اول فلوج مصري في أمريكا – First Egyptian Vlog from USA

اول فلوج مصري في أمريكا – First Egyptian Vlog from  USA

Mohamed Afifi, an Egyptian living in the United States, and this is my YouTube channel. As one of those people who cherish travelling and go and seek new adventures I enjoy myself the most when I travel to a new country or new city for the first time Because I can see different people, habitats, traditions, religions and culture. New things to experience for the first time in my life reaches me spiritually making my internal spirit feel renewed I would like to travel the whole world, but actually achieving that has been difficult because of my busy life. In this video, we will travel to a place I always dreamed of visiting for a long time Los Angeles, the city of angels, especially Hollywood This trip is 6 hours flying from New York to Los Angeles. Now, I’m going to pick up the car I rented, however, let’s ascertain We reached the place where I rented the car This car is a Nissan Altima 2019. It’s a fairly new car here I will stay here in Los Angeles for three days, so the car will be suitable for our journey. specially some trips can be as little as thirteen minutes by car, but if you to take the public transport, it could take from two to three hours long. if you’re willing to take Uber or Lyft, that will cost you around 100 $ a day Also, guys, I figured out that renting a car in Los Angeles is cheaper than New York. this Altima is beneath the economic category car and Its daily cost is around $7 So including the taxes for three days that will cost me $32 which is great savings for me As you see now, it’s written here 11 thousand miles. Don’t forget to take a minute to make a check on the car to ensure there’s no scribbles or cracks. Anywho, nobody here will try to cheat you, but it’s just a precaution. Now I’m heading to the place where I will stay for the three days. I’ll be staying with my relatives here. I would like to thank Nelson for his great hospitality I truly felt at home here, so again thank you Nelson, and also a big thank you to your wife for making my trip even more memorable. don’t forget to support my channel by like , share and subscribe . see you guys in the next video for first day in los angeles .

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