secondly, you must speak Russian fluently. You should not have any problems with the law in our country. Only then you can try applying for citizenship. Try is the main word here. Why? Because the president is responsible for this issue and he makes the decision whether to grant Belarusian citizenship to foreigners or not. A very important point! If you receive Belarusian citizenship you must renounce the citizenship of your country. For example, you were an Iraqi citizen and decided to get a Belarusian passport. And after all these difficulties and 8 years you have a Belarusian passport. You must renounce Iraqi citizenship. And if you then want to travel to Iraq then, as a citizen of Belarus, you will need to get a visa. Obtaining a residence permit in Belarus is much easier than citizenship. An annual residence permit that can be extended or a permanent residence permit. To get an annual residence permit you need to buy real estate or study at university or open a real company. What is the benifit from of a residence permit? You get a multi-entry Belarusian visa. You can be in Belarus unlimited amount of time. Anyone who does not have a residence permit can be in Belarus no more than 90 days a year. You can also get a work permit and work in Belarus. You can work in a company that you have opened or in other companies and organizations. Students are an exception. Even if they have a residence permit foreign students still cannot work in Belarus. Now very important information. Why are some people refused a residence permit? For example, in case of buying real estate you need to buy a real existing house or apartment. Not a garage. It should look nice. The apartment must be habitable. And you really have to live there. Because representatives of the state in some cases can come to check the apartment. And also make sure that you really live there and didn’t buy an apartment or a house just for a residence permit. It is very important! Point two. You opened a company, in quotation marks. Only for a residence permit. Meaning if you just registered a company by your name. In this case you will be refused. Because the company must be real: with an office, an accountant, with or without employees. Everything should be official. Because they are checking if there are any account movements. The company should work. You can’t just register it and immediately apply for a residence permit. Point three. Studying at university. In Belarusian universities you really need to study, go to classes and exams. Some think that they can pay $ 2000 per year and get a residence permit. Easy. No, now it’s not so simple. Maybe a few years ago it could be done like that. But now if you go to university, you need to attend the classes, study, pass exams. And you can’t just pay for the exam. Therefore, some of those older than 30-40, I’m not even talking about those who are over 50, are refused when submitting documents to university. I do not say that everyone but many. The difference between an annual and a permanent residence permit is that it does not need to be renewed. You can get it if you have lived in Belarus for more than 7 years and have not left the country for more than 3 months a year. Some sources write that you can also get it by marrying a Belarusian. Or if you invest in the economy of Belarus more than 150,000 euros. I do not believe in this. I contacted representatives of state bodies and they said that this information is incorrect. And that they consider each case separately. Meaning they do not give you a 100% guarantee of obtaining a residence permit. Let’s change the scenery. I’m in Thailand right now. Therefore, the remaining video we’ll shoot here Now we will discuss things more important than passports, residence permits or visa refusals. What makes you think about moving here? Where will you live? Work? How will you interact with people who speak only Russian? Do you know that the average salary in the capital, the city of Minsk, ranges from 350 to 450 dollars a month? And this is considered to be a very good salary. Do you know that the salary of doctors in state hospitals is $ 400-500? And these doctors believe that they are lucky. Because they do not get $ 200-250. Salary in regional centers or small towns – $ 250-300 In some cases even less. The salaries of teachers in schools and universities are about the same. Or sometimes even less. Did you know that renting a one bedroom apartment in Minsk but not in the city center is $ 250-400. Just one bedroom, can you imagine? Many Belarusians are lucky: they own apartments since the days of the USSR. Because at that time the government gave flats to everyone. And they got an apartment. But I am from a very small city. The number of citizens there is 10,000. Of course, my mom has an apartment. But I do not want to live there. That’s why I moved to Minsk and rent an apartment here. And you if you move to work in Belarus will pay the same amount for rent ing accomodation. You know that Belarusians themselves move to Europe, the Emirates or other countries that offer better working opportunities? Of course, there are rich people in Belarus. For example, those who work in the field of IT. Their salary starts at $ 1,500. This is a good salary. Also those who have their own business. A successful one. They have money. But the rest, on the whole, live rather poorly. I believe that Belarus is perfect for those who are looking for a second country to live. For example, those who have a good stable income in their country They say that Belarus is a very safe country, inexpensive, sometimes even cheap. The weather is very comfortable for about 6 months in summer. Or for those who have a business idea and capital. They come to Belarus, open a successful company and live on income from it. Or those who already receive a pension and live on this money for 3-6 months in Belarus and that’s enough for them. If you think that Belarus is an ideal place to live then you are right if your financial situation is good and stable. If not, then unfortunately this country will not seem to you a paradise on Earth. Thank you so much for watching this video to the end. Once again, if you forgot like and subscribe to my channel. If you want to come to Belarus as a tourist or after having received all this information you want to move to Belarus then you can contact us through WhatsApp or our website. 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