Разнорабочий в США штат Вашингтон

Разнорабочий в США штат Вашингтон

Hi people. today really
good morning I decided to start the day with
bike rides. the house is open is amazing. The owner never closes the house Motorcycle is resting. Washed, clean it became clear the mountains in the distance jerry lives alone in this house welcomes guests from different countries. Now from brazil guy is 17 years old. Studying in college After Brazil, the guy is in shock,
that all the doors are open here In Brazil, everything closes and bars on the windows Then I will go north to the city of Seattle,
capital of washington state Stopped here. I do not know for how long. We will see that this day will bring small town. half of it –
this is idaho state The other half of Washington state. What is it like
Moscow region is divided with Moscow From this side of the road you go by
Moscow region, and on the other in Moscow I’m now in washington state Going towards Idaho i’m lucky i met jerry He would never give him 70 years He is very active. travels a lot understands
in all modern gadgets and computers The conversation never touches political topics. don’t ask about personal in general at the same time, it is always interesting to talk with a person I roll down. down easy. How will I go up then? I will train my legs on a bicycle In Russia, cows and goats graze in the villages Here are llamas, ostriches, bison unusually on a bicycle on a motorcycle are available
mirrors, can switch speed do not lean on the steering wheel what do you think? this boat drove I do not know what engine is installed but the spoiler is impressive What is this plane? Yes, almost a plane Wow! What is the volume of the engine? This is a turbo engine from a helicopter More than 700 horsepower In this small boat about 1000 forces? Yes. Something like this it turns out Sunday will be
to race on such boats these guys
come from Canada There is a turbine engine from a helicopter. more than 700 horsepower That is why there are many such boats here. Are training before the competition Bl … Go back up the hill. I don’t feel my legs anymore my lungs are still standing I feel that even soon they will give me I almost arrived … at least
already plain now I understand why I love everything
vehicles which are driven by gasoline burning cool! long time not engaged all good bought soup products but there are no carrots and onions at home. so as not to drive a second time, Jerry himself will buy onions and carrots I will cook chicken soup to all americans
like Jerry found me a job. Pay little – 11
dollars per hour a check means that you have to pay income tax on this money So this is not the best offer. But – this is help, this is money. I have a number of questions Come into the house the first question is cook soup second question – a way to achieve alaska third question – try to make money the fourth question is how long do i stay in washington state I will deal with these issues now Found a private announcement. People are looking for an assistant handyman help on construction, move stones Jerry: he speaks English poorly, but he understands everything without problems Jerry calls and negotiates Found? Fine. Is suitable And found socks? We have socks shoes I will give you gloves I have work boots, gloves. Found me a job on
Monday Work and clothes found. We are going to the city Where are we going? To downtown Luiston What will happen there? Parade of classic cars How long will it be? About two hours Then you can stay at the bar. Call me…. Jerry, come, take me away Or say see you tomorrow. I will go to visit the lady Not. I do not like alcohol Yes I know here they go. The whole street is blocked only in the USA are such cars some ride ordinary
cars why not participate in the crowd scene.
sometimes interesting cars everyone loves attention. A little attention and everyone is happy His car was appreciated, waved to him. Owner satisfied The second round has begun Some please push the gas pedal. they refuse The host of the local ROCK radio live asks You like? this happens rarely. once a year If multiple, like cool We have representatives from other countries here. Yes, now that is an international event !! Listen to us on clean 102.9 1 working day Thanks Jerry for wearing me all his things came to me took lunch with him. And take the cap it’s raining today I’m not sure that we will work today. Ask Despite the weather, you need to work. no one will give money that’s the cap.
go we arrived Jerry: he’ll shoot everything on camera Jim, explain what we will do. We will cover all over there with gravel We derive the level of transporting the whole bunch I’ll equal, and you’ll drive me Will you be here Yes. I will work with you take the cart. loading gravel move there and pour out to the surface pay for the whole amount of work, not by the hour It may take any time. I’ll start earlier I will finish earlier and will be free go that’s all. the work is done. dragged
a bunch Joe Tenant Praised me. Said that I am a good worker he planned to cope in two days Spending 5 hours a day I arrived cowardly brave guy and did the job in 4 hours. in a day said he likes workers like me if you do something, do it for a hundred
percent qualitatively Jeri came for me 4 hours It was hard work. I won’t go to the gym today Joe writes Jerry a check, and Jerry will give me cash So it will be faster. Money credited to the account within three days I’ll get cash right today. Jerry has no hurry. He can wait great scheme Good morning came the day of departure from jerry gorged to work two days but coped in a day going now yesterday a US traveler came to us by bike 2.5 months on the road Heading from Vancouver to Los Angeles I do not know which route, but now I will show this person this is my bike What do you have in your bags? Do you have a tent? Yes, the bag on the right has a tent and a sleeping bag. in the bag left food and water Other camping stuff here is my sofa How many miles do you travel per day? every day Always different. he is 50 to 60 miles Do you have a daily action plan? Are you improvising? By and large, yes. I have an ultimate goal. I only plan intermediate Ultimate goal los angeles Now I am changing my plans because of fires in Oregon Do you have a travel budget Or do you make money on the way? Do you have any savings? Where do you get the money? Traveling on my own savings What’s next after Los Angeles? You stay in the USA or …. I do not know. In October, my visa ends I will need to leave the country I dont know I’ll be back to Barcelona Or go to Mexico I dont know Thank. Good luck Not. I’m not ready to travel by bike. This is too much for me. I’m going to have breakfast and get ready for a trip. We do not say goodbye Yes. Take care of yourself You too OBIENTO. What is translated from French: “See you again” do not ask, and see you again OBIENTO


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